March 23rd update


First of all, thank you to everyone who voted for something in the last blog post. I think I have a better idea now for what I could be doing later in the year.

Although the idea of using ren’py is popular, I’m a little concerned that that it may cut too many people off from playing the game. Making a game that not as many people are into is one thing, but they they can still try it. Ren’py sounds like it would be problematic for people on iOS, and those with slower internet connections.

I’m still willing to use Ren’py, but currently, I’m preferring the idea of upgrading the current engine I use. I’m guessing that people like Ren’py because of the save feature? Or is it the sound? Those are both things which I could implement.

No poll for this one. Just let me know what you like about Ren’py in the comments below and I may do a poll regarding it in the future.


I’m working on a character I’d quite like to use.

This is actually a repurposed model from a while ago when I was considering re-rendering Leanna. I still like Leanna as she is, but she was my first Genesis3/IRAY character and some of the morphs are a little extreme. So, this was my attempt at creating a slightly more realistic version of her.


I guess, she could be Leanna’s cousin or something like that. I still have work to do on her until I’m fully happy.


Sukiko was fun to make, but it was kinda just a collection of leftover ideas from some of my previous games. Whatever my next game is, I feel it needs to be significantly different to the last few.

One thing that has got me thinking is the idea of a ‘corruption’ game as I mention last time. It might be fun to do at least once, even if it does get a bit ‘hard’ at times. I still don’t want to do anything too psycho. No slaves or rape or anything like that.

Keeping that in mind, what kind of setups would you be interested in seeing the above character in? Rate the ones below.

This isn’t a competition, the one with the highest vote won’t ‘win’, I just want to gauge some views. I’ll add the scores together like I did for the character playoffs last year (ie, one 5 rating equals 5 points etc, then add all point together).

Setup 1

The woman is running for mayor in a medium sized town. She’s run an honest campaign so far, but is loosing in the polls. However, she discovers that she may be able to gain votes in exchange for sexual favors.

You can stick to your honest campaign, or do whatever it takes to win. How far will she go?

How do you rate this idea out of 5?

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Setup 2

The same medium sized rural town again, but this time she is a rich business owner. 3 years ago, she came to town declaring that she would soon ‘own it’. Now she controls nearly every business there and is forcing the town into poverty in order to make herself richer. Everyone hates her.

One day, the citizens rebel and force her out of her own business. Her phone is taken away. Every business refuses to serve her. She needs to escape the town and make it back to the big city. What kind of things is she willing to do to escape? How far will she go for money, transport, a place to sleep, or even just a few dollars for a meal?

How do you rate this idea out of 5?

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Setup 3

Those of you who have followed this blog for enough years might remember that the quiz segment of Leanna was inspired by an episode of American Dad. Well, I’ve found some inspiration from another episode – The Missing Kink. In this episode, Stan discovers that he has a repressed kinky side and goes wild exploring every kink he can now find.

This could work as a game premise too. The woman has repressed her sexual nature since a disastrous sexual encounter when she was 18. Now in her mid-30s, a seemingly chance moment reawakens the naughty side of her and slowly begins to consume her every action.  

How do you rate this idea out of 5?

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And a mini face-off.

Out of the 3 setups, which do you like the most?

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That’s all for today (unless I think of another scenario). 

Next post will be Friday, April 2nd, when I will post the scores from these polls, and I will be releasing the next game for free, which will be me Molly and Marianna.

See you then!

March 9th Update

I’ve a little free time this week, so I’m beginning to plan what could be a larger game for me to make later in the year. I feel it’s also a good time to perhaps do that thing I do every 2 years or so, where I have a bunch of questions to see what everyone thinks about certain ideas.

I’ve spend some time recently investigating the general state of erotic games these days. There’s :

  • Plenty of stuff I’m not keen on. Am I the only one who releases full games instead of episodes these days? Why do so many people render in IRAY, but just stick with the default lighting?
  • Plenty of stuff I’m like WTF with. Are, like 90% of erotic games now either MILF or incest? Can you really get away with have a fuckable female character clearly look about 10 because you add the whole ‘all characters portrayed are 18+’ at the start? And why would you want to?
  • Some stuff I like! There’s actually some setups and scenarios which are quite clever. And, while there’s many game creators you just do the bare minimum or work possible, there’s also a small handful of artists who are genuinely, very talented! It’s great to see.

Some things seem popular and I can be into. So, keeping these games in mind, lets ask some questions and see what you all think. There’s a massive pile of stuff I’m simply not willing to have in my games, but there is a list of stuff I can get behind.

Game Engine/Ren’py/Something else

My games have always been catered towards online play. There was time when that meant the whole game has to be browser based.

But, nowadays the games using Ren’py can work on things like phones too. You could download a version of the game designed to work on Android or iOS, with sound, music and everything. I’ve had a little experience with the Ren’py engine, and I’m pretty confident that I could make a full game using it.

So, how does everyone feel? Would you like future games to be Ren’py, or should I just stick to the current system I have?

Try Ren'py or just stick to current game engine?

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Playing as the woman

Not to be confused as playing as a female, I mean how does everyone feel about playing as the actually ‘date’?

You control someone like Crystal, you can explore the city and get into plenty of naughty shenanigans. You can still name and maybe customize ‘you’ in the game, but you won’t be there for every scene.

The advantage of this is that it allows me plenty of scenarios and camera angles I don’t normally do. Part of the reasons photoshoot have become a little stale in my games is that there’s only so much you can do when you’re a photographer in a first person view speaking to the model. Controlling the model instead could open some new an interesting possibilities.

Game where you control the woman in third person?

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Corruption games

OK. Now, before half of you get super excited and the other half wince in fear, I’m not talking about the type of corruption game you might be thinking of.

There is a genre of erotic games focused of breaking down a womans will, eventually turning her into an obedient sex slave willing to do anything. Yeah, that is not what I’m talking about here.

I think it’s possible to ‘corrupt’ a female character without feeling like a sociopath in the process.

Betsy is a good example. She starts off as a nice wholesome young lady, and by the end of the game is willing to do way more naughty things with you. Dreaming with Elsa is debatably one too, if you take the naughty path with her. I can go a little more naughty and nasty than these games without going crazy. Corruption doesn’t have to be super nasty. Let’s call it ‘soft corruption’.

This tone of ‘corruption’ mixed with playing as the woman could be interesting, but even if you’re not playing as her, what do you think?

How do you feel about a 'soft corruption' game?

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Dirty, naughty sex

Absolutely nothing in a rape or ‘blackmailed for sex’ category, but I can get behind certain behind setups. Sex with an old man? A homeless guy? A very small guy (yeah, ‘little person’ sound pretentious, but ‘midget’ still sound offensive. You know the type of guy I’m talking about)? An orgy? ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ style sex party? Sex in front of a big crowd? Gokkum? Bukkake?

You don’t have to want all of these, but if any one of them sound appealing let me know. I can have future posts about which specific ones people want.

Do any of these appeal to you?

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That’s it for today unless I think of anymore questions. Here’s a random images of Leanna since I don’t like doing a post without at least one new render.

Next post, I will be announcing which members game will become free, and probably have a rambling discussion about something video game industry related.