January 13th Update – Strippers

Time for some more information on one of the mini games.

In case you haven’t read the other recent blog posts, the next big game, Rachel part 3, will be released alongside three small games. My last post gave some details about Kelly, now it’s time for ‘Strippers’.

Strippers will be focusing on two strippers which have already made brief appearances in previous games, Roxie (from Maddison), and Annabelle (from Lisette).

The two ladies are in a relationship together. Tonight is supposed to be a big date for them, but Roxie has no money left. The player will control Roxie throughout the evening as she strips and gives a lapdance. The better she performs, the more money she gets, and so the better the date becomes.

Strippers is already completely finished, so it will definitely be released.

In the next post, I’ll start giving details about Rachel. I’ll also start posting on a weekly basis as we count down to the release.

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4 thoughts to “January 13th Update – Strippers”

  1. ey man create a game with Rachel, maddison and another sister or friend from maddison her name can be heather and big boobs and ass and the story at the cinema, or school??? please

  2. Cool, so when can we play this Stripper game? Looks good, and can’t wait to hear about the progress on Rachel Part 3.

      1. Whoa, four games all at once, man that will keep most of us very busy playing them, well i look forward to see what we have in store for us. I eagerly await the release of Rachel part 3, love Rachel and can’t wait 🙂

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