October 13st update

Happy Halloween, everybody!

I was in the mood for doing a themed set of images, so October 31st seems like the perfect opportunity.

This year, a certain familiar looking monster stalks some of the ladies around an abandoned asylum.


5 thoughts to “October 13st update”

  1. These are great, thanks!

    Hey, this brings something to mind, and it’s too late for this year but maybe next year, how about a Halloween party themed game? With various girls in costumes where you have to guess who it is in each? And the more you guess right, the further you progress.

    Could be a lot of fun.

  2. I always love the the holidays extra images. Especially the Halloween ones, and a spooky streaking game would been cool.

    1. Ultimate Hide-and-seek
      Somehow make a strip-game out of it, to where they end up hiding naked, and when you find them, you give new meaning to “tagging” them.

  3. Sup dude. Just wondering if you’ll planning on making a follow up on that render you did of Debbie and Maddison. Is there a Debbie game/feature coming. Sorry, been out of the loop for a while

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