November 11th Update

This week, more from dsp3000 on Academy : Part 3…

It’s November already and this time last year I was busy completing ‘Tara: Part Three’. I was also in the early planning stages of ‘The Academy’ series of games. I’m now over halfway through my current five game Academy project and, coincidentally, I have already started planning what I’m going to do next.
I have a few ideas that I’m developing, some more likely to happen than others. While I do like reading the blog for critique and for inspiration; I can’t promise to incorporate everything into my games. But keep all the feedback and ideas coming and you just might get what you ask for.

In case anybody thinks that planning new games before I’ve finished my current ones is a bad thing… Don’t worry; I am still fully committed to completing the Academy games and making them as great as I know they can be. Fitting such a labour intensive project into my spare time isn’t easy and sometimes the game format can be limiting and frustrating especially in terms of telling a story. Despite this I am still enjoying working on it when I can.

Last week’s update was actually written a few weeks ago, so this week I can report that I am actually closer to completing ‘The Academy: Part Three than you might have expected. The image count as of today has leapt up to 1258 and I have just two major scenes to complete plus a few linking sequences and a few other images.

As such I am fairly confident that with another two weeks work I will have it completed. Add another week for testing and it’s very likely that this game will be ready to be released at the end of November.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot, so please don’t ask. That said, here are a few more images to give you a taste of what to expect.”


academy3_sample10 academy3_sample11 academy3_sample12 academy3_sample13 academy3_sample14 academy3_sample15 academy3_sample16

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  1. hi there, your games and ideas are great. how about turning the tables on the dominant principal and dominating her with a blackmail story or even a 3 some with with principal and her daughter? i’ sure those ideas could be introduced. just an idea. have fun……

  2. As far as things I like vs dislike about your games, I’d say the best quality of your games is that you carry over characters, including the Player Character, between your games. This helps world build and gives time for the player to grow attached to the other characters more, as well as giving characters less of a “one and done” style.

    Things that I wouldn’t mind you changing would simply be the gameplay format. Having everything run by the clock makes repeating playthroughs difficult to understand and perform successfully. If you changed it so that the story progressed based on the order of your choices, rather than a built in clock system that bases everything on when your choices are made, I think the game would be more accessible and fun to play repeatedly.

    Also it seems that sometimes there are great scenes or variations on scenes that tend to be “bad”, in the sense that pursuing them often results in a game over or missing important content later down the road. Particulary with The Academy series, some scenes that are great result in disasterous consequences, making them much less enjoyable. While it is refreshing to see consequences for your choices, sometimes there are just too many negative consequences.

    These are just my two cents though, take everything I said with a grain of salt. I feel you are making the best games on this site, and I can’t wait for whatever comes next. Thanks for all the work you are putting in!

  3. hello dsp3000. again today I got outplayed second part is a really great game. I’m looking forward to part 3 (the pictures are beautiful and my imagination is working at full speed, how things will develop further). yet do any other game, dukud not finish the whole academy. This is so far the best game I’ve ever played. I keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Hi DSP3000. I am really looking forward to Part 3. I really like the complexity of the Academy series. It adds a lot to the fun of “figuring it out.” This also improves replay to find additional paths. I also like the way that you introduce characters, develop them and tease us for the next part.

    Using characters in previous games provides a continuity to the game play. Chaotic has done this effectively as well. It gives the players something to look forward to. You feel that you already know them and that there is a continuing story that develops around them.

    Really looking forward to part 3. Can’t wait until the end of November. Thanks for the new images. Some of these present real teasers in trying to figure out how they will fit into the game story.

  5. Thanks dsp3000, great images! Perhaps Didi seems a bit ‘too skinny in the last pic?
    I really hope there will be opportunities to look at cleavages or up the skirts of the characters 😉 i love when it happen, sometimes these moments are more erotic than a sex scene imho!!
    I hope we can “know” a little better Jodie too, she’s my favourite character, after bridgette!

    Have fun and thank you!!

    1. I can see what you are saying about Didi appearing skinny.
      Bridgette and Megan both have quite a bit more meat on them, so alongside those two Didi does look really quite slight.

      There is a character guide in the ‘help’ section of the members area where you can compare the vital statistics of all the characters in the Academy series.

      1. Maybe, but look at the legs and feet, they seem oddly small, like Didi is some kind of anorexic model

  6. Is it just me, or does Holly’s head look abnormally small in that picture of her in the doorway? Really looking forward to the game and seeing all your lovely ladies again, though I get the feeling you’re going to tease us with Bridgette until the very last part.

    1. It’s just the jacket, it looks bulky on her so that might be why. Doesn’t really matter since she is most likely going to remove it, at least I hope so, wink, wink.

    1. Faye is one of Chaotic’s characters and not one of mine.
      She won’t be appearing in the Academy series.

  7. Is this the last part of the academy series ? and are the 2 sisters in academy part 2 ending will be included in part 3 ?

    1. In the post above it says that this is the third of five for the Academy series and if you are talking about Laura and Alicia, I’m not dsp so I don’t know about Laura but the first screenshot of this post is of Alicia.

  8. Any chance of adding a weekend to the end of academy such as laura and Alicia have a sleepover birthday party where they and all the other girls (holly, amy, lauren and their group of friends play a lot of games to flirt with you at the party and also new character laura and Alicia’s mom

    1. i bet on … hmmm….hmmmm…. based on old episodes and in the way things go, i think we probably can have sex with 3 or 4 girls in this episodes. i talk about long sex scene of course… about flirting progress i bet for more like 8
      probably something like :

      4 girls full sexe scene
      3 girls semi sex scene (handjob, cumshot)
      8 flirt way

      its maybe all wrong, but that just my own opinion based on others episodes 😛

      i would like to DSP3000 to say if i m close or if i m far away from the truth :D, come on please , tell me if i have all wrong or right XD

      1. You are not far off with those statistics.

        I’d hate to think that this game will be that predictable though.

        1. well its a good point to be predictable.. now i know that the next part will be cool ^^

          that not mean you make always the same things etc.. i put a small part of luck in my stats too XD

  9. Can we go out with Brigitte in the third part?
    I mean at the end of the second part Brigitte invited us to a meeting, is this going to happen in the third part?

    1. Not intentionally. I think it’s just the way things are working out right now. There’s lots of tests to show in preparation for Crystal, so there’s lots to show for now.

  10. Hoping for more stuff and scene with Sebastian and the guard guy made for an interesting thing.

  11. Dear Sir dsp 3000 & Chaotic,

    Well, I wish to congratulate you guys for launching April & Violet, Date with Anna, & The Academy game part 2, all of these games were marvelous.

    Just hope that you could fulfill my request, I do agree with Mr. Billy’s opinion whereby he did mention in this blog before that we should turn the table round for Principal Valentine’s character part. Instead of she being in control and dominating before in the 2 episodes of The Academy game, this time the player control and dominate her by providing her the blackmail scene part where she gave a blowjob scene to the player in the medical rest room and the oral sex scene with Sebastian in the store room.

    By turning the table round this time, I am sure your game would be more interesting, please provide more sex scenes in this The Academy game part 3. Could you please provide some tips for Bridgette part, would there be lots of sex scenes with Bridgette and Megan?

    Well I hope so, and if it is possible, could you please insert some sounds with great effects during the sex scenes, as Sir Chaotic had created some Virtual Date Games with sound effects in some sex scenes. With great sound effects, your game would be more outstanding and cool.

    Well, just hope to receive more updates and tips for the up coming The Academy game part 3, please don’t make us feel disappointed with the new The Academy game part 3, as it must be more interesting than Part 1 & 2. We cannot wait to have great news from you Sir Chaotic and Dsp 3000.

    Thank you.

    David Ong
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

      1. I think so, bless him. I would have thought by now that people would realise how much time it would take to add audio files and add entire new scenes just a couple weeks before release (plus writing an entire blackmail storyline would have to be a part of the next two instalments). Creating games like these are time-consuming, he should try making is own game to find out how hard it can be.

        1. This dude is always on some “Sir Chaotic” “Sir dsp3000” shit lol. just talk normal man

          1. English is obviously not his first language, probably not his second or third either. He’s just trying to be overly polite.

          2. some peoples have good manners.. its always appreciate to see this kind of peoples are still alive around in the world.
            i know how good it is to get this kind of message about your work, i like this alots myself when somone talk like this about my work

  12. Hey dsp3000 glad you’re giving Megan a lot more screen time. We can finally know a lot more about her character than before. This is going to happen right?

    Another thing, you know how last episode you either side with Annie or Violet at the near end of the lesson. Are the codes you put in going to affect which girl likes you more and what special scenes will play out for which code you put in? It does sound interesting when you think about that.

  13. Hi,

    I have supported this game from episode 1, I am really happy with dsp3000 project, I have noticed how he is progressing better in any new episode. I hope finally… If there is possibility to play with Bridgette or Amy (you know just like Holly in epi2), those are my favorites :), would you mind to give me a hint? :0

    Also my b-day is on november 29th I hope to receive this release as a gift hahaha xD.

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