December 30th Update

Just a short post today as I want to get back to working on games as soon as possible.

April & Violet

So, first – the main news. April & Violet is nearing completion. It looks like part 2 is going to be adding around 700 images to the 989 of part 1, so that’s a total of around 1700. If I had to guess a release date, it’ll be two weeks from today, so Friday January 13th, but as always I’m not committing to that just yet.

I should be able to let you know with some degree of certainty next week.

Future Games

As soon as this is done and released, I want to focus on Leanna for a while, or at least a game made with daz studio and iray.

Some of you have noticed a new lady I’ve added to my tumblr page.

She doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s been created with a purpose.Β To recap for those of you who don’t remember, Leanna started off a character in a game I was simply naming ‘the motel’. This game evolved into April & Violet when I decided I wanted a bigger game to showcase the new ‘Genesis’ characters. Leanna is obviously still a part of her game, and Kristen, after a visual upgrade, is part of the game too. But, what about the third character from the original motel game ; Molly?

I’ve been trying to integrate Molly into Leanna’s game, but I decided over Christmas that it really wasn’t a natural fit. She was going to be the player character’s neighbor, and part of a secondary storyline that occasionally overlapped with the main one. The problem is that it felt like two separate games. So, why not make it just that?

So, I have. Molly’s role is now completely removed from Leanna, and will feature in a another game instead. I still like Molly more as a secondary character though, so instead started designing a new woman who could beΒ the main focus of a new game instead. While thinking through this and the main plot, there were also a number of things I wanted to include. I have some scenes from a Spanish villa which I really like and wanted to use in Leanna’s game, but I don’t really have a use for. Similarly, I also have a Nascar track scene I never got around to using.

Combining all of these together, in about an hour, I’d a assembled a plot surrounding a Hispanic Nascar driver fighting corrupting in her sport and succombing to your attempts to help and woo her. I get to use the track, and the Villa can be her family’s over the border in Mexico. This setup also gives me the chance to add another ethnicity to the datable characters, which is cool. The woman above is an early draft of what I’d like to use.

A part of me is tempted to just go ahead and make this game next as soon as I finish April & Violet (perhaps make it a little more linear than usual for a quicker production process). Also, if Molly is now removed from Leanna’s game, it should make finishing that game much easier too. I’ll see how my mood takes me in the long run though.

Either way, the next game after April & Violet will be a free one. If I don’t have anything new to release my March, I’ll release one of the older members games such as Photographer Part 2 or Miranda for free.


This week’s poll – I generally go for the clean shaven look when it comes to my ladies genitals. A lot of it’s preference, but it’s also just easier to do.

How do you feel? On the girls in my games that is, not necessarily real life. Smooth or natural, something in between or something extreme?

Rate Aletta

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EDIT : I’ve added all previous advent calendars to tumblr, but apparently the Maddison & Lisette GIF from last year is too big, so I’ll just post it here.

45 thoughts to “December 30th Update”

  1. Your new villa idea sounds really interesting. Especially since it includes corruption and a new ethnicity. One quick question though. Are you still going to release the other advent calendar years or was it just for 2012?

  2. I see that shaven won the votes but I think you should have at least one girl with a nice big bush ^.^

  3. If I rushed you in any way to upload the advent calendar for the other years, I apologize. It was not my intention.
    A small question though.
    Will you keep the current advent calendar up past New Year’s? I’m currently out of country and downloading the 25th will take an eternity. It literally took over 16 minutes to just load this page.

    1. Yeah, I normally take it down a couple of weeks into the new year.

      It’ll probably remain until I update the site on April & Violet’s release.

  4. hi chaotic, when you have the time, is there any chance you can have a look at sarah’s gallery in the members area? when i enter sarah’s gallery i get the pictures from the sci-fi gallery instead πŸ™

    1. Fixed it. The gallery should be working now.

      If you can’t see the changes, make sure to refresh your page.

  5. happy new year

    hope to get a new year with tons of chicks to fu…… i mean, ladies to meet πŸ˜›

  6. Itd be interesting if you could integrate betsy’s mom, cassandra into one of these games. I think itd be a natural fit into the storyline and a chance to use one of the best looking characters properly.

  7. First off, Happy New Year! I really love your work. I first found vdategames on Play Force and have enjoyed playing through the free games multiple times. All are really great and the characters are all stunning. Violet is my absolute favorite. She was the highlight of the Betsy game for me. Not taking anything away from Betsy but Violet (and April) were gorgeous. When I saw the Violet and April game I joined immediately.

    I’m currently working my way through the member’s games and am enjoying them very much. The Academy series has some damn hot women. I can’t wait for Violet and April part 2. I really hope we see more of Violet (as well as April) in the future. I just can’t get enough of her. She is perfect. Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Hello Chaotic,

    Happy New Year, I just have to ask, since you made that special comic for December 25th when it actually does happen in a game, will we have to convince Betsy to have fun with her sister and mom?
    (personally I can see that being a game all on its own :D)

    1. Hello.

      I think the dream sequence comic is just a stand alone little story that doesn’t really fit anywhere. I’m not sure I’ll ever go there to be honest, and having it be a little dream sequence seemed like a fun way of having it, without ever necessarily having it for real in a future game.

  9. Hello Chaotic

    Happy New Year, After the December 25th comic, which might I add was brilliant, when it happens in a game do you think we will have to convince Betsy to have fun with mom and sister?

    Personally I believe it would have to be a game all on its own and not combined with any other.

    On that note have you ever had the idea of doing a pure incest game with Cass, Rachael, Betsy, Maddison and Lissette where we play third person to one of the characters mentioned, this could take place at a holiday resort, where our main goal is to convince an opposing party to do incest with our chosen character, the ultimate ending would be a orgy?

    I am full of questions: Will Jennifer be getting a sibling, maybe a twin sister πŸ˜€

    1. I guess all of those are possibilities, but nothing I’m really aiming for right now.

      Although it’s often requested, I’m not a big fan if incest stuff anyway. Of out of my 30+ games at this point and probably 100+ sex scenes, I’ve only had 2 scenes that feature any level of incest at all, which kind of sums up my attitude towards it

      It’s a possibility for the future though, particularly with Lisette and Maddison..

      1. Thank you for the reply Chaotic and I completely understand that incest is not something you like to do but whenever you do it makes the games feel more free, allowing for even more possibilities, I could be alone on this.

        Anyway I hope that you will eventually make a game that has more incest in it and I wish you all the best with your work

        Hmmm…..I wonder what dps3000’s feelings on incest are?

      2. we all know that the lisette/maria/maddisson family are all in sex XD.

        for me, its not really incest as its not only between them but inclued another person (player)

        my own opinion of course πŸ™‚

  10. Will you ever include a futa girlie any of you games? That’s something I would be very interested in.

    1. Lol. Futa is ‘chicks with dicks’ fetish, isn’t it? Sorry, but I have absolutely 0% interest in having that in any of my games.

      Absolutely nothing against other people having it as their fetish, but it really, really, really isn’t one of mine.

    1. Is this going to become a weekly comment by someone now?

      The next free release, including the month, is clearly stated in the blog post right at the top of the page.

  11. Hey some of us do’t want to buy a membership we just want to play the fun games so maybe you should add some more free ones for us people who don’t want to buy a membership and I get that tour trying to make money but we need more free games

  12. i think that you need to inculde some of the old girls before you vreate a new one . for example Pool party came out after Photagrafer(i think) and could have had Nadia replacing Kelly , Ellie replacing Erica and the not so used Katie replacing Rachel(Rachel being a cop…mjeeeh

  13. See the above comment.

    ehy you should use the “only one appearance charatcers” ? it whil give you time to work on the new characters and it will not take so long to release a game (apoligizes to Naria for misspelling her name)

  14. I used to only play free games and couldn’t see paying to join a site. That is until I realized just how limited great adult games are. With regular porn it’s easy to find something free that does it for you but with adult games, which I have really come to enjoy, it’s not easy to find great games with great quality. Free or pay. Now there are tons of free adult games out there but only a small handful with the quality of not only image but story that can be found here at VDG. Every few months someone will release an amazing game for free (Tlaero and Mortze, Wolfschadowe) but the greats are few and far between. I joined VDG because after playing and searching so many adult games I can understand the amount of work that goes into making really good games and I want to support the creators knowing my membership will help them to create better games and maybe help them to release new games quicker. Really appreciate all the work that goes into making these games so I just like to show my appreciation by buying a membership.

    I’m kinda picky when it comes to the women in adult games. There are some pay game sites that I just don’t care for the look of the women but VDG has the best looking out of all the pay sites (my opinion).

    Just my 2 cents here. Not ragging on anyone who doesn’t want to pay. Hell I still enjoy free games and play them when I can find a good one. Thanks for all your amazing work Chaotic!

    1. i to only play free games … why ? because to pay i would have to reveal bank information such as password and then some ashole hacker empies my account .

        1. Signing up via epoch is also very secure. They are a very large and well respected company.

          I’ve had thousands of people join the members section over the years that I’ve had it, and none of them have ever reported their card information as abused.

  15. Leanna’s apartment looks incredibly amazing. I really appreciate how much work you put into your games. This will be a free game, if I remember correclty, yet the quality of your content still doesn’t drop. 2017 will be a great year for you, all that hard work will definitely pay off.

    1. Thank you.

      2017 does indeed look like it will be fun. Also, yes, Leanna will be a free game for everyone.

  16. I have some questions about Betsy.
    1) Are you going to do the foursome with her, Rachel, and Cassandra? The dream looked so hot so tell me that your’e going to do it for the photographer part 3. I’m just worried that it won’t make it since a lot of people think it’s too farfetched but it’s got to happen.
    2) Are we still going to see her in those glasses or are you going to have her use contact lenses? She looks so much hotter without the glasses even though she’s already smoking hot.

    1. I’m still not convinced about the Betsy family foursome, but we’ll see if my mood shifts in the long run. My priority for now is to get April & Violet finished, then focus on Leanna for a while.

      I’ll probably stick to Betsy wearing glasses is she appears again, though obviously, like in her game, she’ll remove them if it makes sense.

  17. The password 587443 isn’t working anymore for me in the academy 3 just getting stuck there in the room!

  18. releasing a older game as a free game is a good idea . that to will make so it do not take so long between games .

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