November 10th Update

A couple more renders from Betsy this week, this time from the photoshoot segment.

I know there’s already been many photoshoots in my games over the years, but if this is my last game, it seems appropriate to include one.

5 thoughts to “November 10th Update”

  1. We did took photo of her to boost her confident in the original game, so kind of like bookend situation I guess.

    Some question though, do April and Violet wii be in this game? And if they do, does Betsy still keep in touch with them? (And did they… you know, also have threesome?)

  2. I believe there was a threesome at the end of the game when everyone was in the nightclub. Besides doing the studio, another that would be cool would be doing something nude in public, either at the pool party or somewhere else, or maybe she is in a play where she is required to be completely naked.

  3. Wow!! Betsy looking beautiful as ever. I can’t wait to play this game. I would love to see more of Betsy doing nude in public and seeing her sister Rachel naked too, since in the first game she talks about something taking photos confidently naked out in public.

    By the way Chaotic, I hope that you will still make a couple of games before you retire. It would be lovely that your last game will include all the girls you’ve created since 2013, even tho some will get new looks cuz I know remaking the g3 models is kinda tough. It would be a nice memento for you and for us. Also, I wish you the best, man. Wishing you a good day and health and we’re here to support you no matter what.

    Cheers to you, man!! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year 😀

  4. Dude, what a shame you’re not doing the Maddison remake! I was so hyped by the idea 🙁
    Hope you ever reconsider the idea, would bake hard for that one. Don’t really into this Betsy one, but keep the good work!

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