May 5th Update

Today, news from dsp3000 on Academy Part 4…

I’m in the very final stages of production now for ‘The Academy : Part Four’ and in terms of a release date, it will play out one of two ways.

It all hinges upon how much I can do this weekend. The plan is to switch off my phone, close the blinds and put in a full weekend working without any distractions whatsoever. That way I may just get everything finished and be able to release the game next Friday 12th May. This is of course my preferred option, especially since I will be going away for a few days at the end of next week.

This sets up the other possibility. If I don’t finish the game for next Friday, then unfortunately a few other commitments mean that I won’t realistically be able to finish it for release until two weeks later.

So we are looking at a release date of either May 12th or May 26th.

All said, progress has be pretty good since my last update. A few too many distractions from my proper job and life in general have slowed things down a little. But with just two more full scenes to complete and with the image count at 1651, I am very nearly there.

Following the precedent set by from my previous episodes, this will probably be my largest game yet. It could be close though, I reckon it’ll end up around 1800 images in total. Plot wise this episode is also rather complex with many variables carrying over from part three. I’m sure that you will enjoy playing it and finding everything.

Anyway… Here are a few more teaser images.


47 thoughts to “May 5th Update”

  1. I hope all goes well. I am anxiously awaiting Part 4. This is a great series and a lot of fun to play. The complexity of the various starting codes makes finding each possible scenario a blast.

    Thanks for the tease with the new images.

    Good luck this weekend.

  2. Goodluck this weekend brother. Let there be no distractions whatsoever.

  3. Hope all goes well. A release next week would be GREAT!! 2 weeks longer would feel like a lifetime. Good luck

  4. As much as I am anticipating this game, I would prefer that you don’t overwork yourself this week just to get the game out. What’s another 2 weeks? I feel that would give you more time to potentially add some nice finishing touches in, and make sure it’s a great finished product. Good luck, brother!

  5. Everything is looking very good. It also appears to be a bit more diverse in terms of the students this time around. I feel like we’ll be talking to everyone with the exception of 2 or 3, but we’ll cross that point when we get to it. Sooner than later hopefully.

    Good luck!!

  6. i’m a bit sad because the serie of academy will be nearly finish

    all good thing have a end

  7. Will the principal be getting more of a spotlight this part? I weirdly get turned on by her the most.

  8. Looking good… specially Didi. If you are ok with the first option… then go ahead

  9. Fingers crossed for you this weekend – make sure you aren’t too sleep-deprived 🙂

  10. No offense or anything but, I wish there are more games that let you play as a female protagonist with more girl-on-girl scenes.

    1. oh wait , shit, my bad its the sport’ish girl -_- (really bitchy girl, i hope you allow us to do something with her ^^ )

  11. Do you reckon we could have a brief update on say Tuesday or something letting us know which release date its to be? Would be nice.

  12. Please try to release it on coming friday
    as we all are waiting anxiously

  13. Whether it’s one week or more until its release I’m sure part 4 will be more than worth the wait. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing how the Academy story continues.

  14. Hey DSP, I think that it is fair to say that none of us would hold you to ending this at the end of the week (Part 5). If you feel that you have to go into a second week (part 6 or more) we will not be disappointed…..

    It is a wonderful series and really fun to play.

    1. How about a crazy finale that somehow makes you principal of Goodhead and that continues to day 6

      1. Seems unrealistic to me that you become principal in the first week you work. Maybe if there must be a day 6 he could become a teacher. Games like these need to have some level of reality to make it look like the protagonist isn’t some sort of god or something. BTW if dsp3000 wants it to end at day 5 then that is how it should be. It will leave him open for future projects.

        PS Hope there’s more Megan in this part.

        1. Yeah but so is calling a school ‘Goodhead’

          Principals are voted in. I’m thinking you could have this as the correct ending and go to day 6 but many prerequisites must be met.

          1. Find something the current principal is doing is wrong and get her voted out
          2. Have 75% or 80% approval from every girl by the end of day 6.
          3. Something like perfect score with Miss Goodhead and she calls in a vote for you

          And then get a call on day 6 that an emergency vote was cast and they made you principal.

          1. And by ‘something wrong’ I mean find out that the current principal is up to illegal activities on day 5.

            Having the ability to get with miss Goodhead gives the perfect ability to set up this secret ending

  15. I agree with those saying that it’d probably be best for you to not overwork yourself this weekend. We can wait. It’s no big deal.

  16. Im glad that you said the academy part 4 can be relase at 12 may, i have been witing for long time since part 3, please relase it at 12 may .

    1. yup, even if it doesn’t come out for two weeks i just want to know when to expect it

  17. Are we going to see more games that let you play as a female with more girl-on-girl scenes?

    1. Nooooo…I am getting sick of girl on girl. It’s been WAY over done with all sites.

      Can’t wait for the next Academy game, DSP!!! Looks so good!!

      1. I Don’t agree with your there are not many games there that let you play as a female .Chaotic games are all about freedom of choice you can play as any gender as any ethnicity and thats what make his games unique and more fun to play

    2. For Chaotic most likely however dsp3000 will only let you play as a white male.

    3. My games, such as the upcoming Leanna,, will give you the option to play as a woman.

      Dsp3000’s games, at least for now, will probably just be sticking to male player characters.

  18. Hey MrStomper, we haven’t heard from you in a long time. I just played Anna again and I still really enjoy it. Any updates for us?

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