May 12th Update

Good day to you all. Just a blog update from me (Chaotic) this week.

Academy Part 4

So, yes, sadly, Academy Part 4 is not being released today.

Dsp3000 has persevered as much as he can, and I’m happy to say that he has finished producing all of the game’s content. That means all of the images are complete.

However, since this game is the most complex he’s done to date, he needs just a little more time to thoroughly test everything and make sure that the finished game is of a high standard. Despite his initial worry that upcoming commitments would mean he wouldn’t be able to work on the game over the next two weeks, fixing the remaining issues won’t be that time consuming, and he believes he can get everything finalized in a few days next week.

So, that means that, barring acts of God, Academy Part 4 should be released next Friday, May 19th.


A few notes on my own game as well.

Leanna is going very well. Since changing my rendering technique, the number of images has rocketed up to 575. Currently, I’m rendering images for the first sex scene, which is great to finally get around to doing.

Currently, there are four sex scenes, so I still have a little while to go. But they’re one of the quicker things to make images of, since there’s just 2 people in one location (well, 3 for the threesome), so expect the image count to go up fast this week.

64 thoughts to “May 12th Update”

  1. Guys, share somes codes from part 3.
    I got this; 57212, 47212, 6047297 and 47917.

    1. I hope you’re saving the full 8 digit codes, they all start with either A, B, or C and end with 7 numbers. As you posted them I doubt they’re any good.

      1. B6047217, B0347917, B0047912, B6047992, B0047217, B0347912, B0347917, B6357217, A0347912, A6047992, A0053912
        You can create your “own” code very easy.

        1. Hey Othun

          Care to expand upon how the codes were created? Do you have an idea what numbers the different variables correspond to?

          This could be really helpful for next week!

          1. I had it wrote down but I deleted it for some reason.
            1st digit is for Annie, 2nd for Amy, 3rd Jodie, 4th for storeroom key, 5th helping Alicia, 6th blackmail, 7th for seeing Sebastian stealing panties.
            Every digit has 2 variations. For example 1st digit can be 6 or 0. 6 for having fun with Annie, 0 for not. I still dont know about letters tho.

            1. Any ideas what the Letters at the beginning are for

              _6/0 Annie 3/0 Amy 4/5 Jodie 3/7 storeroom key 9/2 Alicia 1/9 blackmail 2 Seb ( i think it also indicates your past with Lola)

              (first number is positive)

    2. Are these even codes from part 3 it seems you just trying to get free codes for part 4 without doing anything.

  2. Thanks for the updates – looking forward to Academy Part 4 next week, and Leanna whenever it’s released! That 2nd photo of her from the back, her legs look to have comicbook-superhero level of muscle tone. She’s one fit lady 😉

  3. Too bad, but due to my sleep patterns, next week will fly by.

    And as a foot fetish guy, Leanna’s legs are beautiful, my goodness

    1. LoL, paying members and beta testing *shaking head*

      The photographer – part 2 was out at least one year for the members before chaotic puts the game to the public area. And I found some major bugs in the game mechanic (how the game should go) and also in the game navigation.
      Only one example, it is possible to go with Daisy, Lisette and Tammy to the pool and play with them, if you fail to get them to a foursome you can do this again (and again and again ….).
      As I wrote this only is one of the major bugs there are some other.

      The problem is that dsp and also chaotic are game creator and developer in one person and do all the work alone. It takes many creativity and time to made such games and at least the graphical work is amazing.
      On the other hand – and that’s the crux of this – a game developer mostly tests the main routes through his game only and not the side paths.

  4. Better to wait and having a better quality game, rather than rushing to release a bugged game. Great job nonetheless, DSP!!!

    Chaotic, Leanna looks great. The most recent renders of her have her looking stunning!! Not too much girl on girl please, I beg you!! Just good old male/female sex scenes would suffice. Great work and thank u for the news!

  5. I don’t get why they have to release it on Friday instead of when it should be (the time they’re finished with the game). Just because the blog posts have to be released Friday doesn’t mean the game has to be (unless it takes a whole week to Beta test it(Does it?)).

    1. Things are typically released on Friday because it’s the end of the working week.

      Same principal with the blog posts – we work on things throughout the week them post a summary when we’re done.

      1. I know but today’s Saturday do we really have to wait a whole week just because you release stuff on Friday?

        P.S. I’m not trying to antagonize you I’m just asking questions.

        1. Lol.

          No, just to clarify, repeat and reiterate ; we release things on Friday because we work on the games Monday to Friday, and therefore complete the things we are working on Thursday or Friday normally.

  6. I don’t know why I continue to be surprised that people can’t wait until the game is good and ready.

    We all want the game, but it’s not the end of the world if dsp takes a little more time to make sure it meets his standards.

    1. If you’re talking about Leanna, yes.

      If you play as a woman, it’ll be FFF. If you play as a man, it’ll be MFF.

  7. Where are you based Chaotic?
    UK? US?
    Do you usually release games in the evening or morning?

  8. Leanna is looking good – just a quick thought about the pics you posted, will there be a chance for a sexy upskirt in that black dress? Maybe as an option like in ‘office party’ but where you actually get to see some? just a thought as that dress looks deliciously skimpy!

    1. +1 to upskirts, or any scene with revealing attire – it would work exceedingly well, considering Leanna’s sculpted, ultra-fit body type.

    2. More up skirts would be great.
      Both with and without panties.
      I’d love to see a game with two hot women that treat the protagonist to a double up skirt, e.g. standing over his/her head, open legs etc.

      I prefer upskirt to topless any day.

  9. All The Codes for Academy Series

    Part One

    Part Two

    Part 3
    06357297 <=This is the best code with all the achievements unlocked


    1. Did you mess with it to get everything unlocked? Isn’t it impossible to sleep with both Annie and Amy for example due to time?

  10. Will you let us fuck Didi? Please?
    She is hot as fuck!
    April and her are my favourite.

  11. Once I wake up there will be one day left till the game comes out. Yay.

  12. Weird place to post here but where can I find 2016 december calendar? The one with all the girls in it. Past years december calendar would be cool too.

    1. You might have to scroll back a while, but all of the advent calendar images are hosted on my tumblr account.

    1. Probably not. There’s been two upgrades to the site’s server since then.

      If it can handle the public release of Photographer part 2 and not slow down, it should easily be able to handle this.

  13. Am I the only one really excited about the fact that we’ll perhaps get to fuck Bridgette soon?

    1. I wouldn’t bank on it, my guess is that our main courses will be the twins, Megan, or a Maria/Holly threesome, with some minor side action from the bartender or Amy/Lola/Annie. I want Bridgette as much as anyone, but she’s almost definitely going to be a Part 5 option (along with Didi, Valentine, and Goodhead).

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