December 22nd Update

Time for my annual Christmas gallery.

This year, a group of the girls have decided to spend Xmas at a secluded cottage, and they’ve decided to do it naked!

I’ll making my next blog post in the new year, announcing what I’ll be doing in January. I will be releasing something fairly substantial for the members section, but I’ve got 3 options to choose one.

I want to add that I’ve rebuilt Yessenia with a different look after my hard drive crashed earlier in the year. Finding the skin and hair again was easy, but she now has a completely different looking face,

I’d like to do a full game with her, but I’ll have to see how much free time I have to work on stuff. Alternative option is to do another volume of ‘Epilogues’, but with either Crystal, Sukiko, Molly or Marianna.

Enjoy the rest of the year everyone!

2 thoughts to “December 22nd Update”

  1. Oh my. Kelly and Molly in the same render. My two favorite characters you’ve done. 🙂

    Happy Holidays, Chaotic!

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