September 12th Update

As some of you may have noticed, progress with Miranda has been a little slow. This is partly of course due to the larger size and higher detail of the images, but there’s other reasons. Although I didn’t really announce it, I was also quite ill earlier in the year (hence I ended up doing the tutorials instead of working on a game), which also means I started later. I did the math and at the current rate of work, assuming Miranda ends up the size I want her, I won’t be finished until April.

Normally I make two games per year, so this isn’t really acceptable to me.

After wrestling with this for a while, I have decided that the best thing to do is delay her until next summer. She’s a summer game anyway, so it makes more sense.

I have therefore decided on another game I want to make. It’ll be a large game, but also one that I can produce a little quicker than normal. I will be announcing what it is next Friday.

Miranda’s game will be released. It will just be at a slightly later date. I’ve included here one final preview image until we see her next year.





3 thoughts to “September 12th Update”

  1. Do you plan on making a Jess game or including her in anything in the future? I really enjoyed her in the Sarah game and know you used to have a Jess demo, but a would really like to see her with a full game or at least a good sized role in another game.

  2. Will you ever make another Sarah game? I would enjoy seeing her further test her confidence. I’d also would like to seeing her with Lisette or Kelly

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