December 23rd Update

Since it’s Christmas, I want to have a little fun on the blog today, but first let’s quickly get through all the formal stuff.

The formal

Both April and Violet and Leanna are still progressing. I can’t see April & Violet being released this year, but hopefully it will be finished for early January. Based on last week’s poll, when it comes to the third person camera angles in Leanna, people seemed to favor obscuring the male player character’s face, but just showing the female’s. This was the preference I was developing anyway, so I think that’s what I’m going to do. Nothing new to report on Crystal Part 3 or Photographer part 3. For the latter in particular, I’m just going to see how busy I am around February before I commit to it.

The fun stuff

A while ago, Google released a web tool that analyses a photo of your face, then tries to calculate how old you are. And I’ve been having fun with it! You can find it here :ย

It was pretty good at reading my own age, but girlfriend is apparently 14. So, it’s not flawless. Then, I thought, let’s see how it works with my characters. Initially, I wasn’t sure it would work with cgi faces, but amazingly, it did work!















So far, fairly reasonable, right? Well, that’s about as good as it gets.
















The first two imagesย aren’t too bad, but apparently all of the girls in the Academy are around 30, yet their lecturer is 23.

What about one of my older characters, Cass?

13?! I guess that’s what happens when your always chew your greens thoroughly. How about Betsy and the gang?

Apparently Betsy is almost three times the age of her mother. At least April is kind of close to the age she’s supposed to be.

Finally, what about my latest creation, Leanna?
















Apparently, the well known local news presenter Leanna Marseille is only about 11. Who knew!?

Feel free to play with the link and post any of your own findings.


I was recently talking to someone about polls and noting that the final results are never definitively high, and that it may be impossible to get a final vote result that was +90%. At the very least, some people will always against the majority just because they can.

So today, in the name of science, let’s see if it is possible to get over 90% in a poll. Surely, this week’s question is fool proof….right?

Which title card image do you prefer?

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I hope you all enjoy Christmas. I will see you next week with some new pretty pictures.

51 thoughts to “December 23rd Update”

  1. Merry Christmas Chaotic, DSP3000 and Mr Stomper,
    I checked in the advents zip file and there wasn’t any pics of 2015s advent calendar in there.
    I hope you would be able to post them up again in another zip file Chaotic.
    I love all the work you all do for us and I am truly thankful for it.
    I wish you and your families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all the best and
    cant wait for all the great work for next year.


    1. I just double checked and 2015’s advent images are there.

      They’re not in order with 2015 at the top when I open the zip. Maybe that’s what you’re missing?

      1. Ok but I dont have them in mine just the head to previous file then 2012, 2013 and 2014 underneath them and thats everything in the zip file

        1. Weird. Not too sure what’s happened there.

          Someone’s requested that I upload them ll to my tumblr account as they can’t download zips, so I’ll just do that.

          1. Hi Chaotic. Nothing related to this post in particular but would it be possible to have an updated list of the girls and they game in which they appear? That would be nice.

            Anyway, everything sounds neat for the next year and I look forward to it. Good luck and thanks for your amazing work and same to dsp3000 and MrStomper.

    in this game like in the game SARAH you control the main caracter Emma
    Emma are aproached by a woman
    Jess :
    “Hello , i am Jessica Rubin”(Jess real name)
    Emma :
    “Hi , my name is Emma Stevenson”(Emmas real name)
    Jess :
    “i am looking for my boss , Grace Parker”(Graces real name)
    Emma :
    “i will help you find her , let’s go to the main land”
    on the main land the two of them can meet Zoe(if at the right place at the right time)
    Emma :
    “this is my friend Zoe”
    “Hello , i’m Zoe Fidales “(Zoes real name)
    Zoe will tell Emma and Jess that she meet Grace at the nude beach(if the right conversation are chosen)
    at the nude beach Emma and Jess meet Josie that when asked explain that she came on to a woman named Grace but she had to return to the hotel

  3. hi, i just went to Sarah’s gallery in the members section and its the pictures from the Sci-fis gallery. help please, i like sarah ๐Ÿ™

  4. That short story/dream sequence about Betsy was really hot. Even with a foursome between the four of them it’d be hard to top the intensity of that threesome.

    Merry Christmas

  5. merry christmas and i wish you all the best in new year guys,keep up with your fantastic work
    i have one question,do you have in plans another game with erica?she’s always been my favourite

  6. how funny its the pool in fact for me .. i cant vote. i mean, really, i not have any “vote” button or anything … did i get a bug or something , i m on firefox btw. i can pick one of the choice (the dot become black) but no vote button … O_o

    murry christmas ! and good point for dat google thing, look like it got some good result in total based on your characters.
    i very like the 30+ maddison. still can you check yourself about 2 girls i promise you will be surprised ^^
    check for Jodie and Maria ^^ , i laugh hard to at sebastian hahaha XD epic result in my side

    1. Dude, just, like, look at the blog post where you asked exactly the same thing and I said “Dude! Just, like, scroll up and read the actual blog post. Itโ€™s all there.”!

  7. One thing I don’t get about the poll is that if that user cannot vote then can they click “No”.

  8. Oh boy, I wasn’t expecting that Betsy short story for the 25th for the advent calendar. That was awesome!

    Chaotic, I have a quesiton:
    about the Lisette + Maddison on photografer pt 3. will it have full lesbian interaction with the sisters?

  9. Hi Chaotic,
    Great work with everything as always! Looking forward to your next creations, especially Leanna and Aletta. One quick question though, who is the girl in the right on your Dec 14th advent pic? Thanks for entertaining us with your masterpieces, and merry christmas!

  10. Gotta say it was a nice surprise to get a short story for the 25th but I just gotta say that it was kinda weird to see the incest. I mean if the player was there and they would all take turns with the player would seem more likely. But thanks anyway Chaotic! Can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for vdategames!

  11. Hey Chaotic, has Betsy learned to shave? Hope the clears the way for Photographer 3 part 3 foursome. Thanks for the Christmas present.

  12. Marry Christmas to whole team. Keep up very good work next year. Great comics for last advent day ๐Ÿ˜€ I would love to see poll to create next girl or sth. Like many polls about diffrent parts of her etc.

  13. I guess you really want the foursome to happen since you already did the dream sequence with Betsy, Rachel, and Cassandra. Not that I can blame you since this is going to be really hot.

  14. I have one question Chaotic. Is the Betsy short story what you meant when you said you were thinking about releasing comic strip style sequences? If so, I’m totally cool with it now.

    1. Yes, this is exactly what I meant by comics at the time.

      Since I already had all of the characters and Betsy’s bedroom setup from her game, I was able make it really quickly too (less than a day to do all of the images), so I’m really tempted to do them semi regularly now.

  15. Congratulations on another great year guys.
    I really enjoyed the Betsy Short Story, so thanks.
    The schedule for 2017 looks great, my only concern is about The Photographer 3 game. I understand this to be the same character from DSP’s academy and Tara games, I worry that he/she is getting a little tired. I’d like to see a different playable character who is new to the girls of the Vdategames universe. One thing I’d like to see in your games is the player being interested in the older characters (Maddison and Cassandra spring to mind).

    I’m sure the game will be great regardless. Thanks again guys

  16. DSP and chaotic

    just passing for say you 2 big thanks..

    1st one is for the valentine erotic picture… mmmmh… delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks alots

    2nd one is for the mini game with betsy…. daaamn i didnt expected that ๐Ÿ™‚

    that was some great gifts, thanks alots ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Hey Chaotic, I tried playing the Rachel Part One game but it’s not working. A page pops up saying “Forbidden”

  18. Hey Chaotic, I have 2 questions. First, is the Betsy short story meant to be a dream? I’m sure that’s the case but maybe you meant for it to be ambiguous. My second question is if you’re still planning on retracting the Betsy/Rachel/Cassandra foursome.

    1. The Betsy short story is indeed supposed to be just a dream.

      The Betsy/Rachel/Cassandra foursome is still just an idea. I’m still not fully committing to either it or Photographer Part 3 just yet.

    1. Depends what you mean.

      As far as I’m aware the Jennifer game is working fine now. Kexter fixed any reported issues and I announced it inn the blog several weeks ago.

      Are you still having problems with it?

  19. The final Advent entry was AWESOME. Incredibly hot scene. Love that we got to see Cassandra, Rachel, and Betsy together.

  20. Hey Choatic I don’t mean to bug you, but I’m just wondering if I’m right about something. Do Carol, Tammy and Melyssa make a cameo in Erica & Crystal? If that’s true, are the other two girls Emma and Nikki or are they just random girls?

  21. Hey Chaotic I saw the tumblr. Is that girl going to be the female pc girl, or is she just another character in a game?

  22. This question is for Chaotic: With the 3D graphics you are implementing, will the cumshots look different in the upcoming games? The ones used in games made around the time of Miranda and the Photographer 2 tended to look like grey blobs. Is there a chance you could use DSP3000’S system? The facials in his game look more realistic.

    1. Glad you like them.
      The cum in my games is all added post render.
      This means that it’s hand drawn using Photoshop. For the animations this means creating each individual frame.
      Anyone familiar with Photoshop will be familiar with using layers. Each frame has a background image and then at least one layer with digitally painted cum to accompany it. By using varying opacities, hard and soft brushes, strategically placed shadows and highlights it’s possible to create a pretty realistic effect.

      There is no transferrable system as such.
      I’ve been using Photoshop for over 15 years and I’ve been an artist and illustrator for considerably longer than that.
      Still practicing though.

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