September 26th Update

This week it’s time for more details on The Photographer part 2.

This time around, rather than working for Maddison, you will be working directly for Mr. Hughes, the old pseudo Hugh Hefner character from Rachel Part 3. What I was trying to setup in that game is that the client Maddison needed the Photos for in Photographer part 1, was Mr. Hughes (it was also supposed to be one of his parties in the original game too). This also explains why Ellie and Maddison had invlites to his party in Rachel Part 3.

The two featured new girls, Melyssa and Nikki are both professional models working for Mr. Hughes.

Like the first Photographer game, the player will explore the city looking for models for his or her latest job. If you can find four, and deliver a satisfactory photoshoot with each of them, you get access to the party at the end of the day. Although Melyssa and Nikki will not be available for photoshoots during the day, they will be accessible at the party like Maddison and Ellie in the original.

melyssa1 melyssa2 melyssa3 melyssa4 nikki1 nikki2 nikki3

Progress on the game is going very well. There’s already over a hundred images, so this should be a very large game by the time it’s finished.

8 thoughts to “September 26th Update”

  1. Looking forward to it. This will also be the first game with higher resolution which will be a great addition.

  2. I’m still not impressed with the Blonde but Melyssa is looking good with the exception of the dress. I have a Fondness for the Sarah and Lucy games and would like to see more of theme

  3. Might want to tone down the bustiness of the second one. It’s pretty much just a blonde Maddison, and while it worked with Maddison, maybe some a little less extreme this time around would be best.

    Though it’s probably too late by now considering you have 100+ images already.

  4. Eh. I dunno. Her tits don’t match her body. Melyssa is pretty cute though 🙂

    Also just wanted to say thanks for giving a female protagonist perspective. So very few games cater to the actual lesbian fanbase. Hope the game comes out soon!

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