December 2nd Update

From dsp3000…

Today I am very happy to confirm that ‘The Academy : Part Three’ has been finished and is ready for release. By the time you have read this update it should be in the members section. Previous updates over the past few weeks have suggested that this game was likely to be the largest I have made. Even I am a bit surprised at just how many files and images it has taken to create this episode of the series.

There are 1797 images in the game and 173 of these are animated. There are also another 188 supplemental images, which brings the total not far off 2000. If I were to count all the individual frames in the animations then I guess that’d be another 500 or so. You get the idea. It’s a big game. While I have tested as much as I can, a game this big may have a few glitches. If you do find anything then please let me know and we will get anything fixed.

There is a new code checking script at the start of the game which has been implemented thanks to Kexter. His help has been very much appreciated. The new code check protocols should be much more reliable and accurate than the one used in part two of the game. You will also notice a new way of generating a code at the end of this game too. This will also improve narrative continuity into part four.

There are five sort of bad endings in this episode and two good endings later in the game. The main emphasis is on the 36 achievements you can complete. These are displayed at the end of the game, whether you get fired or make it to having a drink after work or giving Bridgette a ride home. Because of the way the story branches out you won’t be able to get all of the achievements in one game play. You can’t pursue all the paths at the same time. This does mean that you will be able to play the game in several different ways to find all the outcomes and achievements. Β I intend to pull together the full walkthrough next week to guide you through all the potential paths. It should be ready for next Friday.

The blog images will give you an idea of some of the game content, which girls you can get intimate with. I’ve also introduced another new character.

Have a great time finding everything!

academy3_sample31 academy3_sample32 academy3_sample33 academy3_sample34 academy3_sample35 academy3_sample36 academy3_sample37 academy3_sample38 academy3_sample39 academy3_sample40 academy3_sample41 academy3_sample42 promo

As always, if you’ve visited the site recently and can’t see the new game, remember to refresh the page. -Chaotic


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    1. For some reason the whole members site isn’t working for me, like it won’t show images just words but the free site works just fine for me. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

    2. Hello evrybody.
      dsp3000 – good job but…
      In my opinion in the next part, you should focus on action not dialogue and you should avoid images with “continue”, “keep listing”, “nod”, “look at” etc. More actions.
      I was hoping that the one of way to bad endigs in this part will be:
      1. Being caught in library when Brigette give bj or Alicia handjob
      2. At the second meeting being caught when we play with boobs, or thigh Principal.
      3. Kiss with Didi when we should work at the report.

      Forgive me my poor english.

      I congratulate the great work done

    1. Thanks, that’s good to know.

      Right… Quick cup of coffee then I’d better make a start on Part Four.


  1. Great work from what I played so far dsp. I have found a small mistake with Achievement 17. The description says Amy instead of Annie. Looking forward to playing more of it πŸ™‚

  2. Downloaded the game but the happiness, lust or clock are not working. Clock stays on 9:00 am and the bars do not fill. Also is there a problem with site? because it the images are very slow loading.

    Tried playing the game on both firefox (64 bit) and Chrome.

    Apart from that good to see episode 3 and the great development of the story.

    1. The influence, lust and clock checks should all be working fine in Firefox. They never work properly in Chrome.

      I assume the website is getting absolutely hammered at the moment with lots of people trying to play and download the game all at once. That’s why it is running very slowly.
      Could also be effecting the cookie based variables.

      Thanks for your patience.

  3. Hey Chaotic, I think that you can safely cross “stress test server and network” off of your to-do list. It passed.

  4. Looking forward to playing! Any comment on the .zip file size? My download has been chugging away but it’s not showing me a percent complete or total file size. Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Good goddamn, man, you’re going to give Wolfshadowe and Tlaero/Mortze a run for their money at this rate. It’s unbelievable how much you’ve improved since Tara Part 1, I’m actually looking forward to what you do with the story as much as I am the hot ladies.

    Out of curiosity, why are all of them up on their toes at all times? I’m guessing it’s because their models are in heels and you just took the shoes off, but it doesn’t seem like it’d be that hard to manipulate their ankles. Not a big deal, just a little distracting occasionally (up on tiptoes in the shower while engaged in carnal activities can’t be safe).

    1. Something else I just noticed, my download had a second zipped set of images inside it that effectively doubled the size of the download. Not a bug, but probably something that might hurt your bandwidth a bit.

        1. Yeah, just taken a look. To be honest I was a bit surprised when the folder only compressed down to 2.3Gb. I really down know how I made that mistake, but I’ll put it down to a lack of sleep.
          Without the duplicate image folder it compresses down to a much more manageable 1.13Gb.

          Anyway, I’m just in the process of sending a replacement zip file over to Chaotic which also includes a couple of minor amendments and corrections.
          It will obviously be a smaller file to download which should also help alleviate some of the lag issues that the site has been experiencing.

          Thanks again for making me aware of the problem.

          And thanks for keeping me on my toes too.

          1. Not sure about the file changes. Tried to download it earlier in the day and was 2 something gigs. Now its only 300mb and wont open or say there is anything in the file. Just a me problem or is anyone else having issues?

  6. I’m upgrading the server now to cope with high traffic.

    They say it could take up to 24 hours, but last time they did it in 1, so hopefully the site speed problems will be solved fairly soon.

  7. I can’t access Vdategames it took me like 5 minutes just do enter the site and another 5 for the blog.

  8. Hey DSP3000, I love it!!! I have had a successful ending twice and I’ve gotten fired several times. But I really love it! Great job!!!

  9. wow dude your really making us work for bridget arnt you im loving the extra challenge of wooing her lol the scene with jodie were great too

    1. Yeah, we better get a titty fuck from her soon. And a threesome/ foursome with Bridgette, Valentine and Jodie would be very nice.

  10. How are people playing is what im wondering.
    Cant log in to the site. Epoch charged my card just fine.

  11. Still getting timed out failed to reach server once I press play button hope its worth the wait!!!!!!

  12. I see I’m not the only one who’s experiencing this lag. I guess that means the game doesn’t really come out till the lags are done.
    (Also I see you like South Park too. Hah, Awesome.)

  13. It’s been a long wait and you’ve delivered. Exceeded my expectations dsp. I’m loving how much bolder Bridgette is becoming and the way she tries to keep herself professional the cuter her character becomes.

    Jodie always kinda flew under my radar until this part. She was always a bit unattractive to me until I spent more time with her. She’s not my favorite, but she definitely scored more than her share of points in this part. Not to mention she’s freaky πŸ™‚

    Amy was a big surprise for me and definitely my favorite of Day Three. She was already very sexy but I love the extra layer to her character. I definitely didn’t expect her to be a virgin, nor did I view her as the nervous type, even while reading her character summary on the walkthrough, she always follows the flow of the group, but this felt new which I loved. And when she asked if she could get pregnant after swallowing semen was damn adorable.

    Principle Valentine without thigh highs this time around. Yum. I don’t care how evil she is, she still one of my Top 5 girls in The Academy. She said she’ll listen to whatever request I have if Day Four is a success. Threesome with Annie, maybe? DSP! WORK YOUR MAGIC!!!!

    I’d love to sabotage Sebastian, but Pri. Valentine is bae. She can have my balls any day.

    So much more I can say about this, but I’d be typing forever. Great work dsp3000. Great work as always.

    1. I forgot my part 2 code so I had to do one and two just to play three, oh well XD it was worth the wait πŸ˜›

  14. It can’t access the website it takes 5 minutes to access it and another 5 to go to members section fix the lagg pls!

    1. Yes. Because of the way that Chrome handles cookies, It messes up the scoring systems for everything from the clock, the lust variables and check files throughout the game.

      Basically, play it on Firefox if you want the game to work.

      Also, you need to play from the start each time to clear all the cookies and reset for a new playthrough.

  15. Think I found a bug. Spurned Maria and Annie to work on my report, yet after picking up the file in the archive room and being told my report was 75% complete, I worked on it in my office and was told it was less than 50% complete. Are the draft and computer report considered separate from each other? Also the clock is several hours off.

  16. I’m playing on mobile. Struggling with the code for the 4th camera as I can’t hover. The code in the drawer does not work. Anyone able to give me a hint for where I should be looking?

    1. Look in the blue folder to the left of the computer screen. It’s the folder that was given to you by Principal Valentine and has the code you need inside it.

  17. I am having trouble logging in as well. Epoch support wasn’t very helpful and previously it happened that they messed up something with my login, but this time I was not able to get anything specific from them. Since others having trouble as well may I assume that it is something with this site and not with Epoch?

    1. Yeah, the sudden burst of people visiting the site is what’s slowing it down, which in turn is making logging in difficult.

      I’m trying everything I can, but so far nothing seems to be making a significant difference.

  18. I have the same trouble logging thr member’s site. I called Epoch yesterday afternoon and i always can’t acceed.

  19. im having a slight issue with unlocking the 4th camera feed, i dont know if the games been updated in the last few hours.

    played through it once, found the code and unlocked it no issue. ive just started to play it again and when i enter the camera code from the file, it fails to unlock. failed auth code etc..

  20. while I was playing The Academy 3 in the web stopped working and it says: Site not found.
    Is it normal? If i don’t close the windows can I continue playing where it stopped or I’ll have to start the game again?


  21. Is anyone else getting a 403 forbidden access message when they try to click on anything after they log in?

    1. I’m getting that on the ‘Academy Series’ walkthroughs and it seems to only walkthrough thats doing that

  22. must say….. i fall in the ass.

    sorry but …. what the fuck , … i didnt expected that to be honest.

    did you think about working on some small movie company ? or maybe book ? i dont know but you have crazy imagination for story, you same level than tlaero (no exageration)

  23. Has anyone had any luck with Jodie? I’ve tried numerous times, getting her like bar almost at the top, and no matter the path she always turns me away after hugging her in the gym? Is there anything I could be missing or might the game be glitched? Please help.

  24. How come the members area is giving me a 403 forbidden error but the free site is working fine? Please help.

    1. Also the member site works until i click on the actual game, then it gives me the 403 forbidden error.

  25. Again great game. Every part get better and better, I cant even imagine how 5th part gonna look.
    Jodie looks much better in this part. Bridgette’s character development – great. Annie staff also very well written. Then comes Amy, she was one of my favourite from beginning. And I must say Amy staff was amazing! period. Message from Maddison was also kinda cute πŸ˜€ My problem is that all of my favourites one (Maria, Holly, Amy, Lola, Annie xD 5 in total coz characters are great) all got already their own scenes so I hope they will have some more action in next parts. I can see some threesomes like Maria-Holly, Lola-Amy, Annie-Valetine and twins staff ^^
    For more technical question I got 3 codes starting with A, but I cant get more than B when I end up with Amy route. Am I missing something?

    1. Thanks.

      The first letter in the end code sequence is determined by what happens during and after the bar scene. It has nothing to do with anything else that has happened during the game.

      Each letter or number in the eight character end code is determined by what happened during the game.

      1. Early question, but I knew somebody would ask.

        Part three took a full 18 weeks to produce in the end. About 4 weeks longer than I had hoped.
        But it is a huge game and I didn’t have a clear enough diary to work on it much for at least the first 6 weeks of that period.

        I reckon that I should be aiming for 12-14 weeks to produce the next part. But please don’t hold me to that, and don’t expect me to start working on it for at least a week. I need a break.

        So March/April time in theory could be possible for part four.

  26. i purchased a membership yesterday, and the site wont allow me to log in, i check through the epoch website to see if my card was charged and to make sure my id and pass were correct and i still get denied.
    anyone else having this problem?

  27. I am struggling with download, tried 5 times, every time it ends in fail. It downloads till like 90-95% and just stops, i don’t know what to do.. Playing online was also a failure, by phone it is not working as well.. any improvment for your servers or how to fix download issue?

  28. I’ve been waiting for this to part 3 to come out. Now that it is, something is wrong! LoL. When I log in, the page it goes to is not like it normally is. It is itemized down the right hand side with broken picture files displayed. When I try to right-click to view the pic, open something, I get the 403 code saying I don’t have the permission to access it!

  29. Please, how is it possible that I can not log in to the site “”. It still appears “Dream Host – Site Not Found
    Well, it’s embarrassing. Instead of looking for is not here.

    It’s your website? Get more information or to contact support.

    DreamHost. I am paying and I can not log in to the site, let alone play the game.
    I blog I got just over Sharks Lagoon

    1. It appears that the members section is currently offline or at least has limited functionality.

      I personally have no control over this, but I am confident that Chaotic will be doing everything in his power to resolve the issues caused by what I assume is incredibly high demand to download and play the new game.

      Most hosting has a bandwidth limit which, when reached can effectively crash any website. If a website is hammered with lot’s of traffic it will eventually crash for a while.

      A usual solution is to increase bandwidth capacity to the site, but this can’t be done instantly.
      With it being the weekend, I’m also guessing that any technical support from the websites hosting provider will be limited until the working week begins on Monday.

      So for the time being, I’d ask everyone to be patient and I’m very sure the problem will be resolved in the next couple of days.

      Thanks everyone.

  30. Was the site hacked? It’s virtually unusable. I contacted who said it would be fixed in two hours. That was 2 hrs ago. the Academy Parts 1 + 2 open before crashing. Any updates when this problem will be fixed?

  31. I’ve been able to do everything except get the key out of the pocket and fuck Amy. Overall this is probably your best work so far dsp! Superb stuff! I’m so excited for the next game! I can’t wait to see what happens in both the principal’s sex reward offer as well as the blackmail angle! I also can’t wait to get freaky with Bridgette however I do also sense a Bridgette Didi threesome coming. Plus we have the coming of Mr. Goodhead’s daughter and a potential opportunity with the barmaid! Hopefully we can also see some action from the sports girl whose name keeps slipping my mind. Anyway great work dsp and I can’t wait for what you have in store for us in the future!

    Just a suggestion, it would be really cool if you could bring back say Natalia to be a substitute teacher and since most of the work is already done she could visit the player in the office for a little “reunion” πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      Nice ideas too, there are plenty of possibilities presenting themselves eh?

      I already have an idea for how Natalia might be integrated into the story. Afterall, if you pay attention to the Tara Trilogy of games, it should be apparent that Natalia as from the same geographical neighborhood as the girls in The Academy.

      1. There are too many to choose from. I simply cannot decide. You’ve made quite a dilemma on choosing between work and pleasure. I mean I want to do well for Bridgette, Didi, Jodie and all the girls but there is something about Principal Valentine that just makes me want to forget all of them just to get into her panties. Great job on making her an evil seductress.

        Natalia was my favorite girl from the Tara Trilogy(I was hoping she’d have her own game to get to know her better and to see how wild she really is)! Now I really can’t wait to see her in The Academy series! I actually have noticed the geographical similarities in the game! I noticed that the forest surrounding the barn where Amy had her photo shoot seemed familiar. Also I remember a mention of the girls being at the beach due to the suspension of classes. I assume that’s the same beach we visited in Tara Part 3! I can’t wait to see how this turns out and what tricks you have up your sleeves! Good luck and take your time making a quality game! I’m sure this one will keep us all preoccupied for awhile haha

      2. I have a feeling that 5 days for this game is Malo. There are so many developing combinations ZE to be enough. of which could well be the series

    2. what code are you using to unlock the 4th cctv camaera feed in the office. i cant get it to unlock with the code thats in the file… it worked on my first play through but not since…

  32. I’m also unable to login to the members section. Just bought a sub for the new game last night and have yet to be able to log in

  33. DSP3000, you the man!!! Great game.

    I have come up with 5 winning scenarios so far:

    1. One ending with sex with Jodie and meet Bridgette and Didi later.
    2. Just a massage with Jodi and meet Bridgette and Didi and befriend the Bartender.
    3. Sex after photoshoot with Amy, no massage with Jodi, drinks with Bridgette and Didi and befriend the barmaid.
    4. Sex with Annie, no massage with Jodi, drinks with Bridgette and Didi and befriend the barmaid.
    5. Sex with Annie (not making her overly happy), no massage, blackmailed by Principal, drinks with Bridgette and Didi and befriend the Barmaid.

    I’ve also been fired a number of times.

    Has anyone else found other endings?

        1. You are good at finding all the details aren’t you Santa?

          You have almost got the name of the barmaid right, but one letter is wrong.

          You must be looking at every single bit of code.

          Well done.

    1. Awesome game DSP3000 !!

      I have troubles to get the sex scenes with Jodie and Amy, can i ask you how you did Santa and what codes did you use ?
      Thank you for this

      1. Unlike part two, In this part none of the start codes ‘unlock’ any scenes or variations. However some codes set the start scores higher than others allowing more flexibility during the game.
        In other words; the less time you have to work on your report, the more time you will have to explore the fun stuff.

    2. 1. Sex with Annie (not making her overly happy), no massage, watch Bridgette in shower, touch her, blackmailed by Principal, drinks with Bridgette and Didi and befriend the Barmaid, kiss bridgette.

      2. Sex after photoshoot with Amy, no massage with Jodi, watching Bridgette taking shower, help Laura twin sister, drinks with Bridgette and Didi and befriend the barmaid, kiss bridgette

      You report must be 90% or you get fired in every scenario’s.
      I think they are other endings depending on the code and the path you choose.

      1. The threshold for the report is actually 85% or you get fired. It is possible to add up 110 points to the report score if you take every opportunity to work on it and collect all the documents.
        In other words, you don’t need to use every opportunity to avoid getting fired.
        This frees up time to explore other branches to the story.

        The various start codes from Part Two set up different levels for lust, influence and how much of the report you have already completed.
        The maximum report value you can start with is 35%, so you only need to find another 50 points to meet the minimum 85% threshold for not getting fired. 90% is the maximum report value you can achieve, and each check point also has a maximum value which will be displayed.

        In theory you could achieve a 145% report score, but because of the way I’ve made the game, you will only ever see a maximum of 90%.
        But that is more than enough to keep Principal very happy with you.

        I’ll add in all the details in the walkthrough.

    3. I’ve found also this:
      Sex with Annie, blackmail, sex with Jodie, drinks with Bridgette and Didi, befriend the barmaid, drive home and kiss with Bridgette, i think this is the best possible one…

    1. That sounds like a request…?

      I don’t think I included that but I can totally see where that would fit in nicely.

  34. Anyone still having trouble logging into members section. Been trying since Friday, I know chaotic said servers were being updated.

  35. Please, could someone tell me the code for Lola? Without getting caught having sex with her

  36. I’m in dire need of needing to know how to get the sex scene with Amy, can anyone help a guy out?

    1. Setup as though meeting Amy and Holly (don’t work on report after Principal leaves your office). Skip going with Amy and Holly and go to house instead.

    2. After principal gives you key to her house, try to go outside. When you meet Holly and Amy go with them. Then in conversation with Amy use feeling, dont worry, hurry, together. Then during photoshoot make as many diffrent photos as you can (6 front and 3 from behind), then I use “what do you mean?”, complaining, threesome, of course. If you had enough “smiles”, she should wait for you in barn πŸ˜€
      At least it works for me.

    3. Leave your office immediately after Principal Valentine does. Do not work on your report any more. Meet up with and go with Holly and Amy. Ask if she is nervous, say that you will take care of her, don’t be in a hurry, it is great to be with her, take a picture then enter barn. Let her choose, take pictures, don’t complain, is Holly setting up a threesome, she should like you being forward.

      1. no it still doesn’t work….i’m talking valentine’s documents and then i meet amy and she’s still dressed
        the code i use is a684
        does it matter?

  37. The game had issues yesterday. It’s fine now, but for some reason, a lot of the older members only games (excluding the Academy series) now give me a 403 Forbidden error if I press play. Anyone else have that problem?

  38. All scenarios mentioned above include oral sex with Maria (with and without camera) and assisting Alicia in the library.

      1. Actually, not logic errors. Bad communications on my part. There are places (two) where you map two different scene branches in the same spaces.(annie54 and annie58.

        1. Yes you are correct. Overlapping map areas. You are supposed to be able to grab her tits from annie54 and you should have two choices from annie58.
          You should be a beta tester.

          I’ll get those errors fixed and updated soon.

          As this is not a critical error I’m going to hold off for a few days to see if there are any more bugs that need fixing and incorporate them into an update.

          So far though I am pleased with how few errors there are. I think there have been just three including these two.

  39. I figured out something – when i play downloaded version in Internet explorer (i have an old version) because i dont have firefox and on chrome it doesn`t work – i have very low lust… for example with Jodie in online version i have 2 bars of lust and on downloaded version i have zero… but im able to gain lust unlike in chrome where it doesnt show anything…
    – but still I dont have eunough lust to to be able to have sex with Jodie or Amy…
    – Fortunately online version doesnt lag so much like it was on first 2 days after release…
    – Im just stating it out bcz i saw some people posting that they are unable to make out with Jodie or Amy on downloaded version even without chrome…
    – sry for my english… πŸ˜€

    1. This is applicable to Part Two, for which there is a pretty comprehensive walkthrough in help section of the members only site.
      You don’t actually need a code to get Holly in the storeroom, but you do need to get the key for the storeroom from Didi’s desk in the Principal’s office.

      Link to The Academy Guide here: –>

      Couple of things to note though. Firstly you will need to be a member and you will need to log in.
      Secondly, it appears that the guide isn’t currently available during the server upgrades and switch over.
      I’m sure it will be soon though.

  40. Hey dsp3000, not sure if someone already spotted this, but when you go back to working on your report with Bridgette after Megan barges in the progress stays the same percentage. It’s happened when I had 75% after the first time in the principal’s suite and also when I had 85%. I don’t know if that prevents the achievement of impressing the Principal or not, but it’s still an amazing game. I’m looking forward to what day 4 offers, keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks yes.
      There is a minor scoring issue at that part which I intend to resolve with an update.

  41. Hey DSP3000,
    Great work! I love part 3. Jodie especially, is a new favourite of mine. The barmaid is also a nice addition. Like most others on here, I look forward to more Bridgette. If you’d like suggestions, a good tittyfuck with her would be much appreciated. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on Natalia being Goodhead’s daughter.
    Thanks to Chaotic too for working hard to get the sight running so we can all play it. Keep up the good work fellas.

  42. One other question. Do you plan to use Natalia from Tara series anytime soon? She was great in my opinion πŸ˜€
    I just love how your games connect one to other because of same main character ^^

    1. I broke ending codes πŸ˜€ after many games I know which digits represents which achievment xD I can make custom codes for next part ^^
      Still need to find about letters thou

  43. Edit – I wasnt able to have sex with Jodie even in online version, i had lust bar above half and happines cca 90 % but still she send me away after hugging in the gym… Can somebody help me with that ? i was able to massage her in the archive with just her bra and then kiss her in the elevator ( i think the kiss is for achievement too) but still she refuses me…

    1. Did you go with her to the archive immediately, or did you go check on something in your office first? I’m pretty sure if you go to your office first, it kills any chance of having sex with Jodie later. I guess she doesn’t like being made to wait.

  44. Managed to finally log in and this games getting better and better. managed to find 1 good ending and 1 bad a load more to go

  45. I have found a possible bug. When I do workout with Jodi and get to the blow job scene if I tell her to choose what to suck first I get a blank screen and have to start again. Could you please create a save game so I don’t have to go back to the beginning. Great game by the way so replay able best game yet

    1. From jodie26.html right?

      I’ve checked it and all the files are there and working fine when I have tried them when using the downloaded version.
      However, due to the way that Chaotic has configured the online version, it appears that the ‘jodie26random’ file which links from the “You choose” option in jodie26.html doesn’t work as it should.

      I’ll pass this on to Chaotic and make sure that it is fixed.

      Thanks for pointing it out and sorry you had to start again.

  46. I am really enjoying this game , but i can not get to have sex with amy in the barn , as every time i go back she has got dressed …..

    what do you have to do or what are the right options ?

  47. hi dsp

    i have 2 questions

    “There are five sort of bad endings in this episode and two good endings later in the game. The main emphasis is on the 36 achievements you can complete”

    When you begin the game there are 35 achivements ? ( not 36 )

    and for the part 4 the good game finishes by 212 or 217


    1. Hello
      Yes you are correct there are 35 achievements listed and not 36. I had been awake for about 36 hours though when I wrote the blog post, but my bad.

      There are other achievements throughout the game, and it turns out there are more than two good endings. Probably actually around eight.

      Not sure what you are asking about part 4…? What do you mean by 212 and 217?

      1. Thank you dsp3000

        The code when you finish the game which is the good code for the part 4 .

      1. 1st digit is for Annie, 2nd for Amy, 3rd Jodie, 4th for storeroom key, 5th helping Alicia, 6th blackmail, 7th for seeing Sebastian stealing panties. πŸ˜€

  48. Hi,

    I’ve played the game a few times now and there are a couple of things I haven’t quite figured out yet. Okay to ask questions here or is there a better forum for spoiler and walk-through discussions elsewhere?

    1. Hello Thomas
      There will be an official walkthrough up in the members section before the end of the week. It should answer all questions.

      No spoilers on here please, but somebody usually sets up a discussion over on the Shark’s Lagoon forum.

  49. Dear DSP 3000,

    Thank you so much for such awesome game for this Academy Part 3, I would give you a 100% top scoring mark or A++. This time you really did something beyond my expectations. I cannot wait for Part 4 now. I was expecting to have sex with Principal Valentine in Part 3, with Bridgette, Megan or Didi but you have brought it over to Part 4 or 5, pushing the players urge for the next episode and to the finals, correct? I can understand and accept that.

    So any guidelines or information about when Part 4 would be released Dsp 3000? You are making me impatience now for Part 4 of The Academy game now and also Part 5. Good job.

    Before that, let me guess, who would be the daughter to the Governor and who would be the governor or Mr. Goodhead. Would Maddison be the governor’s daughter? Too bad that the player did not have any sex scenes with Maddison, I only found that the player replied Maddison message or sms and also sms from Principle Valentines daughter Annie.

    I just hope that in Part 4 or 5, you would sent Maddison back to the game, cannot wait to have Maddison back here.

    Thank you and please continue to make the next 2 more episodes of the Academy game more fantastic dsp 3000.

    David Ong.

      1. Maddison is one of Chaotic’s characters and has her own games.

        She also appeared in my ‘Tara : The Assignment’ game.

        She is your boss at a photography agency during previous games, and I thought it would be a nice idea to reference this fact during this episode.

  50. shooting with Amy at 12pm you can not play. there is a mistake. The last picture “photoshoot48” and then turns black screen. please repair.
    played on December 6, 2016 6 hours 40 minutes. Central European time
    thank you very much.

    1. Hello jurasek454.
      Was this on the online version?
      There was a problem with the way the new online game engine was reading three files in the game. This has been fixed as far as I know. Just retested it myself and no errors as far as I can see.

      Make sure you refresh your browser though. If you have played before already it may not be picking up the modification.

  51. i cant login in member section, always white screen n pop up username n pass always appear. please fix this, sorry for my bad english, thanks

  52. Error: Figure Amy94, jumps back to the image Amy93 and can not move further.
    I clicked through the whole screen but I found the advancing Clik

  53. Hello DSP3000. I should just an idea. All the girls are naked during sex, why not make sex scene with girls dressed? Most girls do not wear panties and so it was very exciting to consider when bent to touch the girl’s pussy, or to attempt sex. Just such a stupid idea, but I believe that it would be many members loved it. Thank you for your response.

  54. DSP 3000,

    I have not found my guest cameo appearance yet, I will find it out soon, is this person the governor’s daughter? I have not even tried to enter the library area yet as I was too arouse of getting into the shower room, the meeting room, my office, the pub area, the principle’s house with Annie, wow the principle’s house is damn nice and artistic. Nice home view.

    As Sebastian mention that the governor’s daughter possess a hot sexy and beautiful feminine touch to men. I am really very eager to meet up with this female character.

    So I guess that, you are giving me a clue that this guest star would be the governor’s daughter I think, am I correct?

    I will discover it by myself soon, thank you. Anyway I have played this new game and so far no bugs or glitches that I have found so far. Thank you so much for your new games creations.

  55. i still cant get into the 4th cctv feed… i use the code in the file 587433, but it says authentication failed..

    any help anyone?

      1. it isn’t allowing me to unlock the feed with that code. it worked the first time i played through but since then it changes to ‘authentication failed’… i’ve cleared my cookies and any other background data, but no change.. i just don’t understand

        1. Are you playing online or offline and are you using Chrome?

          Just tested it online and although there is a little bit of lag, it is working fine.
          If online, make sure you wait for each character in the sequence to register. Wait for each black dot before you click the next number. When you have typed in all six correct numbers then click on enter.
          All on screen.
          And make sure you definitely type in the correct number: 587443 and not 587433

  56. Great game DSP, very well done.

    However, I hope Maria will still have more scenes in the last two games, she’s my favorite. I really liked the Amy sex scene as well, and I missed Lola.

    Also, Principle Valentine, Didi and Bridgette seem to be alluding to the scene in part two where Principle Valentine gave the player a hand job in the clinic, but I didn’t get that scene in the previous part. Is that connected to the code?

    1. In part two you can get the scene with Principal Valentine in the medical room without requiring any specific start code. One of the codes does allow an additional scene with Didi though immediately afterwards though that does give a little more context to the conversation you have with Bridgette and Didi in part three.

      There are full walkthroughs in the members section for parts one. two and three if you want to find everything.

      Lola will appear again in part four as will Maria.

  57. I definitely enjoyed how much of a dirty slut Annie is. I am hopeful that the apple doesn’t fall far from the nasty slut tree, and Principal Valentine is a seasoned cock whore in Part 4. You have certainly build her up to have an insatiable sex appetite.

    Someone mentioned a threesome with her daughter as a reward; that is a gem of an idea. To expand on that I’d like it if Principal Valentine’s reward involved rimming both Annie and the player. And also ATM from both Annie’s and her own arse.

    Another Principal Valentine reward could involve a MMF with Sebastian. Or scale that up with a MMMF with a third male character so Principal Valentine proves her commitment to the Academy triple penetration.

    Maybe my wish list is asking too much? But whatever Principal Valentine’s outcome in Part 4 is, plenty of slutty dialogue is a must.

  58. With part 4 having so much of a build up, please take your time with it to make sure you create something you’re happy with.
    You’ve hinted at possible threesomes, but I hope there’s also a solo scene with her :D.
    One possibility would be to have her give the player a little something in the morning (depending on the code and how happy she is with the player) before the Governors arrive in order to draw us onto her side, and her other content later in the day.
    I agree with others. Her dialogue is awesome and I hope you bring more of it!

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