December 4th Update – Site Issues

wwwHello everyone. So, how were your last 24 hours? Mine have been pretty crazy.

As many of you are aware, the site has been strained over the past 48 hours, and completely down for a few hours yesterday. First of all, my sincere apologies for any issues you may have encountered.

In preparation for Academy Part 3’s release, I upgraded to a new dedicated server. Based on figures from previous releases, tech support at Dreamhost felt that this new machine would be capable of handling everyone logging in and playing.

Apparently, it was not. I have therefore upgraded to an even bigger, faster server. Rather than just upgrading to the next tier, I skipped a few, so hopefully, this machine will be more than sufficient.

The down time from the site was due to not all files being successfully transferred between servers. Dreamhost tried transferring them again several times, but the transfer kept getting interrupted. I therefore requested that the transfer simply be stopped, and I’d upload everything myself. That way I can prioritize, and get the important things like Academy 3 uploaded as soon as possible.

So, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m fixing the members section first. All three academy games have been reuploaded, as well as April & Violet.The files for all of the other games are being uploaded right now. There’s about 20,000 to go, which should take 2-3 hours. After that, I’ll reupload everything to the free site as well, just in case there were any errors when transferring between servers.

I’ve also had some live support from Epoch. They have updated and refreshed the relevant files for membership access, so everyone’s who’s signed up should be able to access now. If you can’t, contact them via, give your details, and they should be able to help you.

I’ve also been going through every aspect of the site I can to make it more streamlined. I’ve enabled Keep-Alive, optimized even button and icon on the site, a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t even know existed until yesterday.

I also found some odd scripts on the site connected to advertising agencies which I’m pretty sure I didn’t put there. I don’t know if they were the cause of the site issues, but they certainly weren’t helping.

To ease any future strain on the server, I’m also going to be re-configuring my games under Kexter’s guidance. Rather than having thousands of html files, the games will just run from a few larger ones and javascript functions. For the online version of all games, I’m going to downgrade the image quality a little. It shouldn’t be noticeable unless you zoom in to about 400%, but it should make game play much smoother. I’ll leave the images at their normal max quality for the downloadable version though, just in case people want the truly super detailed versions.

That’s all for now. I’ll let you all know if there’s any further issues.

I’m gonna go lie down now.

92 thoughts to “December 4th Update – Site Issues”

  1. The Walkthroughs for part 1 and 2 of the academy found on the members section under help are not showing . Clicking the academy walkthrough leads me to a forbidden page saying I don’t have access, seemingly ignoring my member status.

    Thank you for your efforts though, I can at least now log into to play the game.

    1. As Chaotic has stated above, all the content that was on the old server is being manually uploaded to the new upgraded one.
      This does take a bit of time, and everything can’t be uploaded at once, but I’m sure Chaotic will not rest until it’s all sorted.

  2. Any chances of more big titty models? Like April and Maddison it would be great to have a model with bigger boobs… or preferably more games with Maddison in them, or even a Maddison 2! Thanks 🙂

    1. Well, one of my upcoming games, Leanna, has a main character with pretty large boobs.

      Check my tumblr, or next Friday’s blog post fr more information and pics. 🙂

  3. Anyone know how to get with Amy? When i come back to the barn after checking with maria, Amy is always dressed. Help!

  4. Hey Chaotic, frst of all i wanted to say you did a great job with your academy games. I dont know if your the right person to ask this question, but I wanted to know if we’ll ever see somthing new with the charcter Erica. It’s been a wile since she was in her own gameand her newest one is a mini game. I hope that some upcomming games will feature her, because I think she’s missing far to long

    1. I made the Academy games but thanks, you are welcome anyway.

      Erica is one of Chaotic’s characters so he is the right person to ask questions about that.

    1. Yes, though not just yet.

      I’ll be providing a detailed list of what’s happening soon on the site on Friday.

  5. Thanks for the update — looking forward to the advent calendar getting back on track — one of my favorite seasonal treats!

  6. Hello I’m having issues in the academy part 3 at some point when wanting to take the first photo shoot with two girls out in the woods the screen goes black and I can not continue any further. even if I change the URL nothing happens.

  7. In part three whenever i do the photo shoot with annie and i tell her to choose what pose i get a black screen. Any help?

    1. Hello
      Yes this appears to be an issue with the way that the online version is handling the ‘random’ file which links from that file and a few others. These have a script in them which picks a random choice from the links available.
      It works on the downloadable version, or at least it did when I delivered the game.

      A new game engine has been implemented onto the online version which seems to be working great for the majority of the game except the few ‘random’ files.

      Hopefully Chaotic can have a look at it.

        1. Yes. Just checked the three files that had an issue on the online version.

          All is well now.


  8. You could have used cloudflare, it saves the bandwidth in great number by caching the contents in their nodes while protecting it against DDOS attacks. If cloudflare isn’t an option, you could move pick another CDN too such as keycdn.

    1. I’ve tried cloudflare before, but disabled it after about 24 hours. For some reason it seemed to be messing with the software that controls member access.

      I may look into other similar things soon.

      1. Well the solution i use. Do speed tests from around 27 locations using real browsers.So it give a much better performance stats

  9. Hi DSP3000. I have a question regarding Amy and Jodie. Is my choice one or the other or is there a way to have both? If possible, I will keep looking.

    I found a new (for me) little Easter Egg. I finally got the call from Amy. I was too focused on Alicia in the past.

    1. Yeah, I think it is possible to have Amy and Jodie. It’s quite difficult because you have to sacrifice getting the folder from Principal Valentine’s house and a couple of opportunities to work on your report whilst in the archive room with Jodie.

      If you start the game with the most favorable A code then that gives your report score a boost at the beginning of the game. (Starts at 35%)

      There are three compulsory sequences (each adding 12% to your report score) where you work on your report as part of the game play. One in the morning and twice in the afternoon, plus if you go to the archive, both times Jodie either gives you or indicates you need to pick up another file you gain another 7% onto your report score.

      35 + 12 + 7 + 7 + 12 + 12 = 85

      With this you should only have to work on your report once in the morning (in your office) and twice in the afternoon (in the Principal’s office) plus take the folders from Jodie when you are with her. This should give a report score of 85%, ie enough for you not to get fired therefore allowing you to meet up with Jodie.

      So in theory it should be possible to have Maria in the morning, Amy at lunch, Jodie in the afternoon, and still make it to see Didi and Bridgette after work.
      You won’t get a kiss from Bridgette or get to meet the barmaid though. At least I don’t think you can…

      You definitely can’t have Amy and Annie in one game play through though.

      1. Thanks for that explanation.

        What I am seeing is one time to work on the report after leaving the Archive room with Jodie. After that, I see two more chances in the Principal’s office. The first one seems to improve my score. The second time working on the report in the Principal’s office doesn’t seem to get me any improvement. I must be missing something. I will look further.

        1. I’ve just had a look at the files which determine report progress at the two points in the Principal’s office.
          While my production schedule says that each one should give a score of +12 to the report, it appears I haven’t set them to those figures.
          Balancing out the scoring mechanism was one of the last things I did before the game release, so I must have missed it.
          It will be updated though so you should be able to get the Amy and Jodie combination once it has.

          1. Thanks much! looking forward to having my cake and eating it. Thanks for the great game and taking your time and effort on this.

      2. Hi DSP3000,

        No luck. I am using what I think is the best A key (ending in 4#).. After my first morning work on report it says that I am 40% complete. I get the two folders in the Archive Room (7+7). Then after leaving Jodie I return to my office and work some more. I am told that the report is 70% complete. Once I go to the Principal’s office to work I am told that the report is 75% complete. Returning to work there says that I am still 75% complete and I am fired. If it matters, I am using Firefox.

        Any ideas?

        Best regards,

        1. Yeah, see my post above yours. (December 5, 2016 at 5:02 pm)

          I’ll send an update over to Chaotic tomorrow to fix the scoring system to how it was supposed to be.
          Then you should be able to get the Amy and Jodie combination.

  10. Dsp 3000 do you know if he codes intefere for academy part 4 and when will the next part come out ?

    1. The codes from the end of part three will have an effect on what happens in part four, and probably more so than in previous episodes now I have worked out a new way of generating codes from part three.

      Next part will most likely be completed somewhere from 12 – 16 weeks from now.
      It all depends on how long it takes.

  11. Revised end scenarios – there are 7 realistically

    All scenarios start with oral sex from Maria.

    1. Massage and full sex with Jodie. Meer afterwards with Bridgette and Didi.
    2. Massage from Jodie and drinks with Bridgette and Didi. Meet Alexis (barmaid).
    3. Sex with Amy. Skip massage. Drinks with Bridgette and Didi and meet Alexis.
    4. Sex with Annie. Massage with Jodie. Drinks with Bridgette and Didi. Meet Alexis.
    5. Sex with Annie. Massage and sex with Jodie. Meet Bridgette and Didi.
    6 and 7. Same as endings 4 and 5, except blackmailed by Principal Valentine.

    Only option 3 requires the massage with Jodie be skipped. All other options give you the choice of sex with Jodie and meeting Bridgette and Didi OR meeting Bridgette and Didi for drinks and meeting Alexis (the barmaid).

    There are a few “Easter Egg” options that arise, but do not dramatically impact the endings. These include assisting Alicia in the library (I am still hoping for an Alicia/Laura threesome in future episodes), and texts with Annie or Amy after sex with whichever.

    I have dwindling hopes of discovering a way to have sex with Amy and still have sex with Jodie too. But those hopes are fading fast.

    Please let me know if you discover other possibilities.

    1. in the morning you do not have smoking from Mary. When she refuse, you’ll have 55% of the news, then sex with Amy, Jodie massage, a report in the office 75% of messages, with director 2x 5% report … by 85%, and then you choose whether you want sex with Jodie, or kiss from Bridgette

  12. This new setup is causing issues I can’t get past the password door in academy 3 it keeps glitching when I put in my code and occasionally some games just time out

    1. I saw this too. But when I refreshed my web page and waited a few seconds it worked. Hope this helps.

  13. While it is bad that the site is having problems, it’s also a good thing. It shows just how many people are that eager to play the game that it crashed the site.

  14. Im still cant play this game
    I play on a xbox one
    When it gets to the screen to type your name in it goes black.
    I wait awhile and I get a message web browser stop running this script,a script on this page is slowing down your browser and your pc.
    please help

    1. Are you able to play on something else?

      These games certainly aren’t designed to work on an Xbox, and I have no way to test them myself.

  15. I downloaded Friday and it took a few hours. No prob, just let it sit there and went back to work. I kinda figured the site would lag as lots of people eagerly anticipating the episode. And it did not disappoint. Very good work Chaotic, dsp3000, and MrStomper. You guys are the only ones doing anything of worth on a consistent basis.

  16. Hi Chaotic,

    Academy pt. 3 is another wonderful release! All the time and effort you invest into the story is readily apparent. I just have one observation and suggestion for future future episodes. I think that many of the scenes which involve flirting, foreplay and sexual innuendo are as stimulating (sometimes even more so) than the ones featuring overt sexual intercourse.

    What I’m referring to, specifically, is the wonderful combination of sexy outfits worn by the women and the camera angles used during these interactions. The scene with Jodie in the Archive is a prime example. The flirtatious interactions with Didi are also done very well. Going back to ep. 2, stretching with Lola prior to the workout and shower scenes is another good one.

    With most of the “sex” scenes, the woman invariably gets completely naked (for the most part).

    I think it would add to the eroticism and illicit nature of some of these scenes if they involved partially-clothed sex, and definitely keep up with these flirtatious type encounters.

    1. Hello tezster, I am the creator of The Academy games and I really appreciate your feedback.

      I know how powerful the imagination is and how erotic the anticipation of sex can be.
      I try to write in a style which involves lots of innuendo, flirtation and teasing because that is what I also find to be erotic.
      Of course I also like the visual aspect of the sex scenes to and I have become more experimental which the use of viewpoints/camera angles. This can be a bit limited with sticking to a point of view (POV) angle all the time.
      In this episode I’ve used the hidden camera during the scene with Maria and the phone ‘selfies’ with Annie to give additional viewpoints. This does double the amount of renders required for some scenes but I think it’s worth it.

      In terms of nudity during sex scenes.
      Personally I am quite a fan of clothed sex scenes, but so far it has really come down to the fact that it’s much quicker to pose and create scenes with naked characters than it is with clothed ones.
      With the software available, items of clothing often don’t conform to the character’s body very well, especially when different positions are introduced.
      Added to that, you wouldn’t believe how tricky it is to create images with dropped panties or unbuttoned tops. There are a few such images in part three.
      If I can find the right type of clothing with the required level of adjustments then I would really like to create a really good clothed or partially clothed erotic scene. It’s a good idea.

      1. Hi dsp – my apologies for the mis-identification, and thanks for sharing some of the challenges with rendering partially clothed scenes. The use of the security camera is definitely a great addition.

  17. I have done everything except getting Jody to have sex, every time she asks me to leave her alone after I huh her in the gym!!! I don’t know what to do

    1. What is Jodie’s lust level? Did you complete the massage in the archive room? You will likely know that you have done this once Jodie removes her blouse during the massage. If you complete the massage, it is hard to think of how Jodie’s lust level wouldn’t be high enough. But you must complete the massage to get the invite to the workout. There is one more thing that could cause this. Did the afternoon meeting result in your being blackmailed by Principal Valentine?

      1. Actually, I must have clicked wrong when I tried this the first time, even being blackmailed by Principal Valentine should not prevent you from making it with Jodie.

  18. Hey dsp3000, it seems we haven’t seen much of Meagan in the series so far. Is she meant to be more of a background character or will the player interact with her more in the last couple episodes? Just a thought it could be interesting to have Mr. Goodhead’s daughter sneak into the office while your elsewhere. Then, when you get back she’s waiting for you and tries to seduce you, giving you the opportunity to have her under the desk, like with Maria, only her father comes looking for her resulting in her blowing you while you talk to him. Maybe even have a sex option either in the office or on day 5.

  19. yes all the games but this one work on the xbox one after your web site crashed It Quit working I got to play this once.

  20. Hey Chaotic is April & Violet going to come out this Friday?
    Can’t wait to see more of April, plus I want to know how the game ends.
    The way they act they might as well propose or something (Heh Heh).

  21. Any news if the coding system was fixed???, i´m start with 40%(get bj from Maria), got the documents, go with Jodie to the basement, work with Didi and Bridgette and end up with 75% and got fired!!! T_T

    1. Even with the “broken” scoring system, you should be able to succeed here. What did you do when Principal Valentine left your office (not that this really has to matter as it is possible to do this both ways)? Did you pick up or take both folders in the Archive room? Also, what did you do after watching Jodie walk down the hall after leaving the Archive room?

  22. One other thing Chaotic, are we going to see more of Miranda. You know the nudist. She is one of my favorite girls.

  23. Maybe its not that subject but I have 2 questions.
    1. Do you plan adding Natalia (from Tara series) to any games soon?
    2. Did you think about making sth like fan polls to make new girl? Few polls like colour of eyes, hairs or size of BooBs? etc

    1. Both good ideas, I’m already considering the first option, but I really like the second suggestion particularly as I’m still designing Mr Goodhead’s daughter…

      1. It could give you new fancy ideas for new characters.
        Im sadly in miniority which prefer small breasts to big but dont forget about us 😀

  24. Sorry if already addressed but in the sex scene with Amy, after giving her a manual orgasm and choosing sex, i get stuck in a loop between going faster and harder with no way out. Am i missing something? Is this a broken link? Im playing on mobile.

    1. I’m having the same problem Amy on my computer. The format has been changed to where you can’t tab to get other options. I think there’s a mistake there as well.

    2. This only happens on the online version unfortunately.

      Just sent an update to Chaotic.
      The updated version will fix this.

      1. I noticed that when I download it. Thx dsp for taking care of it. Love your academy series. Awesome job on those!

  25. The Academy Part 3 was awesome!
    Can’t wait to play Part 4!

    Im ready to see what happens with both Bridgette and Principal Valentine!

    Good Work man!

  26. Hello have a problem with sex with amy when i slammache say they bite faster does not go the option is not abe only 2 ways to speed faster then tell her hurts go lansamm then tell her go faster and there bit no way out there hang out there Because there is no mitelweg something fast what they would like alsower well if the error behiben wirt or how to end it the sex with amy

  27. As of today, DEC 10, the Amy loop problem still exists. I thought I read that the online version had already been fixed. Also, despite Jodie leaving the archives early, I still got the kissed Jodie in elevator achievement. Is there a point to cumming on Amy’s ass? I did that and still got the came in Amy’s pussy achievement which seems moot to me.

    1. I was under the impression that the online version had been fully updated the fix the loop error at amy94. There is still a map overlap there though.
      Chaotic; can you take a look at that please?

      In terms of the false recording of achievements, it sounds like your cache is hanging onto some of the cookies rather than clearing/resetting at the start of a new game.

      I hope that you still enjoyed playing the game though.

  28. i have massage and kissed jodie in the elevator but no matter what she always tells me she needs to be alone and i cant stay… any help?

  29. Most definitely, looking forward to Parts 4 and 5. Will there be more fun with Holly or is she exclusive to Maria since they made up?

    1. Definitely more fun on the agenda with those two.
      I mean… how do you know that they have made up? Is their relationship really that straight forward?

  30. Downloaded 3.1.1. Playing in Safari and Firefox, it got stuck on the screen for touching Amy. No link on that screen. Had to exit and start over. Without being able to touch her, all I can get is the BJ achievement.

    1. Can you let me know which file you are referring to? As in which file has no link on it.

      First time I’ve heard of an error such as this,


      1. Never mind. It was user error. I didn’t notice that this was a “scrolling screen shot.” All good.

  31. But I have a different question… After Day 2, there was the possibility of one of two different A codes, one of two different B codes, one C code, and one D code. So far I’ve only used the highest A code in Day 3. Is there anything to be gained by using any of the other codes?

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