October 24th Update

Now that Tara is released, I can get back to posting previews of Photographer Part 2.

Progress is going very well. The game currently has 290 images, and three endings complete. I wanted to get all the Melyssa and Nikki stuff out of the way first, so that’s just what I’ve done.

As with the first Photographer game, the daytime will be mostly spent persuading enough models to pose for photos, and if the player is successful, getting an invite to a party in the evening. All of Melyssa and Nikki’s content from the party is now complete ; that is one ending alone with each of them, and one threesome involving both.

melp8 melp47 nikp9 party3


Next week I’ll be going into more details regarding who else will be appearing in the game.

8 thoughts to “October 24th Update”

  1. ever think of expanding the Evana game? or even making a trilogy. each game could start with them getting caught after the threesome and have to escape the wrath of Evana’s father. then develop 3 games one fron Evana’s , one from Latricia and one from the PC’s perspective.
    the game could also be more randomized (word?) so not the same every time its played.
    If you are interested in more detail you can contact me.

    1. In the future it’s certainly possible, but I want to have a little break from Maddison for now. Maybe she’ll appear again after Miranda is released summer 2015.

      1. Good to hear its not off the table as it really is a big turn on for me and was actually the reason why I paid for membership when I saw it in Lisette’s game. 🙂

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