April 27th Update

More from dsp300 this week…

This week I’ve been finishing off one of the end scenes with both Tara and

With this done I’m pleased to announce that the whole game is nearly finished.
So far the image count is up to nearly 1250 with just one significant scene to
complete with one of the other characters. This could well add another 50 to 100
images as well.

I’m hoping to get all the rest of the images created next week. I’ll then
spend a week or so checking all the files and coding to make sure everything works
properly. No doubt there will be a few image remakes and perhaps a few modifications
and additions too.

So, pretty much on target to release the game mid to end of May.

Here are a few images from this week to tease you all with.

tara_sample10 tara_sample11 tara_sample12 tara_sample13

April 20th Update

More from dsp3000 regarding his forthcoming game, Tara Part 2 :

“This week I thought I’d introduce you all to Maria. She works at the hotel¬†you are staying at along with Tara, Natalia and a few other guests. She has a quite¬†sizeable role to play in the game, depending on how you play it.

You may have already met Maria at the end of part one. She comes across as very
professional and maybe a little shy, but she is keen to make sure you have a very
pleasurable stay.

If you play your cards right there are more than just few pleasurable things that
she may be willing to show you.

Still on target for a May release date. More next time…”

tara_sample5 tara_sample6 tara_sample7 tara_sample8 tara_sample9

April 13th Update

From dsp3000 regarding his next game, Tara Part 2…

“At the end of the last game, Tara’s friend Natalia suggested that she’d like

to have some fun with you. In the forthcoming game, if you keep her happy there is
certainly lots of fun to be had.

Before you get to the real fun stuff, there are plenty of different options and
outcomes within the story lines with these two girls. There are also few bonuses
and achievements to discover along the way. Tara and Natalia are of course very
good friends so it’s perhaps wise to consider that they do like a good threesome.

Steady progress on the game over the past few days, mostly working on those fairly
extensive end scenes with Tara and Natalia. Each end scene is contributing around
100 – 150 images to the overall image count.

Aiming to have everything ready for release some time in May.

More next week but in the meantime here are some images from the game involving
Tara and Natalia.”

tara_sample2 tara_sample3 tara_sample4

April 6th Update

The week’s blog update comes courtesy of dsp3000, the creator of Tara : The hitchhiker. This will probably be the first in a series of blog posts from him talking about what to expect from his next game.

After several months development the next part of the Tara game is now nearing


Titled Tara: The Hotel, the story picks up where part one left off.
You've just arrived at your overnight stop with Tara and met her friend Natalia.
What happens next will depend on whichever path you choose to take.


For those of you who enjoyed the first Tara game, you will be pleased to hear that
there are many different storylines to follow and much more detail, especially in
those all important bonus scenarios. 

I've tried to develop a fairly complex plot, with multiple endings and a few
twists and surprises too.

The game will be a big one. There are still a few scenes to complete but it's
currently at more than 1100 images with over 200 of these being animated.


Along with Tara and Natalia there are five girls to interact with, multiple
storyline options and plenty of sex scenes to aim for.
More details and images of the other characters in the next post.