June 30th Update

Quick recap for those of you who don’t read the blog with every update.

I’ve been slowly winding down my activity of the site for a couple of years now, with the intention of retiring fully from making these games at some point. I’d still like to do something substantial this year though, so here’s the ideas and options:

Maddison Remastered

I’ve been thinking about remasters of my older games recently. I don’t think anything rendered in IRAY (that’s anything after Leanna) needs a remaster, but older ones are a good option. Not counting the Photographer series, Maddison was always my most popular game from that era, so how about remastering her game?

The catch with this is that I wouldn’t be able to remaster the threesomes since Rachel and Kelly don’t have updated models. I can still have threesomes, but with different characters.

I’ve done some test renders reusing sets from Crystal Part 3. Note that the outfits here are just basic examples, and I would use better ones in the real game.

Epilogues 3

A really obvious options would be concluding my epilogues trilogy. The problem with this is that, people have quite liked the epilogues so far, but I don’t know if there’s a lot of enthusiasm for them.

Or am I wrong? Would anyone love to see another epilogues?


A follow up/ending to Betsy’s story arc is another option. I never felt Betsy was a super popular character though. Plus I still need a lot of building and rebuilding of Betsy, April and Cassandra’s models to do the game right.

Photographer part 4

The photographer series has always been my most popular creation. I don’t like the idea of main characters being used in a new one since most are established as being in a relationship now, but a selection of more ‘secondary’ women could work well.

Such as :

  • Kristen
  • Debbie
  • Two women from Leanna’s yoga class
  • Erica

Let me know any of your thoughts below. Feel free to add your own suggestions, but please no full pitches for game ideas you’ve had. I’m looking for stuff with established characters only.

26 thoughts to “June 30th Update”

  1. Well, I’ve always been an advocate of a final Betsy game, and my opinion didn’t change.
    However, I don’t mind the other options, at all.

    1. I agree. I would love to see a final Betsy game. Big fan of Cassandra. She’s the only mature woman of vdategames.

      I’m not sure if Betsy is popular or not. But I think the fans of her also like other characters that related to her. Cassandra, Rachel and her friends. That’s why they want a game involving those characters.

    2. +1 for Betsy, I always found her a lovely character.

      Regarding remastering older games, how about a remaster of the game featuring Katie, the police woman whose car broke? Some time ago there was a character “Playoff” where she scored surprisingly well.

    3. +1 For Betsy, I felt that her story was really incomplete (also hoping that we can meet April and Violet again.)

  2. A remastered version of the maddison game would be perfect, and since the girls for the threesome would need to be replaced, some of the newer girls could take their place like Debbie, Ashley (Bunny Girl from Leanna), Betsy, and it would feel in those segments like another photographer game since You can be with other girls too.

    I love the idea for a third betsy game, but since it would require a lot more of time perhaps it could be an option for next year if you consider making one in 2024.

  3. I absolutely would be down for a Photographer 4. That seems really appropriate to go out on.

  4. The conclusion to the Betsy saga would be great I really like Betsy a lot.
    On Maddison I’d much rather a sequel than a remaster because there’s just so much more you can do with a sequel (plot and character wise), that being said you do what you like and think is best.
    The others are fine too, I’m happy with anything.

  5. I think the remaster or the photographer 4 are the most viable. That said what happened to that other new model you were working on? Valeria or something who was supposed to be a violinist or something?

    1. Yessenia had an incident involving a broken hard drive last year. I’ve tried rebuilding her, but with very limited success.

  6. I want a Rachel epilogue story. You did Maddison and Leanna already. They are third and second place from the playoff vote. Only Rachel left. Even better if you could include Betsy and Cassandra in Rachel’s epilogue story to please others who love them.

    If time is the problem, maybe you could use assets you already have from your previous games.

    You could make an epilogue game for Rachel and her family by using the assets from Leanna epilogue. Something like Rachel invites Betsy and Cassandra to the nudist beach from Leanna story. The story will then progress to Rachel daring her sister and her mom to do naughty things at the beach.

  7. 100% down for a Maddison remake. She is my favorite character and the new model is just perfect.

  8. Have always loves the photographer games! +1 for photographer 4, that would be a good conclusion!

  9. I would love to see a Maddison remake, the new model is absolutely brilliant

  10. I would love a Maddison remaster or a sequel for Maddison either option would be amazing especially with the new model!

  11. Such a shame you’re retiring, thank you so much for making such great games.
    I’ve always wanted to see a ‘Maddison in the land of the Milfs’ game where a pregnant Maddison interacts with all the mumsy characters, but maybe that’s a bit niche. Would love to see Lisette come back.

    Are the Academy games going to be finished do you know? It kind of felt like DSP was going to take the reins of the site when you stepped back for a while.

  12. Would you be open to making the games free since you would be discontinuing the service cause I don’t pay and quite enjoy Molly and Marianna but haven’t got to see the epilogues

  13. Excuse me, if anyone could answer me… How do you make these games. I’ve always wondered.
    I mean, which kind of program do you use, and I mean for every aspect of the game.

    1. I use daz studio for the images and dreamweaver for the coding.

      There are some old tutorials of the site, though I don’t know how relevent they still are.

      1. The tutorials of how to play I’ve already seen them. Or do you mean other tutorials?

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