February 14th Update

Epilogues Volume 2 and Image collection Volume 2 are now both released in the members section.

Epilogues 2 follows the same format as epilogues 1. We get two new, fairly long scenes, each with sex in 2 different positions. Story 1 follows Crystal, and story 2 follows Molly and Marianna.

Image collection 2 is a set of 41 high quality renders of characters (at least 5 each).  They include Crystal, Erica, Kristen, Leanna, Maddison, Marianna, Molly and Sukiko.

All are 1920 by 1080. Here are some previews at a reduced size.

Enjoy, and happy Valentines day everyone!

2 thoughts to “February 14th Update”

  1. Amazing stuff. I love that each epilogue across both volumes has got bolder and bolder. It’s a shame that the more exhibitionism-based content is all coming out now towards the end of your run making these games. With how brave Molly and Mariana’s ending is, no spoilers, I can only dream of the things Sukiko would do if she featured in the next volume of epilogues. If there is another volume that is… I sure hope there will be.

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