January 22nd Update – The year ahead…

So…what does vdategames have in store for 2021?

In some ways, it will be a little like 2020. Last year I took a step back from more regular updates on the site to work on something else in my real world life. And, of course then a mutant Coronavirus arrived, and I was more limited in what I could do. So, that plan ‘went well’.

I want to finish what I started with my real world project though, so my plan was to make a reasonably sized game (Sukiko), and then a smaller, but hopefully popular game mid-year.

Towards the end of 2020 I was talking about doing ‘Stories from Spring break’ where we would revisit Debbie’s party from Leanna, and participate in a series of stories that occurred at the party. It would include sex with Debbie via one Player character. I was going to have Maddison there with her own boyfriend (you from Maddison’s own game), and some other stories too.

The plan is still to make this game, but I’ll do it around halfway through the year. I think I might also change the premise a little and have it be a sequel party. That way I can include Leanna in some naughty activity too if she’s there with the PC from her game.

What else?

2021 will also include :

  • I’ll finally get to a fun activity on the blog I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Basically, I want to try having you design a character. I’ll have a series of polls, and each week you’ll be able to select skin, hair, eye color, breast size etc and at the end of it all, we will have our first crowd sourced lady. Assuming she doesn’t look like a freak, I would then include her in the Debbie game.
  • dsp3000 will be back…at some point. Not my place to say when exactly, but we should see him at some point.
  • MrStomper will probably not be releasing anything this year.
  • There will be a free game release fairly soon too.

Apart from that, I’ll try and do a blog post at least once a month. There will probably be some themed galleries too (Easter, July4th etc).

So, here’s to 2021! Hopefully better than 2020, but that won’t exactly be a challenge.

January 15th Update

Last week, I wrote that today I would be doing a big list of what’s happening on the site this year. I think I will wait until next week however because ;

a – There’s a lot to go through

b – We only just had a game release last week, so it’s nice to have a pause before diving into the next batch of stuff.

c – It’s freezing here and I slept poorly last night, so I really don’t have the energy.

So, what do we have? First, there is an updated version of Sukiko. No big changes, just some minor bug corrects (thank you again to Nazim10 for the report).

If you don’t want to download the whole thing again, you can download the patch by clicking here.

Finally, I’ll just leave you all with this render of Sukiko that I was hoping would make me feel warmer. It didn’t work, but the image is still cool. Enjoy!

January 8th Update


As I’m sure many of you have already seen, Sukiko is now available to play for all members in the members section.

Final image count is 846, and it includes 3 separate sex scenes.

Not much to add to that except, enjoy!

As always, if you can’t see the game listed, please remember to refresh the page.

Next week, I’ll be going over what vdategames has in store for 2021.

January 1st 2021!

Time for one quick, and hopefully final summary before release.

Sukiko now seems to be on schedule to be released next Friday, January 8th for all members.

Current image count is 736. There’s probably around 100 more images to render, so that means it should end up around the same size as Molly and Marianna.

So, I shall leave you with one final set of preview images and see you here next Friday!