May 27th Update

More images this week from the forthcoming free game, Betsy.


Betsy and the player make plans for the evening.


Betsy, Violet and the player have fun in the park.


April doesn’t appreciate you walking into the girls locker room.




A photoshoot on the last date with Betsy can take place in several different locations if her confidence is high enough.


Violet also has her own ways of boosting Betsy’s confidence.


But remember, not all endings are happy ones.

Next week, I should hopefully have a release date.


May 20th Update

Not much to add this week in terms of information.

Progress on Betsy is going well. I can’t say for certain yet, but I think the game will end up being around 700-800 images.

Also, a few people have been asking what the next free game is, so in case you missed it, Betsy is the new free game. It is a completely new game for the site, and I am releasing it for free. See the last few weeks of blog posts for further details.


Rachel gives some tips on how to boost Betsy’s confidence.


When the player suggests watching porn, Betsy decides it isn’t really her thing.


April agrees to accept some help studying for her exams.


Violet and Betsy discuss who they’re taking to the prom.


Betsy finally decides she’s ready for something a little more daring.

May 13th Update

So, what locations will be in this game?

Well, the school, obviously.




You will also be able to visit the clothes store, the pool, Cass’s nightclub, the bowling alley and Betsy’s house. All the images for these are done.






I’m nearly finished all of the date segments, which means all that will be left is the actual sex scenes. After that, I’ll just need to do the endings and I’m finished.

It should be at least a few more weeks of production though.

May 7th Update

Now that I’ve been through all of how the game looks, I think it’s time to explain what the game is actually about.

The player has been dating Betsy for some time now, and although you’ve gotten close, you’ve never really become daring as a couple. Betsy dreams of becoming an actress and one morning, reads an advert in the newspaper that an acclaimed theater director is staying in the city, and will be holding auditions his latest play.



There’s only one problem. If Betsy gets the lead role, she is required to perform a topless scene on stage. Normally a shy, quiet, conservative girl, she doesn’t think she will be able to. That’s where her boyfriend/girlfriend/you can help.

She agrees to let you coach her, trying out as many different, daring things as she’s willing to do. As you increase her daring, a new side of her personality opens up, and things keep getting wilder.



All of this builds up to the play and whether or not she has enough confidence to audition for the lead role.

And with that, I think I’ve finally explained everything about the game that I need to.


See you next week for a new set of preview images.