November 4th Update

This week, an update on dsp3000’s new game, The Academy – Part 3

Over the past couple of months I’ve been quietly working away on the next installment of ‘The Academy’ series. Parts one and two have covered Monday and Tuesday, so it won’t surprise anybody that part three is all about what you can do on Wednesday.

In the story so far you have begun to establish relationships with all the main characters and found out a little about their motives and personalities. This next part really begins to develop the reasons behind why you are working at The Goodhead Academy and exactly what it is you are supposed to be achieving. Of course there are more achievements to be had than just what you are being paid for…

Production has been progressing reasonably well. I’m just approaching the 900 images completed mark which, considering part two had 1500 images in total, still puts me a few hundred images from completion. My production schedule says I’ve pretty much completed ten of the planned seventeen scenes. This also puts me a bit behind on my original time frame. I was hoping to have completed this episode by the end of October, but it’ll likely be more towards the end of November now.

In all likelihood this will be even bigger than part two due to some after hours scenes and several new on and off campus locations.

For now though here are a few sample images to perhaps give a few clues as to which direction this episode may take you.”


academy3_sample1 academy3_sample2 academy3_sample3 academy3_sample4 academy3_sample5 academy3_sample6 academy3_sample7 academy3_sample8 academy3_sample9


For those of you who were having trouble playing Jennifer recently, the issues are (hopefully) fixed now, for both online and downloadable versions. Props to Kexter for help with the fix.

40 thoughts to “November 4th Update”

  1. Loved the oral cumshots with Maddison in Tara part 3. I hope there will eventually be similar scenes with a certain similar character/figure 😉 at some point in the Academy series. Just my own opinions and hopes though. I wouldn’t want to impact on your own vision for the game.
    Though I’m sure many eagerly await this part, take all the time you need.
    BTW is that Annie/Principal Valentine’s house?
    PS I’d prefer if the blog pics were less spoilery than last time. I know I could just not read them but I can’t help myself – –

    To Chaotic,
    This + the release of part 2 of April & Violet cap off a great year. You’ve made great changes to the site this year, most importantly by bringing other creators on board. Remember those demos you made of Jess and Maddison? I think it’d be really cool if you added to those to make some minigames, but maybe I’m just biased because I love red heads. Keep up the good work!

  2. It’s also fantastic that you’re all developing your own distinctive styles. It’s noticeable and welcome that Chaotic has moved towards a more narrative centric style (I think I’ve seen you mention your admiration for tlaero’s games), whilst dsp3000 seems to be making epic series with a focus on choices and freedom (with very appreciated detail to sex scenes :D), and as for Mr Stomper, perhaps too early to stay but if Anna was any indication it’s very nice to have the staple ‘Date Ariane’ scenario that Chaotic seems to have moved away from this year. All in all I have to say that membership has been previously difficulty to justify, but I think you’ve made it well worth it this year. Bravo

  3. Hi the team

    I really hope to play with this game this month. ^^

    The part 2 made 1500 images the part 3 should make approximately how many images ?

    great work again dsp3000

    1. same

      1200-1500 for each parts, for a total of around 7000-8500 pics (maybe 9000)

      well, i m not dsp3000, but if i remember good he mentionned something like that before

  4. Looking good , really enjoy playing this game and can’t wait to play part 3 …….

    these games just get better and better

    thank you

  5. mmmh look like an field trip day 😀

    i m very intrigued by the fact to visit the principal Valentine house O_O (supposed that her daughter live in her house) (pic 6 and 7, they are both taken from same place, the couch place can be see outside in the garden)

    but that also can be the player get an house in the university complex and that b… i mean , valentine’s daughter, come in the player house for some “reasons” :P, the dossier in the table push me in the second option…. but.. never know… can be an valentine dossier too or something interresting to read or steal, muhahaha

    damn .. too much questions in mind lol

  6. btw chaotic or dsp3000

    did you plan something “special” for end of year ? or christmas ?

    i dont know, some kind of “special” game like an sort of bonus mini game where the player can do whatever he want to the girls without have to worry about anything.

    or an sexy calendar or something ?

    well, just got this in my mind so i ask if you plan something for new year/ end year XD

  7. Dear Sir dsp 3000 & Chaotic,

    Thank goodness that you manage to schedule the Academy Part 3 game by the end of November 2016, do you have any specific date on mind? I wish to hear about it from you.

    Are there any excellent sex scenes with Bridgette and Principal Valentine, I show the picture of Annie in her house, does that means that I get to have a threesome sex scenes with Annie and her mother Principal Valentine in their house?

    What about with Bridgette, I show a picture of Bridgette standing near the women bathroom, does that means that I can have sex with Bridgette in the women shower room?

    Lastly the receptionist girl of The Academy, I see her in the Store room area, does that means also that I could have sex with her there?

    Any blackmail sex with the Principal, where I will expose her blowjob sex videos with Sebastian in return I get to have sex with her?

    Cannot wait to hear more about The Academy Part 3 update from you all soon. I wish I could play the game on time. Anyway take your time and provide us with an interesting and elaborate add on for Part 3, Make sure it is more solid than Part 2 and Part 1. More sex scenes with the girls. This is what I am waiting for sirs.

    Thank you and you all have done an absolutely outstanding job.

    David Ong Boon Heng.
    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

    1. it wasnt really an blowjob in fact, but more an cumshot-facial.
      its look like mrs valentine is kind of dominating girl who refuse to get “touched” except cumshot. but its possible that she just do this without real pleasure (more than possible actually)
      maybe she just need some love, flirt and something simple to get win. that can mean the player should have no chance with her if he is too brute about sex demand
      (just my own opinion 😀 )

    2. I don’t think a threesome with Annie and the principle will be in this, considering how she gets mad if you fuck the students, especially her daughter lol

      Then again, I’m not dsp3000. I just don’t think Principle Valentine would be on board with that idea from what I’ve seen from her

      And as the guy above said, she seems to be a dominating lady

  8. The sample images look amazing! The image quality is even better than part 2 and the suggested possibilities continues to make this series better and better with every part. No worries on the release date, if these few images are any indication it’ll be more than worth the delay. Keep up the awesome job dsp3000 and I look forward to future updates.

  9. DSP3000 – the pics look amazing, I am sure the game will be another great one! Definitely looking forward to it. Just a couple of questions if you don’t mind….

    First – both my favorites, Jodie and Annie look so good above, I hope there will be some sexual actions with them…will there be? 🙂

    Second – Will Megan be making a more prominent appearance in this part? She has a very mysterious role and would love to “explore” her further!! 🙂

    Thank you so much for the incredible work and again, I am looking forward to Part 3!!

  10. IMHO, the Academy series has been the best game thus far in this genre in terms of the overall story and visuals. Keep up the excellent work!

  11. I am tired of playing games which mostly center around sex and have a small story. can’t you just make stories which contain in interesting stories, but sex is just a part of it? let’s be honest, apart from sex, this game doesn’t have any good plot. It’s really boring, no offense.

    like let’s say Jurassic Park like dinosaurs feature game, but it has plenty of sex scenes. and the game is separated into chapters like Telltale games, but doesn’t have a lot of multiple paths. because multiple paths means, each path gets short, so have to play the game from the beginning, which makes it so bored.

    1. Honestly, I think if you’re looking for story driven games with minimum sex. You should be playing Mass Effect or some shit lol

      these guys, (chaotic and dsp3000) are making games as a hobby (I assume) and this is an “adult site” lol.

      Obviously having a story is much better though, I’m with you on that. Which is why the academy, betsy, goblinboy’s and tlaero’s games are so good IMO compare to other sex games.

      But to expect a full blown interactive story with *minimum* sex on a sex site is a lot to ask lol. I think they’re doing great.

      Chaotic has come a long way from his standard “date and fuck” style, and he’s introducing small stories. And dsp3000 is on an absolute roll. I personally think the story for the academy is great, an according to this blog, we’ll be learning a lot more about our character’s job there.

      Be happy with what we’re getting lol

        1. “None of these games are free”

          Majority of the games on this site are free. I kind of think of our memberships as “early access” cuz Chaotic eventually makes the games free. Even if it’s several months later

          And it is a hobby, ya they might be getting paid, but I don’t think they’re doing this as a living (I could be wrong , chaotic might be making enough off this site)

          With that said, if you don’t like the games so much, why not make your own instead of constantly trolling on here?

          1. It doesn’t matter they use what earned from here for living or not, or release it later or not. they still charge money for their games. also stating our opinions about the game isn’t trolling, it appears as you don’t know the different between the constrictive criticism and pure trolling. criticism improves everything like cuts make a diamond more valuable. I think you should stop being blindly biased because people like you are the ones who are responsible of downfall of everyone, as they don’t help, but support whatever the creators do in order to satisfy them.

      1. yeah I am no longer interested to play their games, if it goes like this. someone mentioned about mass effect, but he forgot that mass effect doesn’t have real sex scenes, and it’s hardly for few minutes.

    2. Is it me, or this is not the first time you complain about something? Games are too hard, and now, they don’t have a story…

      1. Exactly. All this guys wants is to complain. He can’t accept to just find something else. Or he’s just a troll trying to stir things up.

    3. WTF?!? No, just no. You do realize these games are sex games right? There’s PS4, Xbox, and PC games for what you want.

  12. The images are fantastic. But then again, so are the games. Chaotic and DSP3000 make me very glad to have joined this site. Hey MrStomper, any ideas yet?

      1. Excellent!!! I really enjoyed the solving of Anna. Three great developers really provides quality and variety to this site. Each of you bring a different approach to your games and that spices things up. I look forward to more from you in the future. I would be more than happy to contribute in any way possible.

  13. Wow Chaotic!!! I just checked out those new images on Tumblr. The images are fantastic!!! I am now officially a Crystal fan. But all of the older characters are REALLY improved. Crystal’s trainer is really hot.

  14. You don’t have to increase the influence of the other guys like Sebastian in the academy series the game is just fine as it is that would be one flaw in the academy part 2 for me when you had that MMF threesome I’d rather have an MFF threesome Thank you for your cooperation

  15. Desperately hoping for a threesome with Annie and Holly. I know they are enemies, but that would be extraordinary.

  16. hey guys, why am I getting this message when I try to play? I have been a paying member for a while now.

    You don’t have permission to access /members/academy3/begin.html on this server.
    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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