August 8th Update

Two more preview images for you all today. Both are from the introductory level, will which also be the free demo when the game is released.

motel24 motel34

7 thoughts to “August 8th Update”

  1. Nice looks like the girl in yellow is checking her Out. Will there be games at the nude Beach?

    1. The nude beach was part of the area in Zoe’s game, and since this takes place in the same setting I’d guess it will appear here.

      Chaotic, since you mentioned a demo on release, is there a release date planned or are you just telling us there will be a demo?

    2. Yes, the nude beach will also be a part of this game. There will be a few different activities there.

  2. Looking great so far. I’ve always liked the look of Miranda since she first appeared, albeit briefly, in Zoe.
    Keep up the good work.

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