January 25th Update

A few things to get through today.

First of all, I know I haven’t stated yet whether or not Molly and Marianna will be free or members only, so – Molly and Marianna will be members only initially.

For most member only games, the plan is to make them free after a couple of years, but this one will be made free after a much shorter wait. I’m thinking something like 6 months. It’ll certainly be later this year. I’ve been wanting to try this as an experiment for a while now, and this seems like a good opportunity.

Next, here’s the new title card for the game.

Last week, I spoke about having trouble getting a island beach to work. I’ve switched to a much more manageable model set (the old one was over a million polygons), and I’m very happy with the result.

Lastly, in Leanna I introduced the option of specifying what your occupation is. I want to do something similar with this game, so let’s see what kind of options people would like.

Poll time! Pick as many options as you want. Feel free to suggest some as well.

What occupations would you like as an option in this game?

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January 18th Update

Slightly different preview this week. I thought it would be fun to showcase all of Molly and Marianna’s planned costume changed for the game.

First up, Marianna.

I’ll be doing one for Molly on another Friday.

This week has mainly been about setting up scenes for the game. Most are done, but I’m still having trouble with one important location.

At one point, the main trio have to hide out in Marianna’s safe house. I thought it would be cool to have it be an island off the grid.

It looks good, but working with it’s really slow as there’s so many polygons. I’ll have to see if I can work out a good solution (or compromise).

January 4th Update

Welcome to 2019 everyone!

I don’t have too much to share this week as I’ve only just slowly started to get back into a work routine following the holidays, so I’ll just start with a small summary about what to expect over the year.

My first game will be the longtime WIP Molly and Marianna. There’s no set release date yet, but it hopefully won’t be longer than a few months away.

Following that, it’s my intention to release Crystal Part 3 later in the year, with a new updated Crystal model.

Along the way, we will hopefully be getting new releases fairly soon from MrStomper and dsp3000.

In the meantime, here’s a freshly rendered pic of the upcoming frenemies.

Here’s to 2019!

December 21st Update

Christmas gallery time!

As stated in a previous post, I haven’t really had time to do the annual advent calendar this year, but I still wanted to do a Christmas gallery. Enjoy!

Link to previous years images : oldcalendar

Hope you all enjoy Christmas or any other holiday you may be celebrating right now. There may be a post next Friday, but if not I’ll see you all in 2019.

December 14th Update

Today, an update from dsp3000 on where he’s currently at with, well,everything…

It has been a few months since I gave an update on progress so here goes.

It’s been a difficult year for me but it is looking better and I have been very busy when time and energy has allowed. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

To recap; The Academy series takes place over one week, with each part representing one day. Parts one, two three and four were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Part five will be Friday.

‘A date with Bridgette’ takes place on the Thursday evening, and that’s where we are at the moment.

It’s been a long week…

In terms of game production, I’m going to present progress in the form of numbers as they seem the most tangible.

Academy : Part One = 997 images

Academy : Part Two = 1500 images

Academy : Part Three = 1797 images

Academy : Part Four = 1824 images

Okay, so the first stage of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ had 848 images and stage two added a further 2287 images. Both of these stages were released earlier in the year.

Since then I have created another 5427 images, which by the time I finished will be pretty much double the images from stages one and two put together. Adding it all together brings the overall image count for everything in ‘Date with Bridgette’ to over 8500 so far.

But size isn’t everything…

Those of you who have played stages one and two will know where you are up to.

The concluding story paths take in another two new locations in an evening which at least starts with Bridgette but doesn’t necessarily have to end with her.

As I have hinted before, there are many options, paths and characters to explore.

I originally intended to make this game in four stages, then changed the plan to three. Due to the sheer size and complexity of the game and the various options in the story, I’m back to thinking that four stages would work better structurally.

I’m over 90% finished with the remainder of the overall ‘Date with Bridgette’ game. Around 95% of what will be stage three is done and about 85% of what will be stage four finished.

This means that I expect to be able to release stage three early in 2019, with stage four completed and ready to release not too long after that.

The size of each part will comfortably exceed anything I’ve created before, partly due to the variety of story paths and partly due to how extensive some scenes are.

Again due to the complexity of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ and it’s role as a critical part of the Academy series, I have already started work on ‘The Academy : Part Five’. I’m kind of having to work backwards from a projected end points in order to make things all connect properly and make sense.

Looking forwards, ‘The Academy : Part Five’ may well be the most complicated part to produce of all of them. But that’s for the future. For now I’m hard a work on just moving forward.

I’ll update with more information in the new year.

In the meantime all the best to you all.


December 7th Update

The Photographer Part 3 expansion has now been added to the members section.

This adds new solo sex scenes with either Lisette or Maddison, as well as small photoshoots for Kimiko and Miranda.

Here’s a quick guide to how to find the new content :

  • Find Kimiko in the studio around 15.05 to 16.00
  • Find Miranda in the studio 16.15 to 17.10
  • Find Lisette in the shower 16.55 to 17.25
  • For Maddison’s new scene, choose to go straight away on Sunday morning.

Hope you all enjoy the new content. Next week hopefully I’ll have some time to get started on the Christmas gallery images and Molly & Marianna.

November 30th Update

Photographer Part 3

So, good news and bad news for the Photographer Part 3 expansion.

I’ve decided that what I, and I suspect most of you, really want right now is for me to just get on with Molly and Marianna. So, I’ve decided that’s what’s gonna happen.

I am going to release the Photographer 3 expansion, next Friday, December 7th. It will not be as big as originally planned. I’m not really expecting anyone to sign-up based on it, but if you already have a membership, it should still be fun.

The full list of new content will be :

  • Lisette solo sex scene
  • Maddison solo sex scene
  • Photoshoot with Miranda
  • Photoshoot with Kimiko
  • One extra small scene with Zoe around the mansion, as she didn’t have as many compared tot the other characters.

Part of the point of making this expansion was to pace out the releases on the site better, but since we now know MrStomper is returning soon, that eases a lot of the pressure off me.

This seems like the right path to take, and means I’ll be starting production of Molly and Marianna before Christmas, which of course means a sooner release date.

Advent calendar

Due to the these other activities, I think I’m also going to skip the annual advent calendar this year, at least in it’s regular format. I will be doing a Christmas gallery after the expansion  is released however, and it might end up being around 25 images. So, pretty much the advent calendar, just not in the usual daily format.

I don’t have any images prepared for tomorrow, and I’d rather add the finishing touches to Photographer 3 instead next week.

Hope this meets with everyone’s approval and you all enjoy the site content over the next month.


November 23rd Update

Photographer Part 3 expansion

I’ve had a decent amount of time free this week, so I was successfully able to finish the Lisette solo sex scene. Next, on to Maddison. I should have her finished by this time next week.

I also want to take a quick moment here to talk about schedules. It’s my optimistic intention to have the Photographer 3 expansion finished just before Christmas, and the Molly and Marianna game finished for March. That may not be the realistic case though. Don’t be too surprised if the expansion if released at the end of January, and Molly and Marianna is finished in May. In theory, I may be able to push the production, but I also may be completely mentally exhausted at the end of it and need a 9 month vacation.  The psychologically healthy approach seems to be ‘it’ll be done when it’s done’.


Finally, some brief words from MrStomper regarding last week’s poll.

“Vox populi, vox Dei. The vote is pretty clear, but also provided an interesting insight: for many people the ethnicity is of no consequence. This opens up interesting options for the future ;).

In case you missed it, the poll result was 62% preferring white male.


For this week’s poll, which gameplay view/style do you prefer during sex scenes? First person view as a male player character, or a third person view as a female player character?

Which do you prefer during sex scenes?

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November 16th Update

Photographer Part 3 expansion

So, firstly, let’s go over what exactly will be in this expansion. This is the list of stuff to add so far :

  • Maddison solo sex scene
  • Lisette solo sex scene
  • Miranda solo sex scene
  • Zoe solo sex scene
  • Cherise and Kimiko threesome

I’m also going to be adding more non sexual encounters during the main day in various rooms. I’ll also be adding at least a couple of photoshoots throughout the day, as it seems a little weird that the main game only had one (Cherise).

I’m currently working on Lisette’s new scene.


No news from dsp3000 yet, but I have been contacted by MrStomper!

For those of you who are newer to the site, he is the developer of Anna’s dating game.

He’s nearing completion of his next release, and has asked that I add a poll to determine the ethnicity of his player character.

So, what would you prefer? White male, or black male?

Which player character would you prefer?

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