September 14th Update – Bad hostgator!

So here’s a newsflash – hostgator are a terrible company. There was a time when they were good, when I would have happily endorsed them. That time is not now.

A few months ago they announced to me that they would be changing the way my hosting package with them worked. This wouldn’t be so bad if they moved me to an equivalent sized service, but instead they downgraded me and said that to ‘upgrade’ to what I had would be $140 dollars a month extra.

They also appear to have fired a massive amount of their staff as it took 7 hours for them to email be back and I had to wait 25 minutes to IM tech support (used to be 30 minutes for a reply and a 3 minute wait to IM).

Many of you may remember similar issues with the main site a couple of months ago.

So here’s what’s happening right now :

– Hostgator is choking the amount of people who can access the members section at any one time.

– I am angry

– I am upgrading to their $140 a month plan for 1 month, then cancelling my account. I shall integrate everything with my dreamhost account as soon as I can, which currently hosts the main free site.

– The upgrade could take 24 to 72 hours.

NOTE : if you keep refreshing the members area, you should get through eventually! Keep trying and you may have some luck.

UPDATE : If I upgrade through hostgator, I also have to install all my own server software. What the hell?!!

I am also talking with epoch right now about the possibility of transferring the members area to the main one, rather than having it on

My deepest apologies for any issues members are having, but know that I am just as frustrated and angry as you are right now.


September 13th Update

Jennifer has now been released.

Because this game is a little different, I’m calling what I uploaded today a beta. I’ve thoroughly checked the game, so I know there’s no dead links or similar major problems, but it is possible that a few of the sound files may be incorrect.

I will upload a slightly refined version on Monday, which will also give an option to display images instead of videos if anyone is having problems with that aspect.

A free demo is available in the games section for those of you who want to try it out.


EDIT : Hostgator have sent me an email saying that the members area is getting too many requests (because they changed the way the account works. Without asking me.) I’m looking into a temporary upgrade, but in the long term I’m guessing I’ll move the hosting over to the main site’s package.

For now, just keep refreshing as it should eventually load.

September 1st Update

I was planning on a full trailer this week featuring some of the animated segments of the Jennifer game, but my computer has been a bit of an ass ever since Thursday.

As a result, there’s no trailer this week, but here’s a small sample from one of the animated scenes :


The official release date will be announced next week, along with a full trailer and a final set of preview pics. Expect the release date to be around September the 11th and Friday the 13th (wow. Those are two bad sounding dates. The game should be good though and released then).

A request for for publicity

An idea I like occurred to me recently, so it seems like a good idea to make a post about it in the hopes that as many players on the site can join in as possible.

As a result of the reduced advertising revue the site is getting now, I thought it might be a good idea to encourage some publicity for the site. Specifically from forums and message boards. So here’s what I’m asking.

If you’re a member of a forum or message board (which allows adult content), and you have a few spare minutes sometime this week, I would appreciate it greatly if you could drop a link recommending the site. If you tweet, it would also be great if you could spare a tweet about this site.

Enough new players should make up for the loss in advertising revenue easily.

Just use this link to Lisette and invite others to give it a go :

If the forum allows images, here’s a selection for you to post to get some interest :

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4 preview5 preview6 preview7 preview8 preview9 preview10

If you can’t, don’t feel bad, but if you can, it might help the site out a lot.

August 9th Update

It’s that time again – time to start counting down to release by posting two pictures a week!

There’s been a small delay as I’ve been trying to find a good advertising alternative, but work is still progressing (I’d say push my earlier estimate of a release date back one week).

apart7 apart23

Adverts on the site

I know I don’t mention it very often, but this site has had a bit of a long term debate with google. Specifically google’s advertising branch, adsense.

I’ve had google advertising on my sites since day one, and I’ve always been in this weird grey area for them. The problem is that google do not allow their adverts to be displayed on sites which they see as containing adult content.

However, they’ve never really been able to decide what this site falls under. I mean, there’s clearly explicit moments in the games, but at the same time it’s clearly very different from a hardcore pornography site. They’ve scrutinized this site before, but ultimately felt that it didn’t count and I was free to continue displaying their adverts.

This has now changed as adsense have made their new and final decision. The site now falls under “pornographic cartoons or anime (hentai/ecchi)”, which is is against their terms of service, and as a result I have been restricted from displaying google adverts on the site.

Though there may be blows in other ways, this mainly comes a a finacial one. Adsense revenue accounts for about 20% of this site’s income (with 75% from the members area and 5% from the paypal store).

So, yeah…this is kinda annoying.

The site won’t need to shut down or anything, but I may have to work on a few ways to gain a bit more revenue from it (though I will say straight away that I won’t be increasing the membership fees or anything like that).

So far, I’ve replaced all the adverts with ones from juicyads. I’ve already been using them around the site for a while now, and I’ve found them reliable (ie they pay me), but the adverts aren’t worth nearly as much as google ads.

If you have your own site and want to advertise through them, here’s the link for this site : Right now, I only have ‘filler ads’ displaying, but I get a lot more if someone actually buys space.

If anyone wants to email me with suggestions on this, you can find my email address on the contact page.

Over the next few weeks though, I’ll be trying a few different systems to see what works (clicksor is a possibility).

images copy

July 19th Update

It’s finally time for some details on the next game, Jennifer.

Here’s a little recap for those of you who aren’t familiar with Jennifer’s history :

I’ve been working on trying to do a fully animated game for about 18 months now. While the idea of doing a fully animated game is appealing to me, there have been a long list of issues with doing one, including but not limited to…

– the amount of time it takes to render something

– the amount of time it takes to build an animated scene

– finding a way to display the videos so that everyone can use them

i think I would have given up on trying to do an animated game a while ago if it weren’t for the fact that I paid someone to do the voice acting (and deliver the lines) back when I started planning it. I have over 300 voiced Jennifer lines on a folder on my desktop.

So, in order to finally get the Jennifer game made, I think I’ve finally decided on a good system. Here are the details…

Jennifer will mainly use images, not animated movies. I still want to use some movies though, so there will be flv videos for certain parts of the game. These will be completely optional though. There will be an option at the start asking whether you want to view the videos or not. If you choose no, instead a sequence of images will appear which you click through to see what happens.

So, basically, I’m replacing when you would usually see something like a moving gif in the games with a 30 second or so movie, but with the option of just viewing regular images instead if you wish.

Each image will also play the corresponding mp3, though there will also be a similar option to the video, where you can have no sound playing at all.

Overall, I’m happy with this way of doing it. It means everyone can play, and those who want to turn off the new features can do so.

Since so much on this game has already been done, i’m expecting production to be a little quicker than normal. Monday, August 26th seems about right for a release date, but I’ll announce something more official closer to the time.

intro2 intro4