December 9th Update

Some final words from dsp3000 on Acadmey : Part 3…

I’ve updated the Academy Guide with a full walkthrough for ‘The Academy : Part Three’ and added new information and images to the character guides. This can all be found in the members section under the help tab, or here: –>

Based on the few reported errors, I’ve also been through the game and updated a few files to correct them. In total only four files had non critical errors in them, meaning that the game could still be played but not with all the intended options available.
I am quite satisfied that so few files had any errors out of over 2200 created for the game.
There is a patch containing six files here:
If you have already downloaded the game and don’t want to do it again, then just download the patch file, merge or replace the ones in the ‘game’ folder.
The current online and downloadable versions will already include these updates.

I’ll be taking a few days off but I have already started creating the next part of the game while I have momentum on my side.
It will take a few months, but in the meantime there is plenty to look forward to on the site.

All the best

And from me…

On Monday, I’ll will return to making blog posts about my own games. See you all then.



23 thoughts to “December 9th Update”

  1. Hi dsp3000

    Thank you for the walkthrough

    I want to ask you something dsp3000

    As your games are now expected by many people

    Is it possible to create an account like Choatic ( twitter tumblr instagram other..)

    Because I find the idea of Chaotic to post us photos with Tumblr really excellent.

    I don’t ask you to post us photos quickly but I think that to post us one or two photos at the beginning of the month would be great.

    I think that your fans would be happy too because the wait of your next game is even more important ( It is the effect of the Prncipal Valentine ^^)

    One final point for the walkthrough ( Which is the best code to begin the part 4)

    Have a nice day dsp3000

    Hi Chaotic

    I would like to know if it was possible to have the photos of the Advent calendars of the previous years.

    Think you

    1. Firstly, you are welcome for the walkthrough, I hope it means that everyone can make the most of my games. After all the work I put into them it would be a shame that anything get’s missed.

      I might set up a tumblr or even a Patreon account one day. I have lot’s of stuff that either doesn’t fit into my current games, or was a test, experiment or variation on game content. Outtakes if you will…

      In terms of the codes. Unlike the codes from parts one and two, there will be no ‘best’ code going into part four. Instead each code variation will ‘unlock’ certain scenes. It’ll be up to you the player to decide which is the best.

      All the best

  2. Thanks for the update. I look forward to playing the game again (and again to get to all options) with these patches in place.

    Great game!!! Many opportunities seem to exist for spinoffs and continuations. Thank you very much for many hours of fun gameplay!!!

  3. The walkthrough still doesn’t appear to be updated for me?

    The index page is but the walkthrough and character pages still have nothing for part 3.

  4. Quick note. The patch actually comprises eight files rather than just six.

    These will fix any of the known errors with on screen choices in a few files during the scenes with Amy and with Annie. I’ve amended a couple of files to allow a some more variations within those scenes.

    I’ve also adjusted the scoring system for the report so that all the combinations should be achievable without getting fired.

    The patch file is very small, so if you have downloaded then game prior to this blog update then you will only need to download the replacement files rather than whole game.

    The online and downloadable versions are all up to date with the new files in place.

    Thanks to everyone who has signed up to play the game and thank you for all the feedback.

  5. First off I apologize if my spelling is not very good

    I just wanna say Im a big fan of your games I Evan bought a membership here on the 5th or 6th of this month anything I got a could couple of questions for dsp3000 and chaotic.

    1 dsp3000 I love your academy games so far cant wait for part 4 anywhy in part 4 will you be able to have sex with Bridgette in part 4 and possibly principal Valentine if you depending how you play anywhy keep up the good work dsp3000

    2 chaotic your games are awesome also I played a,lot of your free games before I got my membership I just and see how April & violet part 2 is coming along and curious to see if your gonna release it this month or in January I’m hoping for this month

  6. I have played the game many times and enjoyed it very much.
    However since the walk through was updated I can not get past the continue screen at the first of the game.
    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. I have refreshed the name screen and the beginning scene still doesn’t work when I touch continue.
        This is the only game on the site that I cannot get to work. However the continue screen sidebars are different on part 3 than the others. This is on the online version. Thanks for the help so far I appreciate it.

  7. Leanna is looking fine!

    Does this mean we might see Betsy again? I would really look forward to that. Especially if her sister and mom are involved.

  8. how do you get a game to play when you download it ? I haven’t found a way to start it . It seems to be all files and images and no way to start the game . Thanks for any help .

    1. There is an html file called ‘begin’. Click on that to start the game. It should launch your web browser.

      Alternatively right click on it and go ‘open with’ then choose Firefox if you have it installed.

  9. Interesting to have the profiles.

    Looking forward to news about the upcoming Part II, Chaotic.

  10. Have you thought about recontinuing the gallery part in the member section? I think it would be a great Idea. I loved them.

  11. I just wanted to know if these Vdates are affiliated with the Vdates that are making The Sniper.

  12. Hi, I want to pass on my thanks for the excellent work done on ‘The Academy’ game series. Bridgette is my fave character and the one I look forward to most with having sex with by the end of the game, at least a romantic one-on-one session (a threesome with Didi can be an alternative ending). I found it really hot that there’s an up-skirt scene of her and her sweet bald pussy in the first instalment where she fondly looks at the shiny reflective floor in response to the playing character. She’s quite strongly flirting right from the start despite the walls she puts up otherwise due to professional workplace ethics and Professor Valentine’s dominating presence. I wish there were more up-skirt scenes (both with panties and naked) in VDateGames. There is another excellent up-skirt with Jennifer in her one-on-one dating game which is a great example of what I like. Speaking of which I’d love to play a separate short straightforward dating game with Bridgette, but instead she wears a g-string this time under that short skirt and she lets you look up there, then you get to lift the skirt before pulling her panties down for a good look at her pussy (no hair) and stick that tongue right on there, before your cock slams inside and she kisses your mouth off (gosh I digress).

    In fact despite all that up-skirt talk, one of the best scenes to me is when Bridgette is looking at you in the meeting (3rd game at 3pm) with her hand on your thigh. Just that look on her face is exhilarating and she looks gorgeous. I replayed the game only focusing on her (Marie and the other students can go to hell) to increase every chance to score with her in the next two parts of the game.

    ok, I really like Bridgette. Her, Maddison (the BEST redhead) and Jennifer are the best on this site. Thanks and keep up the great work! Hopefully these fantasies I mentioned can be realised into future games and ‘The Academy’.

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