September 30th – I’m back

Hey, everyone.

Since I haven’t made a blog post since July 15th, I’m guessing some of you have already deduced that there has been ‘something up’.

A few things swarmed around in my life all at once, and I had to deal with them one by one. I’m largely OK now though.

Sadly one of the things that happened was we had a massive heat wave here in early Late July/August, and a consequence is that one of my hard drives got fried. I lost everything I’d done for Yessenia, as well as all of the scenes for Epilogues (so, no 4k remaster, I guess).  Also lost the new Betsy, Violet and April models I was working on, but most of the key parts of them were saved as morphs, so I can rebuild them, it’ll just take time.

So…not too sure what to add to the site next.

Was thinking about maybe doing another set of Epilogues (Vol II), using Molly, Marianna and Sukiko, then package the Betsy game as part of Epilogues Vol III, but I need to think about it. Still ultimately aiming for my retirement from producing more content, but figuring the best way to bow out.

I’m still always happy to make random sexy images, so here’s a duo we’ve never seen together before. Enjoy!

15 thoughts to “September 30th – I’m back”

  1. Holy crap. That is awful. Hope things are going okay with you personally.

    And that’s a nice render. Love me some Sukiko.

  2. If it’s the last game then call it Final Girl and…It’s a game where a girl wants you to go on a date with 3 of her friends (separate dates) and if you have successful dates with them, you can go out with her. The better you did with the friends, the more positions you can do with the final girl. Maybe even with all the girls. You know, a totally realistic dating scenario lol

    1. A Final Girl game where you go on a series of dates with different women from Chaotic’s previous games, until reach the final girl who you have to figure out if is responsible for their disappearances or you have to help to survive. Or a What if game with various girls playing out outlandish scenarios ranging from sci-fi, fantasy and bad porn tropes.

  3. If there’s gonna be a final game is should be Pool Party 2. With every girl, well almost every girl is at the party.

    1. Thats the best damn answer ive seen all day we need a pool party 2 with almost every girl and stuff but just make the game a little longer.

      1. Well if not a pool party, why not a swinger party? With almost every girl in the game.

    2. See the problem with a pool party part 2 is that I would feel compelled to have a part 3 just to make it a trilogy. 🙂

  4. Sadly to here but how can be a hard disk fried?
    And maybe start again with Yessenia – it will be faster the next time. 🙂

    1. Hard drive starts clicking then just fails to respond. Might not have been the heat, might just be a coincidence and the drive was about to fail anyway.

      Starting Yessenia again is a maybe.

  5. If we are talking about the “next” game, I’d be interested in seeing how much you could recover of Yessenia, since you already teased her and I’m interested. If we are talking about your “last” game, I think I agree with the people above that a second pool party is the way to go. Either consciously or subconsciously, you’ve featured a pool in almost every “recent” game you’ve made: Molly and Mariana had “the baths”; Sukiko ended with a pool party; Madison epilogue at the cruise pool; Photographer 3 heavily featured the pool; Crystal 3 she was literally an Olympic/Pro swimmer and had the pool scene; and Debbie’s pool party in Leanna. Chaotic you might not realize it yet, but I’m pretty sure you want to make a second Pool Party game. Or if you are sick of pools, really you should have a game with as many of the new girls as possible for one last hurrah so-to-speak.

  6. I got two words for you my friend “External Hard-drive” that way you can keep of all your hard work on something that won’t get destroyed if your computer falls apart again
    P.S. Can we get one where your an Archeologist working with Paige from Photography 3 and go through some kind of Tomb Rider style adventure

    1. I use one! 🙂

      I’ve got a big external HD for backups (Leanna, Sukiko etc are one there), but I was just a bit lazy with getting around to backing up the newer stuff. Should probably start doing it on a weekly basis.

  7. Wish all the best to you chaotic. If you’re open to requests can we see more of the updated Maddison model

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