June 28th update

Thank you to everyone who added something to the previous blog post. Taking everything into account, I seem to have made a decision.

There is clearly a desire for the Betsy game I was intending, so I think I’ll try to get things right. I’ve advanced April a little this week, though she’s still not something I’m happy with. No guarantee the characters will work, but I can at least try for a while longer.

In the meantime, I think I need to get another game done. No expectations on it being my last game or anything, let’s just get something finished and released.

So, introducing…Yessenia Vacarescu!

I have a game plan which I’m happy with. Something that combines a strong narrative with bit of a traditional date feel.

I need 2 weeks to get my ‘real life’ work organised so that I can take a break from it, but after that I intend to get through Yessenia.

Next week I’ll give a basic summary of the game content and main lady, including explaining her name.

June 13th Update


So…I think I’m getting ready to call it. I’m not sure the planned Betsy game is going to work.

The problem is all down to the models.

First, Betsy herself.

She looks…OK. There’s definitely a bunch of stuff about her that looks off though. Her cheeks look like she has Rosacea or some other skin problem. There’s something weird about her mouth that I could never resolve either.

The even bigger problem though is April. I really, really cannot get her looking right with the G3 base figure. This is about the best I can do.

She actually looks OK as a character, but she barely looks anything like April should.

So, what do you all think? Do you really want me to continue, or should I work on another game?

Betsy or something else?

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Pitch me!

Right now I’m thinking I need to admit defeat and move onto something else. It’s been months now just trying to get these characters to work and I just need to create something substantial instead.

So, I’m open to suggestions. What does anyone want to see?

Is there an established character you’d like to see more of? No Maddison or Leanna, I’ve think I’ve done enough with them, but most of the other characters are an option.

I have a bunch of notes of potential scenarios. Do any of these appeal to anyone?

  • I’ve been a little inspired by the release of Date Ariane Remastered recently. Are players interested in one big date? Think Maddison’s main game, but with a different woman.
  • I floated the idea of making a game with Debbie a while ago.
  • Courtroom drama. Something involving the trial of Schultz from Molly and Marianna. You work with the hot female lawyer prosecuting him.
  • Sport. You play as the manager of and all female team of something. Help them to win the championship, whilst also getting naughty with them. But which sport though?

Anything else? Pitch something to me. Maybe it’ll happen.

April 29th Update

Time for a small update…

I was hoping to have both a sooner and larger post this month. However, there was one one thing holding me back : Violet.

Betsy wasn’t too hard to get transferred to G3, but for some reason Violet has been more difficult. A lot of the work has been to reconstruct her manually rather than just transferring morphs.

But, I think I’m beginning to come to a point where I’m happy.

Old Violet on the left, new one on the right. Not finished, but I’m almost there.

Hopefully it won’t be too much linger until my next post, and it’ll be more substantial.

March 25th Update

This month I’m happy to say that I’ve almost finished setting Betsy up with her new look.

The first stage was fairly easy. Convert the textures, then find some good skin shaders to replace. Since Leanna is also quite pale, I used her skin as a base, then swapped her skin textures for Betsy’s
The next stage was to use Generation X2 to convert the V4 morph into Genesis3. It worked fairly well, but it’s never flawless, so I still have to do some manual¬† tweaking with the morphs.

As you can see, the hair didn’t transfer too well to the new figure, so I started looking for similar ones.

No ‘similar’ hairs really looked good on her though, so I started freeing up my options and instead looed for something that would just suit her. And that’s when I found this…

Different, but it really looks good on her. Makes her looks a little older, but certainly not too old.

A few more subtle alterations, and I think I’ve created something I’m happy with. I will no doubt still continue to subtly alter her until I’m fully happy (there’s something weird about the mouth that doesn’t match) , but so far think she looks great.

Next stage is to decide on her outfits, then of course I’ll try upgrading April and Violet.

February 25th Update

Hey, everyone.

Just wanted to add an update on what my plans are this year.

My next (and final?) game

As some of you will be aware, I have been considering a trilogy of ‘epilogue’ mini games, with the first volume being Leanna and Maddison, released last year. I also stated that I wasn’t committed to it, hence my previous game was just epilogues, rather than ‘Epilogues volume 1’.

Right now, I’m preferring the idea of doing a full game instead. Out of the four remaining possible epilogues, only one of them had any substantial material that I could think of : Betsy.

If it’s my last game, I really like the idea of giving Betsy a proper resolution. I’ve also had the title ‘Betsy : Reconciliation’ in my mind for some time now. Not just a mini game, probably something the size of Sukiko.

I’ll be upgrading all of the Betsy group of characters in the same way I did Maddison recently. Betsy, Violet, April and Cass should be getting new, better models. Hopefully, my next post here will be showcasing them.


Since I probably won’t be using them again in any games (beyond cameos), I thought it would be good for this month’s gallery to be Molly and Marianna.



No update from dsp3000, but I would like to remind everyone that missed the previous post that he now has a Patreon if you wish to support him and get regular updates.

You can visit it by clicking here.

January 21st Update

Today, news from dsp3000…

Hello everyone,

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I am still alive, healthy and active.
It’s been a couple of years since I last released any material from the Academy series. Some have speculated that I quit and that the fabled ‘Part Five’ would never materialize.

Despite many ‘real world’ commitments and obstacles, I have in fact, kept my head down and never stopped working.

At present I have the equivalent of two more full episodes completed but as yet unreleased. One of these is the first half of ‘Part Five’ the other is a big expansion from existing episodes.

I’ve also been working on a new custom-built platform on which to host my games which will overcome the technical issues associated with browser-based games. Especially a series with over 25,000 image files like mine.

There is also the inescapable fact that Chaotic will be stepping back from his fantastic legacy. This has prompted my decision to go it alone and set up my own website. It’s something I’ve been considering for the past couple of years and now seems as good a time as any.

The website will launch in Spring 2022 and in the meantime, I have set up a Patreon account for updates and to hopefully gain some supporting patrons. You can find it here: https://www.patreon.com/dsp3000

I will be keeping in touch with Chaotic and hope to work with him again in the future should the opportunity arise.

I’d like to publicly thank him for his trust and support over the past seven or so years while I found my feet as a game creator. It was his work above all that inspired me to start making my own stories.

You may see some more updates here from me as the Academy project moves forward.
I will of course also be publishing updates on my Patreon page. You can find out what the plans are for this year.

A belated Happy New Year to you all.
Here’s to new beginnings.

December 17th Update

Epilogues has been released, and is now available for all members.

This is a pack of 2 short stories showing what happened with both Leanna and Maddison after their respective games. Each story is about 50 images + animations.

As always, if you don’t see anything , remember to refresh the page.

December 15th Update

Today, I am happy to confirm that Epilogues will be released this Friday, December 17th.

To recap, this is the first of potentially a few volumes I can make, showcasing a short story set sometime after a main game. In this case, we get to see what happens when Leanna and Maddison go on vacation after their respective games.

Both stories are fairly short and linear. Each features sex with multiple positions and animations.

All the images are rendered. I just need to finish the html work.

See you all on Friday!

December 6th Update

Progress on ‘epilogues’ has advanced!

Everything for Leanna is nearly done. I just have animations to finish.

After Leanna is finished, I’ll only have the Maddison side of things remaining.

I already have the set, lighting and outfit set up. I just need to get through the main images of the game.

I order to actually get these 2 epilogue mini games done, I have cut down of the plot side of things a little. Everything removed is just the non sex based build up, so I can’t image too many people complaining.

Hopefully, ‘epilogues’ will be finished and released next week just in time for Christmas.

And finally for today, here’s the title card images I will be using…

See you all next week!