May 27th Update

Now that The Academy Part 4 is released, it’s time for me to return to updates on my own projects.

If you still want to discuss Academy 4, I’d advise doing it here as that’s where most of the questions have already been asked.

First of all

Obviously, I’m still working on Leanna, but before I build up too much excitement over it, I need to say that I’m taking a break from it for a month.

Setting up the images this week has been a bit of a chore. I’m still enthusiastic about it, but there’s only so many consecutive days you can create images before the repetition gets to you. Right now, I’m only creating 4 or 5 images per day, but if I take a break, It’ll jump back up to 30 to 50. It may seem like this will push back the release date, but honestly, it’ll make production much quicker in the long run.

Normally, I take a month long break after I release a game, but since I was already working on Leanna when I released April & Violet, I haven’t been able to have one this year. Members have just had a game, and free players got Photographer Part 2 recently, so this seems like a good time for this.

This would probably mean Leanna’s release date is around late July or August, which is actually pretty normal for me (I’m normally doing 2 game per year and releasing them around those times).


I’ve still got lots to talk about with Leanna, and plenty of images to show, so I’ll continue making some blog posts about the game over the next month though.

I will say that the game now has 894 images, which is pretty damn good.

For now, here’s some of the images I’ve been posting to tumblr for those who may not have seen them.

So, what am I doing?

Well, I have other non VDG related things in my life to take care of. This month long break will end with a 5 night vacation for me for instance.

Also, I will be doing some Leanna stuff. Yeah, the idea is to take a break, but there’ll undoubtedly be the occasional afternoon where I’m just really in the mood for it, and I’ll get another pile of IRAY images sorted.

Apart from that, I’ll be experimenting with some new characters and sets. I’ve bought an asset pack full of Egyptian characters and environments, so I’ll be rendering some images for fun with them. It may evolve into a short story. I might also do short story about something else, similar to Betsy’s Christmas from the advent calendar last year.

That’s all for this week. See you on Friday when the blog posts will return to their usual day.

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  1. Take care of yourself, Chaotic. We’ll be here when you get back. haha

  2. Hey Chaotic, I’m sure you get this a lot but thank you for all the hard work you put in for the site and all your games. I hope you have a great vacation and I’m sure all of us here are eagerly awaiting your return.

  3. Is there a chance that maybe you could produce a game from a girl’s perspective?

  4. Good day Chaotic. MrStomper is not working with you anymore? It seemed that you would cooperate 3, thus shortening the time between games for three to four months, but that’s how it looks like six to eight months between games. It seems to me that these time slots are getting longer and longer. I’m so sorry. I hope you will respond to my remark and perhaps you will explain a bit. Thank you

    1. I believe MrStomper is till working on something, but his life doesn’t allow him the amount of time myself and dsp3000 have to work on a game.

      The average time between game is still 3 to 4 months. I released April & Violet at the end of January, we just had Academy Part 4, and Leanna is likely to be released August at the latest. That would be a gap of four months, then three months.

    2. Hello,

      I am currently working on something, but I cannot allocate the amount of time I would like to it. The progress is slow, steady and not in a presentable condition. I can only ask for patience, but it will be ready one day.

      1. Good to hear MrStomper. I really enjoy Anna. I will patiently await your next offering. Okay, maybe not patiently await, but I will await.

  5. Hi Chaotic – just wanted to let you know I’m a huge fan. The games on this site are totally unparalleled! Enjoy your vacation, and keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. For those still awaiting an Academy Part 4 walkthrough, please allow me to give you the following that might help. There are a number of successful exit codes (successful is defined as not getting fired). As I see it, there are two main groupings of successful endings; those where you are likely to have a date with Bridgette in Part 5 and those where this is less likely.

    Exit codes from Part 3 that start with “B” can lead to a successful Bridgette ending and those that start with “A” cannot lead to a perfect score (including playing with Bridgette’s breasts). However, if you take the “A” path, you can be invited to Holly’s party on Saturday evening. Only Part 5 will tell us if this is important (but I would bet it is).

    To get a “B” code in Part 3, do not have sex with Jodi. Instead, go and meet Didi and Bridgette right after work. You can flirt with the bartender too. If you have fun with Jodi first, and therefore do not buy Didi and Bridgette drinks at the bar, you will get an “A” code.

    Now, if you have successful sex with Jodi early in Part 4 you will not have success with Bridgette no matter if you choose the “A” or “B” codes. On the other hand, you can have sex early in Part 4 with Lola and have a successful Bridgette ending (the “B” path).

    You cannot have a successful ending if you have sex with Alicia in part 4 without getting fired. A shame, but there it is. However, if you want to go this way, be sure to go to the library in Part 3 and help her out (at 2:30 in Part 3). You might as well do this anyway (unless you want to send a dick picture and get blackmailed and/or see all of Annie’s pictures).

    You can choose to let Annie strip in Part 4 (and she will end up pissed at you) or just be content to look at her tits or pussy (and be happy with you).

    The key, found in the coat hanging on the wall in part 3 is important in Part 4. This can be found in Part 3 when you first sit at your desk Once you go to CCTV feed 4 you can look for the camera code. Look to the right of your screen and you will see a coat hanging near the door. Go to the coat and search the pockets. To get the key in Part 4, after you meet Bridgette in the library you will go to your office to get the camera. Before you get the camera, click on your desk to the lower tight of your computer screen. This will display the key. Take it and then go for the camera. Now, this is important, you must have the key at the end of the game to succeed. So, if you are taking the “A” path you can give it to Holly and Maria, but be sure to ask that it be returned. You can get the key back after lunch ONLY if you do not let Amy jerk you off. If you take the “B” path, do not give the key to Holly because you will never get a chance to get it back. You will use the key after you have been fired. Show the laptop to Didi and Bridgette and then tell them to find Ms. Goodhead and to bring her to the media department. You should figure it out from there.

    Be sure to visit Megan in the library before you leave the Academy at the end of part 4. It will change your exit code and I am sure that it will open many new options in Part 5. You can go to visit Megan by clicking to the right of the doors before leaving. Oh, you can also get the final scenes with Bridgette by using the same click point.

    So, what are the best entry codes for Part 4? In my opinion, there are two really good codes; A6057212 and B6057212. Both of these will give you almost all options in Part 4. You don’t have to take any path, but most will be open to you. Almost all codes from Part 3 can work, but I feel these two codes offer you the best options.

    Best of luck. I too await the walkthrough. Perhaps I will find a way to have sex with Alicia and still have a successful ending.

    1. Good summary of what you need to do. with the codes i would like to point out that the only required number is the 5th digit must be a 7(it could be a 3,) because that gives you the store room key.

      also the 2nd digit(first # after letter) is for Annie 6 she will want to have sex with you, but if you try she will find out that you are helping Didi and bridgette. if you use 0 she doesn’t find out.

      3rd digit is for Amy. 3 you had sex with her(and doesn’t work if you try 6 for annie) 0 you didn’t, but you could get the handjob from her if you go the lola route in the beginning.

      4th is for jodie. 5 she likes you 4 she doesn’t and will not be in the canteen in the beginning.

      6th is for Alicia 2 you helped her on her project, 9 you didn’t. I dont think you meet her in the hall later if you use 9.

      So just wanted to point these out so you know what to expect with the codes you have. There are some combos that seem to work together but always make you lose in the end.

      1. A couple other comments/questions on codes.

        The 7th is prompted right before you meet Megan. It can either be a 1 or a 9, but I have not learned the difference yet. I assume it’s related to Megan. Maybe if you’ve caught Sebastian stealing panties in Part 3, but I don’t know for sure. Perhaps someone else has discovered it.

        I don’t know what the 8th code is for. You are asked for it while walking Ms. Goodhead to your office. All my codes from Part 3 have this as a 2. I don’t know what the other option is.

        The player is asked for the 3rd (the Amy code) prior to meeting Governor Ramsey. Has anyone discovered the difference between 0 and 3. Is it simply that 3 doesn’t get you the handjob opportunity?

    2. Awesome write-up, Santa. Thanks. Haven’t re-uped yet to get the game, but this will be very helpful when I do.

      1. The Academy series is great. And, if you like Betsy as much as I do, the April & Violet game is a nice follow on. The Leanna game looks fascinating. Anna was also quite good and has some unique aspects to it.. There are plenty of things to provide you with entertainment here. Great work Guys!

    3. There is probably something wrong with the code in Day 4, because I too can’t find a way to have sex with Alicia and have a successful ending. But this is in contradiction to the end codes at the end of Day 4… endcode5check has a readVar(“Alicia_sex”), which means you should be able to make it to the end while also having sex with Alicia. I feel like something must be messed up in the code as far as the clock goes when in the elevator with Alicia. Also, I can’t seem to get achievement 24 (getting caught in the elevator by Sebastion and Alicia). elevator50check has a readVar(“elevator_choice”), but there doesn’t seem to be any elevator_choice anytime before that, only an elevator_alarm. Both elevator_choice come after elevator50check.

      I am waiting for a walkthrough and hopefully some more patches before I play through this game again. I feel like it is still buggy and that there must be issues with the code somewhere throughout the game.

      1. I suspect that either we are not meant to have sex with Alicia and have a successful ending (I hope not) OR there is an error in the clock update. The problem with the clock update might also be how would you meet up with Megan afterwards and still be able to get the camera. The clock also updates when you talk to Megan. So, even if we have only one clock update in the elevator, there would be another with Megan (assuming there was a path in the code to meet her after being with Alicia) and this would put us past the 2 PM time needed to get the camera back.

    4. I still cant enter pricipals suit and listen to them, i just get fired every time help pls…… I feel like giving up tried 13 times

  7. With the comments, and some hints, I have played this game at least 10 times and still keep failing. I need a full walkthrough! lol

    1. Perhaps this helps:

      A. You need the key to the storeroom from your desk drawer. You must get this prior to getting the camera.
      B. When you go for your 10:30 meeting with Governor Ramsey, look at his laptop and plant the camera in the trashcan to your left.
      C. If you lent Holly the key, get it back right after lunch. If you leave too late you cannot do this. So, play again and do not loan it to her. If you used a “B” code, do not loan it to her.
      D. When you follow Didi, do not go with Alicia. Meet with Megan and go with her instead.
      E. It should now be 2 PM. Go up to the Principal’s office and get the camera.
      F. When you leave her office she will fire you.
      G. Head to the library. Before you get there you will turn around and talk to Olivia.
      H. Go into the library and talk to Bridgette and Didi.
      I. Leave the library. You will see Valentine and Ramsey going into the Office Suite (they go to the Medical Room). Go to the Principal’s office. Click turn around (left of screen).
      J. Hide in corner (right of screen).
      K. Watch them leave (right of screen).
      L. Select on screen option to look down (left of screen). Take the laptop.
      M. Leave the office and start down the stairs (you will see Ramsey and Valentine). Turn around (left of screen).
      N. Show the laptop to Didi and Bridgette.
      O. Tell the to find Ms. Goodhead and to bring her to the media department (several clicks).
      P. Follow Ramsey and Valentine. When you turn left at the Gym you will see them. Click to the left of the screen to hide).
      Q. Keep following them.
      R. When you get to the Store Room turn around. Should be obvious from there.

      1. even when I follow this I still can’t get to the office by 2 and have no option to get the camera back

      2. This is a good walkthrough, and I’m still experimenting to see what else I might be able to add to it. Going to take some time, however. Right now, I’m only playing around with A paths. Will do the Bridgette B paths later.

        I will comment that I’ve achieved full influence twice using A codes. Once starting with Jodie in the server room and once with Lola in the gym–completing sex with them in each one. The end result is a differences in the 3rd and 4th character in the codes for Part 5.

        I have yet to try an A game without having sex with either. I have yet to try an A game where I use the 3 for Amy. I have yet to try an A game using 0 for Annie. I have yet to try an A game getting Annie naked. So still a lot of variation ahead.

        Also, does anyone know if flirting with the bartender (vs. not flirting) resulted in a different code?

        We could really use some input from dsp3000.

    2. I left the important decisions, such as who to have pre-meeting sex with (Lola, Jodi and just voyeurism) and what to do with Annie up to you. Also, make sure that you have done everything you need to do before going through the Exit doors (click to the right of the doors to see if you have options other the leaving).

  8. Looking at the Leanna pics…. all I can think is “Dat Ass, tho!”
    Dayum, Son! LOL!

  9. DSP you are such a tease, I wanted to get with the Principal so bad :,( , I have the faintest of hopes that we could still get lucky with her in part 5. Still great episode, keep up the great work!

  10. dsp
    when are you going to post the walkthrough for the academy 4? you said it would be done 2 weeks ago? can you please let us know

    1. I suspect that we may not see the walkthrough until Chaotic returns from a much deserved vacation. I think he handles the posts and manages the web site.

    2. Yeah give him a break man. There’s plenty of time to play Academy Part 4, before Academy Part 5 is released.

      For all we know, there might be an Academy Part 6 as well…

  11. Right now i’m at the part in the game where the principle and ramsey are in the medical room and ive retrieved the camera and need to hide – but i’m stuck either looking in the office or listening at the medical room door – no option to turn around and hide – any tips on this? I’m completely stuck (I imagine that opening the door gets you kicked out, ive put some time into this current playthrough and don’t want it to be ruined – any help would be appreciated!

    1. Is it 2:00 or is it later?. I’ve only retrieved the camera at 2:00. I’ve tried to retrieve it at 2:30, but have been stopped by Valentine, fired, and unable to finish. I’ve not tried to retrieve it later. If you’ve gone to retrieve the camera at 2:00, you can step out and Valentine will fire you–but only because she no longer has need of you. You can still finish the game successfully..

      If it is later than 2:00 (can’t remember the exact time), can you also grab Ramsey’s laptop? When I’ve grabbed the laptop, I’ve first had to hide in the corner (right half of screen), wait until they leave, and then turn around (left half of screen) to grab the laptop. It is then safe to come out.

  12. How do I get caught by Sebastian and Laura in the elevator? During my playthroughs it’s either Laura or the trio of Laura, Sebastian and Valentine.

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