January 27th Update

Update time!

Epilogues 2

I’ve decided on what the next release for this site will be, and production is already well underway.

Following on from Epilogues, I’ve decided to just create an ‘Epilogues : Volume 2’. I have enough free time to make it, and I know what the content will be.

As with epilogues 1, volume 2 will have 2 short stories. One with Crystal, and one with Molly and Marianna.

Also, to keep a theme running, I’ve decided to also set it around a pair of vacations you have with the characters sometime after their main game takes place.

I’m not sure when the release date will be, but Valentines seems like a fun day to aim for.

Image collection 2

A few years ago, I released an ‘Image collection : Volume 1’, but never followed it up with another one. To make this next update a bit more substantial, I’m finally going to release ‘Image collection : Volume 2’ along with the new epilogues. I have a set of 25 hi-res images which can also be used as wallpapers and I may add more.

More details on the releases will follow next week!

8 thoughts to “January 27th Update”

  1. What program would you recommend to someone who is keen on making such games? And how long does it take on average to make a game?

    1. Daz studio for the images, Dreamweaver for the coding/html side of things.

      First game took me about 4 months, but with practice I can now get it down to about 6-8 weeks.

    1. No foursome since the two stories don’t overlap. A brief bit of girl on girl with Molly and Marianna.

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