November 26th Update

From dsp3000 on The Academy : Part 3

Firstly, apologies for the delay on the blog update. This is purely down to me trying to fit too many things into my life. But better late than never.

I can report that ‘The Academy: Part Three’ is nearly, but not quite finished. However, I am on target for releasing the game next Friday 2nd December. This is the first time I have stated an actual release date so, barring catastrophe, I intend to to stick to it.

I currently have one final scene to complete plus a few loose ends to tidy up. The game is looking good and it will easily be the largest I have ever made. While size isn’t everything, I do hope that it will be considered my best work yet. I’ve paid close attention to critique on this and other forums in an attempt to improve on the way the story is told and the way the game can be played.

Even with a production schedule I have allowed myself the option to expand scenes where I thought it necessary to enrich the narrative and improve the gameplay. This of course means that once again my creative ambitions have exceeded my initial brief. In an attempt to temper my lack of restraint I even dropped one scene from my original plan for part three, and moved it to part four instead. It’ll fit better there anyway.

The game is still massive though; but hopefully in a good way.

Today the image count reached 1607 and, with the aforementioned work still to complete, I anticipate that part three will have close to 1700 images once finally finished. Some of these are included with this blog post.

I hope that nobody is too disappointed not to have a new game to play today, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth the wait”


academy3_sample30 academy3_sample29 academy3_sample28 academy3_sample27 academy3_sample26 academy3_sample25 academy3_sample24 academy3_sample23

Advent Calendar

The advent calendar will also be returning to the site for it’s fifth year. Look for it on the front page starting December 1st.

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  1. hello Dsp3000. I apologize for my impatience, but already looking forward to next week, to part 3 will be released. I’d love to sleep all week and woke up next Friday. Thank you

  2. Hello DSP3000, next Friday won’t come soon enough. Really looking forward to Part 3. And, personally, I hope you don’t constrain yourself to just a week (3 parts). It is a great story and the characters will have a lot of scope moving forward.

    1. It’s always been my intention to make this a five part game.
      So this will be part three of five.

      In other words you’ve already had Monday and Tuesday. Part three will be Wednesday and you should be able to complete the pattern for parts four and five.

      Although still a long way off, I have plenty of ideas for continuations and spin offs after I have completed all five episodes.

    1. I believe he may be adding some renders to the main one.

      Academy Part 3 is the main priority for him though, so we’ll have to see if he has the time.

      1. Indeed.
        I intend to create and send over a few images for Chaotic to include in this year’s advent calendar.
        I am looking forward to a couple of days off after next week first though.

        1. Hey here’s another idea. Why not add some photos to the tumblr? Since Chaotic doesn’t necessarily update it as much I’m sure he’ll be fine with maybe one or two photos.

          1. Yes. Also intend to do that once the current game is complete.

            I have a folder with well over 10,000 files in it just for part three of the Academy game.

            I shall trawl through all my hard drives and pick out a few test images and alternative angles etc from The Academy games and the Tara games.

            I have plenty to choose from.

  3. I’m wondering if you were planning on releasing an official walkthrough for the Academy games. A quick browsing of the internet hasn’t turned up much of anything in terms of answering how to access certain scenes and their hidden requirements, such as codes needed for previous episodes. Perhaps someone knows a good walkthrough I haven’t found yet? Otherwise I would appreciate one being made when someone gets the chance.

      1. no one bitched in here. I said that it’s not cool to not stick to the schedule. point out isn’t a trolling or bitching.

        1. He said, jokingly, that the game would be finished if he glued himslef into work. No one (except you, I think) thought that the game was coming yesterday…

        2. Matris, all you do is complain when things are not to your liking. The world does not revolve arround you and since you do not like how things work here, it’s logical to assume that the only reason you are here is simply to complain and be a pain in the ass.

          1. Chill out everyone.
            I’ve put in about 22 hours over this weekend. I’ll be doing at least another 12 tomorrow.

            Progress is good.
            Progress is positive.

  4. Hey dsp3000, thanks for the update, hearing there’s a release date more than makes up for the delay. Considering it’s a holiday weekend it’s perfectly understandable that you’d have a lot going on. Here’s hoping nothing causes a delay for next week’s anticipated release. I have no doubt it’ll be an amazing addition to the Academy series.

  5. Mmm, looks like we’ve got Holly and Amy, Bridgette and Jodie to contend with. Annie strikes me as a red herring, my bet is that her mother interrupts us before we get to have any real fun. Can’t wait for Friday!

  6. Thanks for the update, dsp3000! I am a bit disappointed Part 3 wasn’t able to come out today, but it’s understandable and expected since it’s a holiday weekend and these preview images have me more excited than anything else. On the notion that nothing will delay the game from here on, next Friday can’t get here quick enough!

  7. This is the schedule I assumed you were working for anyway. I’m looking forward to Friday. The images look great!

  8. Dear dsp 3000,

    Assuming that this new The Academy Part 3 would be release on next Friday, just want to check with you, what is the size of this episode 3 game, would it exceed more than 1GB+ as you mention that this game had lots of images as much as more than 1000 over images? Well is that Miss Bridgette in the women’s changing room, am I viewing her changing from my office through the view cam recorder?

    What is Sebastian doing with the pink woman’s undies? Does that undies belong to Megan? I guess there would be some meeting scenes with Principal Valentine, from the picture above, I see Principal Valentine talking with someone, does that means that Principal Valentine is talking about some adult stuff with the player or is it with Sebastian? Well I hope that I could get some clues from you Dsp 3000.

    Cannot wait to play this awesome game by next Friday, and to all fellow American citizens, Happy Thanks Giving Day and I hope you all enjoy yourselves.

  9. When it comes to release dates the creators on this site are accurate almost all of the time, even this time dsp3000 said he could have released it yesterday if he only worked on it instead of sleeping…
    In comparison to other creators in this business chaotic etc. are on point or maybe just a week off and are updating and blogging weekly.
    A slight change of schedule (which this time even isn’t a change) should be fine with everyone.

  10. Hi Dsp

    Thanks for the part about saving a post for part 4, it made me remember a question i had 🙂

    Are you going to make a threesome scene with Laura and her twin sister Alicia? That would be really awesome 😀

    1. Bridgette would tell you to study for your exams, whereas Annie would make sure you examined her instead.

    1. Well, in part 2 there were a number of codes from part 1 that opened various sections of the game. I also recorded about 6 different codes at the end of part 2. I would be willing to bet that these will open different sections of part 3.

      1. I think so too. Thanks so much for the information
        I do those codes in part 2 neposbíral power. Whenever I played the way I wanted, I still had in the end only one code

  11. I had already assumed the game would be released no earlier than next week, so I don’t even consider the announced release a delay. All I can say is I’m looking forward to it quite a bit!

  12. hi everyone

    I’m curious with the photo 5 with Bridgette in the office of the Principal Valentine I imagined that she sent him a photo of her naked (topless).

    I say that because there is another photo with didi ( update 11 November) .

    She looks at our character in astonishment and the computer is with a black screen.
    (Maybe our character did not want be caught)

    I make as many people I imagine scenes with the posted photos.
    While waiting for Friday
    good work dsp3000

    1. I don’t think so. Bridgette doesn’t seem to be the type to do such things without establishing a relationship first. But I could be wrong.

          1. She is Bridgette, in the previous updates you can see that she is at the left of the character at this table.

          2. hi Principle

            It is Bridgette who puts the hand on the leg of our character

            I’m sure ( Looks the moles) The green color of jackets can deceive us.
            There are two another elements which prove that it is Bridgette.
            The size of her chest ^^
            Look at the skirt of Bridgette
            the skirt is grey. ( Update 18 November Pics 3.5)
            If you look at the first photo ( Update 18 November)
            Look at chairs
            There is two one for Bridgette and one for our character.

  13. I know you can get away with a full blow job from Annie with out getting caught. But I always get caught any help??

      1. I have. But still end up past the meeting time. Is there a hidden “spot” I have to find instead of saying something? Every time I think I get it the principal walks in.

  14. Chaotic, Leanna’s face looks great. A small tweak, but I can’t think where, might be what it takes to make you happy. But she looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks.

      Which one though? The newer or the older?

      Or, to put it another way, the poolside one, or the beach one?

      1. I like the poolside slightly more. There is more definition in the cheekbones and the chin appears a little narrower (perhaps pointier). But that could just be the angle. Maybe ever so slightly larger pupils could help. I don’t know thought, Leanna’s eyes are really pretty. The problem is that I like both images. Your artwork is definitely far more realistic than anything we’ve seen before.

  15. Chaotic, the latest pictures are fantastic (posing in studio and in bikini). Can’t wait to see her in action.

    Any updates on April and Violet part 2?

    Is it Friday yet?

  16. the most important this friday is the release of the academy part 3 ^^

    the advent calendar begins tomorrow

  17. Can someone give me the codes plz. I lost all the ones I got. Or can you guys just post the walkthroughs plz

        1. Part Two Codes:

          Part One Codes

          Hmm i think thats all of them

  18. Still on track for Friday release? Looking forward to playing the game and hittin the sack and then going to bed

  19. sound like annie is the bitch one…. i expected someone else to be the bitch girl to be honest. someone who look simple and traditional.

    but maybe i m just too much in my dreams and cliché XD

  20. Got a feeling I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to play the game. It’s 6:30pm over here 🙁

  21. I was hoping to download the game before i goes to work, i begin at 02:00 pm, sadly i can´t… 🙁

  22. The zip file was uploaded. Just change “academy2” to “academy3” in the url to download academy2. 🙂

    1. It went live at about 12noon GMT. You can thank Chaotic for uploading it so quickly.
      It did take me several hours to transfer the file over to Chaotic so props to him for getting it onto the site so efficiently.

      I assume the blog will be updated soon too.

      Hopefully none of the files or images were corrupted in the transfer. Seems to all be working okay so far.

      Probably time I got some sleep though now.

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