July 25th Update

Only a small update with one picture today.

As we get closer to release I’ll be doing an update every week with multiple images, as I usually do.

Also, just to confirm a few thing from the comments section from my last post, this game should be similar in size and structure to Maddison and Rachel Part 3. You will also have the option to select gender and ethnicity.

And yes, there will be threesomes.


8 thoughts to “July 25th Update”

    1. I believe the one on the left’s a dude 🙂

      Though, in fairness he does have nice legs.

      1. Ha ha

        Looks like Maddison on the right from her skin tone and the same swimsuit she wears. That’s cool, as she’s currently my favorite girl on the site.

        Will there be a choice for job in this one? Usually it determines where you can go (like visiting your office or gym), but since you said that this game will take place in the holiday location like Zoe, obviously that can’t happen.

        1. Why can’t that girl be Maddison? Both Lissette and the tattoo’d girl from her threesome have a cameo in Zoe’s game in the fashion show sequence. Would it not make sense that Maddison’s sister would recommend a great vacation spot to her sister?

          1. When I said she looks like Maddison I meant that I think it is her, not that it’s someone that looks like her.

  1. Could be wishful thinking on my part, but the woman in the background could be Emma. She works as a fitness instructor at the same resort and we haven’t see her since Zoe either. I’d love to have a threesome with her and Miranda. 🙂

    Anyway, the art for this game looks absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to play it!

  2. Looks great so far 🙂

    A request, if possible, please consider making the threesome/midgame scenes more detailed like the endgame ones. The ones in Maddison and Rachel 3 were good, but they kind of pale in comparison to the excellent detailed endgame scenes.

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