May 19th Update

Academy Part 4

Today I am happy to announce that The Academy – Part 4 has been released and is now available in the members section.

Here’s some final words from dsp3000 on the matter….

After 3 months hard work I am very happy to announce the release of part four of my Academy series. Naturally this follows on from the first three installments and continues the complex and engaging story.

As before, you will need a code from the end of part three to play this game. Different codes will unlock different scenes and options in part four. I have noticed on the blog that the basic logic of the code structure has been sort of figured out, in so much as people have attempted to work out what each letter or number represents in terms of achievements from part three. I will warn you though; customised codes won’t necessarily work, especially those that defy what you could actually achieve in part three. For example, you could not have sex with both Annie and Amy in part three, so you cannot use a code which suggests that you have. I’ve built the code checks so you can’t.

Anyway, enough about codes, except to say that it would be a good idea to have one written down before you start playing part four. You will see why.

This episode has once again pushed the image count up to become my largest game yet. There are 1824 images in the game, 142 of which are animated. There are also a further 191 supporting images. As mentioned in previous blog posts, this game is quite complex and has several achievements to find. It will become apparent what your main objectives are, and which ‘missions’ you need to piece together to get where you need to be. I won’t give away any spoilers and I urge you not to either. Hopefully you will find out a few more secrets and surprises from The Academy and it’s characters.

There are four main sex scenes to discover and also plenty of flirting, kissing, touching and nudity with many of the characters in this episode. I think there are about 15 different endings, but these aren’t always the same depending on what else you achieved while getting there.

Good luck and enjoy playing!


EDIT : Oh, and, as always, if you can’t see it, remember to refresh the pages!

And some quick words from me…

Some of you may have noticed that the new page showing Academy 4 is a bit more basic that what I usually post. It’s nothing to worry about, I’ve just decided that I’m going to redesign the members section sometime so that it’s easier to update. This shouldn’t interfere with the game at any point. At the most some of the pages of the members section might be offline for a minute next week, but if you’re in the middle of the playing any game online, you won’t be interrupted.

205 thoughts to “May 19th Update”

    1. Thanks for the insightful critique.

      Please feel free to forward me the results of your latest creative endeavours and I’ll be happy to offer you a similar level of critical analysis.


      1. Hey great game first of all but I only got seven numbers for the code and I think it’s suppose to be 8??? And I always end up with the principal firing me after Megan asks me to steal the camera back???

      1. Do better? I’m don’t work with porn games, i have right to criticize. There is no need to be a chef to criticize the dish.

        1. Well, pardon my intervention, but their reaction is quite justified. When criticizing, the least you can do is EXPLAIN your reaction, the negative point, and provide some sort of alternative that could help the programer and the consumers to better the game. Just saying “I didn’t like it” don’t contribute in anything whatsoever, is extremly not helpful, and make you look like a jerk even if you have good intentions

          1. My though on this that indeed everybody can criticize whatever they want. And they donโ€™t have to explain anything about their opinion nor have to be creative in the same or any other area as the discussed subject.

            We are simply allowed not like something for whatever reason.

            The problem is that it is has no informational value for the creator beyond the fact that that specific person doesnโ€™t like it. There is just no way anything can be improved based on this critique.

            And to finish my though. If somebody says they donโ€™t like something (which they are allowed to), you can ignore them, or ask them to elaborate further and if they cannot, then you can ignore them. There is no need to be insulting or mean. And of course, the criticizing person shouldnโ€™t expect anything else than ignoration, if they are not ready to bring something to the table.

        2. I’m don’t work with porn games… so Tarzan, what is your field of work?

  1. Violet needs her own game. One of my favorites. Nothing to do with this but still. Also amazing work, your dedication and final productions are amazing.

    1. Oh hell yes! I completely agree. I really hope chaotic makes a Violet only or another Violet and April game sometime in the future. Violet is my favorite by far as well. Just can’t get enough. I play Betsy and April and Violet over and over.

  2. Awesome game dsp, I can’t believe how complex you’ve made these. I have so much fun breaking down the code on them.

    There are a few broken images that I’ve found so far, looks like the render went wonky:

    megan4 and megan5

    There also seems to be a bug with the megan4 page, at least on my system. Otherwise, great job!

    1. I’ll check them out. Sometimes files get corrupted during the file transfer over to Chaotic.
      Thanks for letting us know.

  3. Well looks like dsp3000 have made a code validity checker that can’t let you use altered codes like mine 06357297 But I have sort of figured out a way to bypass the validity checker ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yeah but the letters only unlock a certain set of achievements in one try. I want all the achievements in one try. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. You can’t get all the achievements in one try. That’s the whole reason for the codes.

  4. Awesome work… i really love this part but i’m a little bit disappointed that there is no “fun” with the principal. Altogether great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I found three sex scenes not four.(Even checked images folder) I wanted to see Amy more (Yes we saw her in part 3 but i can’t help it. She is my favourite). Therefore, i am a little disappointed for myself but i am sure people who like other girls will probably love this update. I understand you can’t make all happy but there is only one serie left to go and there are girls who didn’t have any action. I don’t know what is your plan.. Maybe you will use them in your future games but i really wanted to see Didi and Megan. I guess this update is not for me. I will just go and play part 3. It was the best update for me. Thank you for the release and good luck in your future games.

    1. Depends how you define a sex scene as to how many sex scenes there are. If you only include penetrative sex then yes there are only three sex scenes.

      The series is intended to follow a story which includes lots of girls. It would of course be impossible to include sex scenes with all of them right from the beginning, both in terms of the time this would take to produce a game of such magnitude and in terms of a credible narrative.
      With at least one more episode planned you will have to trust me when I tell you that there is more in the pipeline when it comes to which characters you will be able to have fun with.

      Everyone will have a favorite character and a favorite episode. I’m glad you personally enjoyed part three, but part four is a step to part five and beyond. I think it’s a pretty enjoyable step too.

      1. Yes, it was a really enjoyable step!
        But please, let us go all the way with Didi in the next episode!
        A lot of people love her.

  6. Great job!

    Is this the final installment of “Academy”, or how many are planned?

    1. The original plan was always to produce five episodes and I do plan to stick with that.

      That is the minimum though, so there will be more to it than just five episodes.

      1. Great work DSP3000 you can’t please everyone man…… I enjoyed that game pretty good. By the story it looks like you are going to need at least 7 parts.

  7. Comment:guys can anyone tell me a gd entry code ….i just forgot my the academy part3 plZ anyone tell me a gd entry code

    1. If you are still having trouble logging in, you will need to contact epoch via for assistance.

      We just make the games, they handle all membership access.

  8. hi DSP3000

    i write you this message because i would like to know if it’s possible to write the code which we can use in the member’s area for this part 4 ( walkthrough ).

    thx you

    1. I’ll be pulling together the full walkthrough next week. I’ll also be updating the character guide too.

      The walkthrough will include details of how the codes work.

      1. that’d be great, I’ve tried a couple times and keep getting caught in the elevator or fired when I go to the afternoon meeting

        great game overall

  9. Great game. Anyone with idea how to go through lunch without upsetting Amy, scene when she admit to have sex with player?

    1. Okay just from what I remember (not entirely sure) I used the codes A0357212. After meeting with Didi and Jodie at the entrance I followed Jodie and went through her scene, play as per norm until lunch and see Laura storm off, and then I finished that scene without Amy being upset.

      I think you’d just need to avoid Lola the whole day.Accepting her offer or Bumping into her and then avoiding her offer seems to work against you either way. So just approach Jodie in the morning to really avoid Lola altogether.

      Again I’m not 100% sure on this but it is how I got it.

    2. yes, if you have sex with jodie at the beginning, lola wont touch your leg in the canteen. but how do you get to have sex with alicia?

      1. In the elevator but then you lose anyway because your hidden camera will be found after you get fired.

  10. Do you always have to plant the camera in her office or medical room ???
    And for some reason i always seem to be let go and cant any different ending from that , any one got any good ideas so i don’t get that ending all the time

    And DSP3000 an amazing game thank you , please can you add at least one good scene with Didi ๐Ÿ™‚ i just wanna grab her in game

    1. Thanks yes. I will sleep well tonight.

      ‘ll be starting on the next episode soon though.

  11. Well the part 4 doesn’t hold upto my expectations. I don’t know why but the game feels lacking in terms of creativity and enthusiasm and feels repetitive very similar to part 1 2 3. I think the Bridgette date scene should be in part 4 for a little change in atmosphere ,setting and the sex scenes can be in part 5 or part 6.
    I think part 3 was really solid and was the best installment of academy series. I will be replaying part 3 instead of part 4.I really wanted this part to be good i was so hyped for it ๐Ÿ™

    1. Understand what you are saying about a date with Bridgette not being included in this game.
      Early drafts did include a date with Bridgette at the very end as a bonus scene.
      The problem with that in my opinion would be that in order to get to that point you would have to play through an entire day to get to the evening.
      This would make the game very long and would probably compromise both the daytime and evening activities.
      I suspect that people would complain about having to play through an entire day just to get to a date scene with Bridgette which would then be a bit short and unsatisfactory.

      Including everything I wanted or rather needed to include in this episode made it the largest installment yet.
      Adding another scene with Bridgette in another location or locations would be worthy of almost as big a game in itself to do it any justice.

      Anyway… There are possibilities as to what comes next.

  12. Hmpf, the code I got from part 3 stopped working at some point… I think it was when it asked for the second character. Annoying, I got the code without using any cheats.

    Anyone want to share some good codes so I can play the game properly?

  13. Hey guy ! I don’t know for you but i was really hyped on this one. I think academy is the best game (series) on this site.

    But i was disappointed on this part. I get bored real quick after the sex scene with Lola or Judy. And then nothing. Scene in elevator was cool. Scene with Lola and Amy was pretty cool but too quick, and no Amy.
    The issues is that there is to much……..blabla. I think the story is not so great. Ok we want fired the principal but it’s not really interresting. (How the story is set)

    And a big Problem for me. Pussy ARE ALL THE SAME. Is not attractive

    Rating : 5/10

  14. The game is great!
    Congratulations dsp3000!

    Just to know, any plans to make a game in the Holly saturday party? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. How do you get invited, I have played it several times and get no mention of party. If I give her the key, am I supposed to find her again to unlock this?

      1. After the lunch, you find Holly and Maria, and then when they’re leaving, you be invited to the party.

        BTW, I find the new code scheme really good.

          1. Spoilers bellow:
            – you need to collect the camera
            – you should not search the academy for Mrs. Goodhead
            – don’t open the medical room door
            – You need to know Ramsey is watching porn
            – You need to take his laptop with you
            – Stay a bit back when following them
            – you need to have the storerrom key

            Thats it.

  15. An interesting concept for this series beyond the main story.
    You can pick your character between a few of the girls and you’re competing with the other girls to try and sleep with the guy. You have to try and get him to an isolated spot so that he wont get fired, and you have to try and distract the other girls with various things, like meetings with other people or flat tires or something.

  16. Just wanted to let you guys know the wensite is acting up again. It’s probably due to the incredible amount of through traffic. That is probably because Academy Part 4 is amazing, I can’t wait until the website gets fixed and we can play it without it going slow! Could you guys fix asap please so we can play

  17. Man I have spent hours on this and still can’t find any of the good endings! Love it, just like I love the others in this series, but damn I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong lol

    1. Okay I finally found what SHOULD be a good ending but… (spoilers below)

      … my only option is to shake my head when they ask if I have a key to the storeroom, even though I was using a code from Day 3 where I definitely grabbed the spare key. Is there another spot in Day 4 where I have to “activate” the fact that I have the spare key, or is this potentially a bug? Or am I missing something else entirely?

      1. It’s not a bug.
        Fistly, make sure you get the key during part three. This will be recorded as part of the code you use during part four, specifically at codecheck4.html.

        So, during part 4:
        You need to get the key from the top drawer of your desk. This opportunity arises after you have spoken to Bridgette in the Library and you return to your office.

        Check the desk drawers BEFORE you get the hidden camera from the box.

        Once you have the key, be careful who you give it to, and if you do give it to anyone then make sure you find time to get it back.

  18. Hi dsp3000

    Firstly, fantastic game! I had several legitimate “Oh sh…” moments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve noticed one small bug, however. When you’re talking to Megan at the end of the day, the file ‘megan4.html’ just goes to a blank screen. I can see the meters on the left side of the screen and the text at the top, but there is no picture and you’re not able to click on anything.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks again for creating a really fun series of games!

    1. Is that on the click out from megan4.html?

      There is a checkfile there which takes you to megan5.html or megan8.html depending on whether or not you got Principal Valentine fired.

      There are a couple of corrupted image files at megan4 and megan5. They must have been damaged during the file transfer and I suspect this may be causing the issue at megan4.html

      I’ve sent the replacement files over to Chaotic to correct the issue so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

      Thanks for taking the time to report the issue and I’m glad you enjoyed playing.

  19. Hey dsp3000, It’s going to take some time to figure out how to get some of the achievements, but so far it’s an amazing addition to the Academy series. It may be too early for you to say, but when you say more than 5 episodes are you thinking a second week at Goodhead or a different location/city? On a side note, any chance the text from Maddison in part 3 might lead to something in part 5? Again, amazing job on Academy part 4 and I look forward to part 5.

  20. Thank you so much for the game dsp3000 I am having fun for almost 3 hours already.

    1. Assuming you got the key during part three, and inputted the code from part 3 accordingly, the storeroom key will be in the top drawer of your desk where you left it in part three.
      Just make sure you check the drawer before you pick up the hidden camera from your office.

      The key unlocks more than just the store room door. It also unlocks a bonus scene if you are clever with who you give it to.

      Just make sure you find the time to get it back if you want to complete the game.

  21. *Powers through about 6 playthroughs*

    Well now to wait for part 5…..

    Great job btw, I really enjoyed this episode, the build up with Bridgette is great, I look forward to the pay off ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I just figured out that the person who put the camera in PC’s office was Ms Goodhead lol

  23. Was anyone able to get the scene with Bridgette in the library? I’m pretty disappointed there still wasn’t a full sex scene with her in this one, but i’m confused because I got all the Bridgette related achievements in part 3, did everything right in part 1 and 2 and I get to the library and she asks for a kiss then just moves on to talking about other things. The game is still great though and this is a good addition.

    1. When she kisses you in the library you may be missing the bit where you can push her back against the bookcase and kiss her again. There is a hotspot to the right of the screen.

  24. So, I’ve spent some time with part 4 now. Again, thanks to dsp3000 for all the hard work!

    IMHO, the balance has shifted towards story-telling and plot advancement this particular episode, and is perhaps slightly lacking on the pure sexual gratification portion of the game. While I realize this game isn’t a “f*ck fest” (that is, if fact, a large part of its appeal), there’s a sense of lack of payoff as the story advances. I will try and explain…

    In the beginning, from what I can tell, you essentially have the option between one of two sexual encounters. From that point until the end, there is basically one full sex scene to experience; none of your actions allow you to open up additional paths for sex.

    Admittedly, what I’ve said is an over-simplification of the game; there are several paths lead to sexual encounters. However, towards the end, I do feel that there should be some additional reward, considering all the events that have been put in motion, and the (apparent) conclusion that’s been reached. Anyway, that’s just my $.02

    As always, the renders look fantastic, and one benefit of focusing on plot and character development is that it makes the Academy “world” that much richer, and the characters themselves more well-rounded and appealing if/when you do actually get to interact with them sexually i.e. there is some context behind it, so from that perspective, I do understand why part 4 plays out as it does.

    Part 5 looks like it’s going to be quite a barn burner ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Hi DSP !

    Thanks a lot the game and congratulations on the hard work process !
    I found a quite amount of endings on part 4, included the successful one.
    Concerning the achievments, I think i missed the one where you can have sex with Alicia and the one you can spot Maria and Holly on camera feed.
    I have to say that miss Goodhead is definitely my favourite female character of the game, and hopefully part 5 will have more of her.

    I’m glad to know there will be more episodes about this story, and ploease more of Olivia Goodhead ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. How do you retrieve the camera? I have played about 10 times and I’m never able to do it…
    The principal always finds it and fires me.
    After that, all I tried led to end game.

    1. In the afternoon, during the meeting with Valentine at 2:30 pm when she tells you not to come back the next day.
      Normally you have time to enter the office and retrieve the camera before she enters.

  27. Is there any way to have sex with Alicia on the elevator and still complete the game successfully without being fired?

    1. I’m pretty getting fired is scripted and successfully completing the game is based on what you do after you get fired. That said, I haven’t found a way to win after having sex with Alicia. After the scene, it always seems like it’s too late to do everything you need to do to beat the game. I’m still trying though.

    2. Try to have maximum lust with lola, amy and alicia and in elevator, i didn’t ask her to blow me and went directly for sex and finished on/in her. After sex scene, only laura was there in front of elevator door and i continued to game. I do not know if it is the right way but it worked for me.

  28. Ty for game dsp300 i really liked the parts with blowjobs and deepthroats and the scene with jodie was just fantastic. Hope for more of that in the future games

  29. Can’t log in to memebers section password and username is correct any ideas

    1. If you are still having trouble logging in, you will need to contact epoch via for assistance.

  30. For those like myself with the corrupted jpgs in their downloads, I suggest using a visually similar jpg from the game in its place.
    Corridor30.jpg- Use corridor29.jpg and make a copy of it to another folder. Then rename it to corridor30 and replace the corrupted file.
    Do the same for the other corrupted files (lunch55, office174, megan4, & megan5) and you should end up with a playable game.
    Doing it this way, Chaotic can offer just those files in a patch download so we don’t have to download the whole game again. It’s much quicker to download <2 Mb than it is all 880 Mb.

    1. i have downloaded few vdategames but i never could see the lust and influence meter.

      1. I assume your a chrome user. If you want to play the games offline, ideally you should be using firefox. There’s a more in depth explanation on the help page if you’re interested.

  31. Ok, I give up.
    I have seen the images files showing the character removing the camera before meeting with the principal, but I’m never able to do It. It seems like I have to arrive ther earlier, but I don’t know how…

    1. Or you can plant the camera when Olivia conveniently interrupts the Governor during your interview. Get the camera after the 9:30 meeting.

      1. Yes, I was doing that but it wasn’t working. I have tried again and I figured out that the problem was the cookies! They were messing up my clock.
        Thank you anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Are you playing the game using Google Chrome?

          If so I would recommend using Mozilla Firefox instead.

          Chrome doesn’t handle cookies very well.

  32. I keep freezing at the 4:00 library scene with Megan….just a black screen and “have a seat”, but no way to move forward, have to turn off. It happens here regardless and what path I have taken leading up to it.

  33. nice game but I keep failing at the end the she keeps telling me she dont need me at the end what am I doing wrong any chance for a walk though or some help thanks.

  34. I’m stuck near the end.

    After I get the camera back the principal tells me I’m no longer needed. Afterwards I meet Ms Goodhead (who’s really hot btw, hopefully we get to see a lot more of her in the next part) who is sorry we failed to bust Valentine. Then off to library to meet Bridgette and Didi who are disappointed too. After that it doesn’t seem to matter after who I go.. I can’t find Ms Goodhead at all and going back to Valentine and Ramsey just gets me fired.

    It doesn’t seem to matter whether I place the camera in the office or in the medical room, nothing good has come from either.

    I’ve found the key to the storeroom. I’ve checked out Ramsey’s laptop.. if I’m supposed to steal it somehow, I have no idea how to do it.

    Any tips? All help would be appreciated.

    Random thought: Didi is my favorite.. we need to see more of her.

    1. Try going immediately into Valentine’s office after talking with Bridgette and Didi. (You will need to have gotten the camera back and the storeroom key.)

      1. i did exactly what u said but principal keeps firing me saying.. “What the hell are you doing here”

        i give up just gonna wait for next week for the full walkthrough………. ๐Ÿ™

      2. Thanks, that did the trick. I could have sworn I tried that already but for some reason it worked now.

    2. Okay here is a tip.

      The laptop is the “key” to get a good ending and get Valentine and Ramsey removed from the academy. I have finish part 4 and got a code.

    3. Amen.

      Didi Please.


      She’s my favorite of all the characters in this game.

  35. A quick question for DSP3000 from above or anyone else , where do you get or find the store key in part 3 so you have it ready for part 4 ????

        1. You have to get the key before the Principal visits you in your office and takes the jacket.

      1. I never seem to get an option on clicking on the jacket , and then the principle comes in for you to get the documents and then she takes the jacket …. am i missing something that i should of done in part 2 with the key ???

        1. In Academy 3 when you open the “Camera Feed 4” even if you already know don’t input the code yet. While searching for the code for the camera while looking around you’ll have the option to look at the jacket and take the key.

    1. Could you clarify what’s happening?

      There should be absolutely no ads on the site whatsoever.

      1. I keep getting onclickads and such and redirects me to a survey and i dont get the part where i enter the username and pass

        1. There shouldn’t be anything of that sort of the site, either from me or epoch.

          It sounds like your computer has been infected with malware.

      2. I still cant login when will u fix this or u will just leave it like this?

  36. Is there any way to get a good (code-giving) ending without the storeroom key? I’ve tried with several Day 3 codes and really don’t have any idea how you could successfully complete the game without it.

    (spoiler below)
    It seems like the final meeting with the principal is unavoidable, and from their the entire plot is really linear and the only success hinges upon whether or not you have the key. I’m going to go back to Days 1-3 and see about finding some entirely new paths.

  37. This game it’s make me go nuts!!!!, i canยดt find the good ending( i got fire like 10 times), someone please tell me where i should put the camera?, should i retrieved?, how the hell i bring principal down!!!!????
    – if i leave it in the medical room they gonna find it!!!
    – the store room key i donยดt know for what i need it!!

    This is the first time i have only bad ends in all the games this site has done!!!

    1. man what is the code you are using ? i am facing the same problem, also megan makes to get the camera back. i couldnt meet alicia after lunch. i have got just 2 codes from part 3. they seem bad codes to me.

    2. dude same this only episode i get pissed off i dont know how to get principal valentine suspended
      i tried so many times i still cant. and also from what i’ve heard it doesnt matter where you put the camera , if you put it on the principal’s office you’ll get to see what principal valentine said to the governor that she’ll do anything just to keep her job… and in the medical room idk what happens there…
      also in the part where you have to talk to didi and bridgette about how they did with pricipal after that conversation.. i get to follow governor ramsey and principal valentine in her office but when i go there she always say what the hell are you doing here ? like cmon idk what else to do …………..

      1. Don’t worry. I’m working on the walkthrough for part four.
        I should have it all done for next Friday’s blog update.

        The walkthrough will explain how to find all various outcomes as well as which codes to input and when.

      2. Make sure you grab the camera before the 230 appointment if you haven’t already. You need to get there early so you have the time to grab it before the principal barges in.

        After you meet Didi and Bridgett head out of library towards the principals office. If you removed the camera prior you should be able to turn right twice and go back into her office. Hide in corner and listen to the principal and governor. Before you leave make sure you grab the laptop. You also need to have storage key prior to all this. You should be good to go.

        1. I’m getting caught by Valentine when I’m trying to hide in her room. What do I do.

      3. Get the camera back before the 2:30 meeting. You must have the key at that time to win. After she tells you you aren’t needed the next day, go talk to Didi & Bridgette in the library. When you leave, follow the Principal & Governor into the suite. Listen at the door than hide in the Principal’s office until they head to the media department. Grab the laptop, and take it to Didi & Bridgette. Have them get Olivia down to the media department. Tail the Principal & Governor to the storeroom then give the key to Olivia when she shows up.

  38. I enjoyed the game. I just hope we are not obligated to end up with Bridgette though… I mean, she’s probably the only one that I basically hated the entire game. Anyway, it was great to see more of Lola and I’m really looking forward to see more of Megan and Laura now. By the way, she (Laura) would probably be my 3rd option in this game, right after Lola and Holly. The fact that our player was ignoring her was making me crazy, lol.

  39. Yeah was kinda of hoping for more crazy things to do with Lola, maybe perhaps down the line we can get a separate game with her or if we choose Lola there will be plenty of ‘stuff’ to do with Lola. Plus yeah Laura and Amy would like to see more of as well.

  40. am i the only one who is hot for Didi? :p Hopefully we get some action with her

    1. Well you do get her rubbing your leg (along with Bridgette) when in the conference room after Jane is fired.

  41. So, I’ve noticed that the broken images have been fixed in the online version, so did you fix the download version too?

  42. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it seems like you have to choose between getting the key back from Holly or having Bridgette mention going on a date. Is there a process to get both so that the code opens up the date for part 5 and more with Holly and Maria?

  43. I got the key from part 3, so I was able to finish the game (and get a code) after multiple tries, but I’d like to know if it’s possible to get a code for part 5 without having the storage key? Thanks

    1. You just see them all showering naked in the shower. It’s a great scene, but you don’t interact with them.

    1. After you get fired and are searching for Olivia, duck into the girls dressing room.

    2. (This is not exactly a scene)

      When you leave the library after discuss with Didi and Bridgette the afternoon, don’t head toward the principal and the governor. Head downstairs (to find Miss Goodhead) and look in the changing room.

  44. First, please allow me to thank you for fixing the corrupted images in The Academy Part 4. This was preventing me from getting to the closing Megan scenes at the end of the game. And boy is that important for moving forward with Part 5.

    DSP3000, THANK YOU!!! I have been working through the numerous permutations of the game this weekend. It is a very fun game to play. I must say, I still have a few possible end games to play out. So far, I have 9 endings that do not get me fired. I know there are a few more to go. I also enjoyed Alicia in the elevator (even though I cannot figure out a way to avoid getting fired). I must say, everyone will have their own favorite character. The new Olivia character has become an instant hit with me (and I see with others as well)

    Part 5 will be a bear for you to put together I suspect, given the number of possible exit codes from Part 4. I still say that you may need a part 6 (given the “Holly party” that was mentioned to occur on Saturday night.

    Again, a great game!!!

    Thank you Chaotic for being a great administrator, for the quick fixes, and for the improvements that you have made to site performance. I an wondering what you plan to release next? Leanna, The Photographer Part 3, another Crystal game? Any game that you release is sure to be a hit.

    Any words from MrStomper? I still enjoy Anna. I can’t wait to hear your future ideas.

    Thanks to you all for many hours of enjoyable play!!!

    1. Could you share some walkthroughs please? I managed to win but only if I got the Principal fired. Every other option got me fired, even if I was in the good books of Miss Goodhead, Bridgette etc.

  45. I have a doubt, i donยดt know if itยดs a glitch or it’s intended but…
    – when you do the Amy’s handjob the scene ends at 1:00 pm but when you leave the canteen the clock moves 1:30 pm(between 1 image you lose half an hour)
    – when Annie leaves your place the clock says 2:00 pm but after talking with Megan , then again the clock jumps half an hour between 1 image(leaving you impossible to retrieve the camera)

    So those scenes are supposed to be “traps” or trereยดs something wrong?
    ps: lunch75 is broken or something!

    1. I had the same thing happen with a code from part 3 with Annie, Bridgette, and helping Alicia with assignment. I did the same things as the playthrough with Amy in place of Annie, which worked. With the Annie playthrough I somehow ran out of time despite following the same steps. Also, despite refreshing the game page/website I still see broken images that were there before(using website, not download).

  46. I think I tried absolutely everything in the elevator scene, I didn’t managed to have the achievement nยฐ24.

  47. I like that actions with Amy and Lola will have consequences in part 5. They are one of my favourites in series so putting them in code for next part is great sign for me.

  48. good game. Just a lot of jogging around the corridors and long conversations have bothered me, but otherwise a great game !!!!!
    I just did not find the chance to save the director. If I did not take the computer at the first opportunity, then it will bring me back later and get a fender. So I always have to sink the director.
    I got three codes in the fifth part, but it’s almost the same. I will receive an invitation from Holly and Marie, or a Bridgette date invitation.
    I look forward to the next part. (I have nothing to play)

  49. Didi is my favorite girl to, i’m eager to see more of her.
    How can i have her to touch my leg?
    I rejected Bridgette because didi said not to hurt her feelings, so i didn’t get much involved with Bridgette. Is that the better way to get didi?
    The game is fantastic, one of the best that i played by far.
    Very good work! Can’t wait for part 5.

    1. Nah, you want to butter up Bridgette as much as possible. Impress Bridgette and you will impress Didi.

  50. I have discovered every achievement except for #24 (Sebastian and Laura caught you and Alicia in the elevator). I have been caught by just Laura, and I have been caught by Sebastian, Laura, and the principal, but no matter what I try I can’t figure out how to only get caught by just Sebastian and Laura. Does anyone know what to do here?

    Also, lunch75 still seems to be corrupted.

    1. I can’t be sure because i always choose the “right option”, but maybe just maybe try pushing the alarm button, it’s the only option left!!!

    2. Same here, and pushing the alarm button was already try, don”t know what to do else in the elevator and I really don’t think you got to do something before that.

  51. I hope to see much more of Didi in part 5, and that she reveals hard to get and a great teaser. It my favorite girl since part 1

  52. Good game. I noticed a glitch at the bit where you give the Camera back to Megan. When you say “yes I have it” it goes to a black screen and you can’t get out of it

    1. There are a few corrupted image files that may prevent the page from loading properly. These have been fixed. Download thee game again and all should be well.

    1. don’t have sex with alicia, simply tell her you are busy. talk with megan, go straightly to the priciple’s room, then to the office room , (don’t open the medical room), then stay hidden behind the walls until the principal and the governor guy went out, then take the laptop, and go out, meet the didi and other woman, etc.. you will know what to do next, but make sure you have the key to the store room as well, because otherwise you will fail the game.

    1. I don’t think so. principle already knows you have sex with the girls, which she hates, second the contract is about to over and she wants you to go out so badly. so there is no way you can win on that route.

    2. Nope. She’ll kick you out regardless.

      I think Sebastian has something on her, otherwise why would she suck his cock only (apart from the Governor)…

  53. wow amazing. the new chapter of academy is really awesome. I think this is the best adult game I have ever played. I don’t usually replay any game, but I kept playing this like multiple times. I also feel so exciting after kicking out that witch from the academy, haha omg I really hate her – the principle woman xD and I like the new girl as well. the only complain is her forehead looks so weird, it’s like some kind of a mark. it slightly ruins her look, I hope in the next game her look will be fixed. also I hope you will take less time to release the next chapter, I am now so desperate for playing the next academy game, also hope it will contain more slides (like 2000+) ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. OK, this is tongue-in-cheek criticism of The Academy Part 4 scoring mechanism. Just to be perfectly clear, I love this game. OK, here goes. I have played several entry codes where I totally avoided all sex (OK, I’m a sick puppy). Yes, I had to engage in a little voyeurism, but no getting it wet. I noticed that the finish exit codes are the same as if I had had full sex. To quote Bill Clinton, “I did not have sex with that woman.” But, just as Bill found out, you might as well have done so.

  55. Hi DSP3000. If you are taking requests, a threesome with Laura and Alicia and a chance to get Olivia are at the top of my list.

  56. Is there a sex scene with the bartender because in Academy Part 3 they said I will be able to meet her.

    1. If that Easter Egg exists, it is well hidden. I do not believe that it is in Part 4.

    1. After the 9:30 meeting you will talk to Bridgette in the library. Then you need to get the key from your desk and camera from your office. You need to plant the camera from your office in the Principal’s office trash can while going to talk with the Governor. After your second visit with Megan, you need to retrieve the camera. Then, after your are let go (fired), talk to Olivia (outside the library door) and go to the library. Then follow Valentine and Ramsey into the office suite and enter the Principal’s office. Hide in there until they leave, take the laptop and start down the stairs. Turn around and talk to Didi and Bridgette. It should be clear from there.

      There are some things that can mess up the time. For example, too much time will be taken if you have sex with Alicia in the elevator or play with Bridgette’s breasts in the library and also let Amy jerk you off at lunch. But as long as it is 2 pm when you go to retrieve the camera you should be good.

      Also, if you loan the key to Holly and Amy, be sure to get it back after lunch.

      1. Hey thanks Santa, never would’ve thought the key was so important. I was beginning to think once you were fired it was game over.

        1. BTW, you can have Amy jerk you off in the canteen if you do not give the key to Holly AND you do not kiss Bridgette and feel her breasts.

          1. Do you know how to see Annie naked in the office? That’s another thing that always stumped me.

            1. Use an entry code from part 3 where you had sex with Annie; such as A6057912. When you finish lunch and are back in your office, go through watching Sabastian stealing panties. When Annie shows up, let her know that Olivia had told you something but you can’t tell her, twice tell her that it is confidential, when she offers sex say that it is tempting. You can then look at her tits or pussy. When she says, “Well I know how much that would mean to me, and I’d really want to show you my gratitude if you know what I mean…?”, select the option, “How about you get naked for me later?” Go along this path and ask if she is serious. You should be good from there.

                1. Did you find the scene with Megan in the library at the end? Just before you go out the exit, turn right and go upstairs to the library. This is big as it will most likely give you additional paths in Part 5 (a different set of exit codes).

      2. You can play Bridgett’s breasts without spending time getting a camera, but you can not borrow the Holly key, and you can not bother with Ammy in the dining room. Then you get a Bridgett date appointment and get the code in the 5th part

  57. Great game once again DSP! I really hope we get to “play around” with DIdi and/or Ms Goodhead in the next instalment, can’t wait!

  58. Serious question for DSP3000. Did you forget to define varPlus25 in the _functions.js file?

  59. It’s just a shame that Bridgette’s birthday invitation and Holly’s invitation to the Saturday party can not be received at the same time. At the same time I am sorry that if I allow Ammy to chase my cock, I can not take the camera with the directors and finally I’m kicked out without the code

  60. I’ve found other broken images:

    In both the online and download version

  61. DSP, I have an idea for when you “finish” the Academy series… or maybe for a spinoff series/game….explore a “relationship” with Bridgette in a game…. You can bring in Didi, since they are such good friends…. maybe encounter some other academy girls along the way at a party or in a mall or a movie theater date. One good ending could lead to a threesome with Didi maybe (again, just throwing out ideas) as most of the guys seem to like her… I prefer Bridgette myself…. it’s the boobs. LOL!

    Anyway, I know you’re busy with the Academy series at present, but I just thought I’d mention it. It’s good work so far.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if you were out to dinner with Bridgette and some wilder girls came up to the table to say hi…. would be an opportunity to collaborate with Chaotic, in that you could have Rachel coming up to the table, Maddison, Lissette, etc… Just kind of to “say hi” and low-key flirt with him…. maybe tempt him away from Bridgette, where he might lose her because he has bathroom sex with Rachel or Maddison or some such.

    Anyway, again, good work.

    1. I prefer Bridgette too. I like her curves. And that sexy look in her eye when she flirts. And those big boobies!

      But after a hot date and sex with Bridgette, (complete with titty fucking!) a second date ending with a threesome with Didi would be awesome! Especially for a spin-off shorter game. Just please don’t use Maria as a “distractor” – she is too damn annoying! There’s plenty of other women from the Academy students that could be used for that.

      I just hope that Didi turns out to have a fully bald tight snatch like Bridgette has. I’d be disappointed if she had hair down there. To have two hot baldy chicks taking turns riding my cock in a game would be ace.

  62. Hey dsp3000,

    Great game! The Academy series is shaping up to be fantastic.

    I had some feedback for Academy 5 (and any future games): could you add more possible variations for the sex scenes? For example, Tara 2 – The Hotel is one of my favorite games, and the main reason is that it’s possible to mix / match so many of the girls in sex scenes together. For example, you can have sex with just Maria, or Maria + Maddison, or Maria + Tara + Natalia.

    The huge variety really increases replay value, and makes it fun to try different paths through the game to get the girls excited in different ways. The Academy series has been great so far, but one thing that feels lost is the variations in sex scenes.

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to the last game in the series.

  63. Woohoo! I managed to score high with Megan AND Bridgette!
    I like that twist with Megan. She sure looks like a lot of fun for Part 5. I reckon the best of the students in the Academy. The rest of them I find quite annoying. No dig at dsp3000, I think they are meant to be annoying.

    The bit in the office where both Bridgette and Didi put their hands on ya leg was interesting too…

    I found it a bit tricky though to get the scene where Bridgette races up the steps after giving you her number. It took a few different goes and seemed tricky to get the right combination of actions. I don’t remember the steps so can’t write a walkthrough at the moment. There seems to be a few versions. Two where she is wearing a jacket, where she says “Call me, maybe”, and there’s one where her jacket is off and she says “Call me!” or something like that, then flirts with you posing for you, then you look at her run up the steps and see her sweet bald snatch between her legs. It’s like she did that on purpose for you to look which I think is so great. She’s a hot fox!
    Well you do see the up skirt even when she wears the jacket, but it is more of a snoopy look at someone who seems still a bit innocent, rather than mutual flirting with a sexy lady who really just plays at being coy.

    The only way to get to the fifth day is to make sure that Principal Valentine gets fired. All her talk about sucking you off is a load of hogwash. I guess I should have expected that.

    1. So where is the walkthrough for part 4 it should have been released yesterday

  64. How do you go the the lunch room without sitting at the the chicks table? is there no way out of it?
    Are you able to leave without being jerked off?

  65. Hey dsp3000 just wanted to say great game and I finally got a code for part 5 gotta say it’s gonna be a hard wait for part 5 for me considering this one just came out on the 19th anyway looking forward to part 5

    By the way I think Olivia need her own game with her as protagonist so you can play as her in the future it could be my own thought cause when I play games like mass effect dragon age horizon zero Dawn and Life is strange I usually pick to be the female character instead of the male

    Keep up the good work

  66. Hey dsp3000,

    Any update on the walkthrough for part 4 yet? I’ve been fired more times than the Cleveland Browns have changed Quarterbacks -__- a little help would be most appreciated.


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