December 2nd Update


First, since I always like to add a least 1 new image to each of my blog posts, lets start things off with a mini gallery of Maddison I made his week.


Second, clearly I won’t be doing the advent calendar this year, but I will still be doing my annual Christmas themed gallery around the 23rd/24th.


Still considering my options for what to add to the site next in the new year, but I have a question first.

Traditionally, my games are very much games. You gain points in certain traits as you play, and if you get enough points, the game can continue. I’m curious to know if everyone feels the need to have this though.

A lot of adult games these days just have you clicking onto the next image, maybe with the occasionally choice appearing and affecting the outcome of the game.

I can see the advantage. Without having to worry about dialog options, games can be made quicker. If I don’t need space for point at the bottom of the screen, I can also have higher resolution images.

Do my players like this, or do you all really feel like there needs to be a fuller gaming element to what I make? Let me know.

What format should these games be?

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11 thoughts to “December 2nd Update”

  1. While I think it’d be good for you to go out on a traditional Chaotic game, I get the sense you’re not sure how how much you can dedicate yourself to this, so I think like always you just do what you are comfortable with and we the fans will survive no matter what. 🙂

  2. The thing that kinda bothers me, is the pointless choices. I don’t mind many choices if they have an impact, but having a choice to just alterate a text is annoying in a HTML game. That’s why I suggested Renpy. The rollback function can help in seeing all dialogues without restarting the game.

  3. I forgot to add… I love what you’ve done with Maddison in your renders of her above and a while back. I’ve always been “meh” on her (I know, a cardinal sin around here), but loving these ones.

  4. Hello… Long time lurker here… 🙂

    Love the new Maddison renders. She is the main reason I got into the whole AIF scene in the first place and well, eight years later I guess there’s a whole load more to tell.

    Anyway, for me the ‘game’ element is absolutely essential to what these creations are all about.
    I know it can, as a player, be frustrating at times trying to navigate your way through a bunch of seemingly random choices, but that’s where the skill of the story teller has to come in.
    If you develop an engaging story with strong characters amd scenarios, then the choices become much more obvious.
    Creating that is hard work and very labour intensive but that’s what makes it stand apart from all the other stuff that’s available.

    A lot of creators take the easier option with limited pathways and limited choices.
    I’m all about multiple narrative pathways and cause and effect in my games. That’s why it takes forever!

    After all this time I’m still figuring out what works best, but I definately learnt more than just the fundamentals from Chaotic.
    For that I am very grateful. 🙂

  5. Chaotic I’m glad to see you haven’t retired. Please make a game in the style which you feel most comfortable. However if you let me choose I would be telling you to make it in the old style of games like Rachel 2, Maddison, Crystal, Zoe etc. The choice and consequence and reward aspect of your games addicted me over the years

  6. I went looking for exactly what your games were around the time of Kelly, she’s still a favorite for me. To me, it is the built-in storyline, as DSP3000 describes, that draws me into the game.
    I came looking for something similar to Leisure Suite Larry with less leisure suits. A narrative storyline with interactions where I get to choose the path we take. Kelly is what brought me to the site, but the photographer is what really caught my attention. I love that you can play it multiple times and have a different ending each time. And not all paths have rewards, that’s okay too.

  7. I’ve always liked the system: the 2 bar systems (affection and lust) with the 3 choices. It reminds me of some RPG games. But I can see why some people won’t like it. That being said, I’ll play any game of yours regardless of how it works.

    PD: What program do you use for modeling. I have been wanting to create some stuff for some time, so I would like to hear recommendations.

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