April 19th Update

Been a while since I added a blog post, so I felt like adding something fun today.

A few people have mentioned the idea of doing a remaster of Maddison. I highly doubt I ever will to be honest. It would be far too much work and simply don’t have the free time these days.

But I thought it might be interesting to do a few renders just to see what it could look like. Here are 3 from the end of the game.

January 26th Update

Today I am happy to announce that Betsy : Reconciliation was been released, and is now available in the members section for anyone who wants to play it.

The game follows the player as they attempt to rekindle their relationship with Betsy, after breaking up some time before.

Salesman pitch time : Over the last couple of years, I’ve added Epilogues part 1 & 2 to the members section. I fully understand if you didn’t think they were substantial enough to join for, but if you join now, You can get the new Betsy game, both epilogues mini games (Leanna, Maddison, Crystal, and Molly and Marianna), and image collection volume 2 all together.

To give you an idea of the size of Betsy : reconciliation, the game is 211 images + animations.

Hope you all enjoy it.

January 19th Update

Today I am happy to confirm that Betsy : Reconciliation will be available in the members section next week, on Friday the 26th.

If there is a delay (I still need to finish rendering some sex scene animations), I’ll post it here well in advance. I think a delay is unlikely though.

For this weeks previews, we have Betsy in the park.

See you all next week!

January 5th Update

Some more previews of the upcoming Betsy game today.

I’m really hoping to get the game finished and released this month, so I’ve been able to get through a bunch of work on it this week. Right now, there’s only 2 and a half areas that need to be completed.

I should be back next week with more images and some game details.

September 22nd Update

New previews this week from the centrepiece of Betsy.

Since part of the plan was to have as many cameos from other leading ladies in this game, I thought it would be fun to have a significant overlap with another game. In this case, Leanna.

In this game, Betsy, Violet,  April and you are all invited to a familiar looking spring break party.

I’m not too sure when the next blog update will be, so I’ll just say that I’ll update it when I can and I have something good to show.