July 7th update

So, after I asked everyone last week what their preference was for my next (and potentially last) game, the answers made it pretty clear : most people want a Betsy finale.

So this week I dug out and reassembled my work on the updated Betsy model. I was able to fix the hair issues I was having, and the weird lip texture that was making her look weird.

This is what I’ve got. I feel happy with it.

I’ll have a bunch of spare time over the next 3 weeks, so I’ll get to work making as many images as I can. I doubt I’ll finish it in that time, so I’m expecting something like a month long break afterwards, then a final couple of week to finish it up. That means a release of either late August or September, but it could also be later in the year. Christmas release at the latest.

I still like the idea of doing an Epilogues 3 some time too (Rachel and Sukiko are obvious choices), so maybe I’ll finish with that in the new year.

For the next few weeks they’re be previews and blog posts each Friday, so I’ll see you all then!

18 thoughts to “July 7th update”

  1. Awesome Betsy is coming back but if you do decide to make another game we need the girls from Leanna’s yoga class those models are too bangin!!! If not a full game centered around them then at least as options for a 4some.

  2. So, obviously it’s early, but would you consider doing a a Betsy epilogue with a choice of player gender like the prior Betsy games?

    1. Well, the idea is to give the gender choices with this game. It was in both original Betsy and April & Violet, so it would be weird not to include here.

  3. A question, Chaotic. Will the Betsy finale game include ending story for Rachel & Cassandra too?

      1. Can confirm that there will be no threesome/incest scenes involving Betsy, Rachel and/or her mom.

        1. But that’s not what I am asking you about, Chaotic. It’s not about the sex scene.

          My question is about if you can choose the story ending to end up with Rachel or Cassandra instead of Betsy. Basically it’s like the photographer series where you can have ending with each girls.

          Also is there going to be a conclusion finale story about Rachel or Cassandra too in the Betsy finale game? I want to know what is going to happen to them as well not just Betsy and her friends.

          1. This game will not be focusing on Rachel or Cassandra. There are no ‘endings’ for them.

  4. She looks older, which makes sense, since it’s supposed to be years after her first game. But ngl, the changes looks absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait for it to happen!

  5. The new Betsy is looking just fine! I don’t mind that there’s no threesomes in this game, but I hope down the line, maybe in the possible rachel epilogue game, there can be one with both sisters (If Maddison and Lissete had one, why shouldn’t be one with the Bynes sisters?). Looking forward for the next updates, take care!

    1. LOL yeah i didn’t see the post last week and seeing it today, was all for either a Maddison Remaster/Sequel which is a shame but Betsy is cute too

  6. Bummer, just found your sight and really enjoying your games. Just waiting for a slightly better raise before getting a membership. Hope you decide to keep making games. Have you considered a Patreon?

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