May 12th Update

Nothing too fancy this month. I was in the mood for creating a cool gallery, all with one character, so I chose Maddison.

I assume nobody has any objections?

12 thoughts to “May 12th Update”

  1. Dude,

    When’s the next game coming out? I’d love you to release part 5 of the academy, as a major fan of the series that would be my wish!

    Thanks MJ

      1. Excuse my ignorance, but do you know if there are other games that aren’t on the other page?
        Havent’t looked at it for quite a time.

  2. No objections… and I don’t want to sound demanding, but next one I would like it to be from Rachel, Betsy or Lola.

  3. I had an error message pop up saying that the connection on this site is “not secure”. Should I be worried?

    1. Everything’s fine and normal with the site. There is some issue with the SSL certificate though. I’ll be fixing it on monday.

  4. Hello sorry to bother you with this, but do you have access to your old games “The Physio” and “The Sniper”? These games are lost to time and it would be great to have them back for archival, thank you :<

    1. The Physio and Sniper were not actually made by myself or anything to do with this site.

      I believe their creator had site with a similar name to this one.

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