November 18th Update

More from dsp3000 on the Academy : Part 3

Progress has been reasonably good over the past week and the image count for the third episode of ‘The Academy’ series is approaching 1400. I still have a couple of significant scenes to complete so it’s looking very much like I will easily break the 1500 image mark with this game. This would make part three the biggest game I have yet made.

Speaking of image counts, I should perhaps add that I count an animated gif files as a single image when I compile a final image number. The thing about animated files is that they are usually made up of between 5 and 50 rendered images. Bearing in mind that about ten percent of my images per game tend to be animated means that I actually have to produce far more renders than the final image count suggests. Why am I telling you this…? I don’t know, perhaps it’s just me justifying why it takes so long to produce each game.

So along with endlessly rendering out images, I can now begin to see the end of the process, and start to think about release dates. If I don’t sleep, work on nothing else and glue myself to a computer for the next seven days then I might just finish everything. More realistically it’s looking like at least another two weeks but hopefully no more than three weeks work to complete and test everything.

This episode is necessarily complex. As the story builds up and more and more stuff happens, it all needs to compliment the overall narrative.Part three is turning out to be a really critical episode in terms of the story so far and setting up what happens in the next two episodes.

There is also plenty of sex, and as your reputation and influence level builds, there are more opportunities to get away with some fairly outrageous stuff without getting caught. You will also find out about the characters, conflicts, pacts and secrets which operate in the Academy, and begin to see which sides you can choose to take.

Everyone has secrets.


academy3_sample17 academy3_sample18 academy3_sample19 academy3_sample20 academy3_sample21 academy3_sample22

24 thoughts to “November 18th Update”

  1. Looking good, but don’t you think that something is off with Jodie? The angle of her right leg below the knee is… kinda weird, no?

  2. Excellent, we’ll expect a finished game next week, then. I’d recommend an animal glue of some kind, won’t tear too badly when you eventually pull away from the computer and you can eat the bits that flake off for extra protein if you get hungry.

    Seriously, what you’ve shown us looks great and you’re getting better by leaps and bounds with each new game. Take as much time as you need for polish, my box of tissues and I will find something else to occupy our time until you finish. I worry a bit about your endgame, though, at this rate part 5 is going to be insanely complex.

  3. If you haven’t checked out Chaotic’s tumblr page lately, DO! his latest Crystal image is fantastic.

  4. Happy to see that part 3 is nearly here.
    I’m curious on how the story is evolving. Will there be a path where you get sex scenes with all the girls or it’s requires to play it multiple times to get everything? Also, will we see characters from Tara in The Academy, like Maddison coming to visit Maria?
    Thank you in anticipation for the answers, looking forward on this.

  5. Take your time and make sure it’s a product you are proud of, dsp. Don’t rush just because you said you thought it’d be done by Day XYZ.

  6. Dear Dsp 3000 & Chaotic,

    Take your time for another 2 or 3 weeks is fine for me, better take your time and have more time to complete and deliver a more interesting and stunning game instead of rushing with time and create a game that would lack some interesting stuffs. Don’t you agree with me guys and girls and fellow strong vdate games supporters?

    Just some mystery questions I would like to know according to these images rendered in this blog before the game is release soon, Bridgette and Didi in, is it a restaurant outside from The Academy? A date with Bridgette and Didi? Can I have a threesome sex with Bridgette and Didi? Principal Valentine holding an I phone on her hand, does that means that the player himself or Sebastian had sent some photos of her having sex in The Academy area? Would there be any blackmailing sex with Principal Valentine? She must obey to have sex with the player or Sebastian in order to get her sex video clips back in return.

    Is that Megan going into to the shower room or to the gym? Does that means that Megan invite you to have sex with her in the shower room or in the gym area?

    I appreciate your hard work in completing this Academy game part 3 soon, I understand that it is not easy to create a game online, and also I wish to apologize for pestering or pressuring you for the release of The Academy game part 3 soon, but this is because I cannot wait to play with an outstanding game soon.

    On your November 11th update in the blog post, base on the 7 images shown, may I know from the 1st image, is that Didi? The girl with long hair wearing a black spectacles sitting in a room with 2 books on the conference table, is this girl Didi or she would be a new character being introduce to the Academy Part 3 game soon?

    Would there be any date and sex scenes with Jodie too? You mention that there would be lots of sex scenes in this Academy part 3 game, does that means that you can have sex with a few other girls and not just stick to only 1 girl character in 1 game only?

    Hope to hear more from you soon and thank you for the update soon.

    1. That black-haired girl with glasses sitting at the table, Laura’s sister (Patricia). We already showed in the second dílu.Tam was without glasses

  7. Do any of the characters change their hair style? Seems like Bridgette would look nice with her hair down.

    1. She does look very nice with her hair down.
      I’ve already tried it.

      Bridgette wears her hair tied back when she is working.
      You won’t only get to see her at work though.

  8. Dear Jurasek454,

    Thank you for the info about Laura’s sister, she looks hot too and she looks a bit similar to Didi too. The only thing that is different from this girl who is Laura’s sister is that her hair is not bundle from the back like Didi, and when she is with glasses she looks quite a like Didi, does she has a name too?

    Lots of sexy and super hot girls appearing in The Academy part 3 game, wow, I feel really happy now.

    Thank you so much again.

    1. Her name is Alicia. She’s Laura’s twin sister and she was introduced at the end of part two.
      In that image she has her glasses on.

  9. I know that I may be alone in this but will you have any sort of incest in your game, I mean I would really like to see Laura and Alicia get dirty with each other and the Principle getting it on with Annie.

      1. I think a more pertinent question would be why would I introduce a pair of twin sisters and a mother and daughter as characters?

        The possibility is there but not just for the sake of it.

        1. That is exactly why I asked, the sister could share the character but the mother and daughter I think would be more BDSM based with the mother tied up while the character plays around with the daughter and then they both move on the mother. Just a few possibilities right there 😀

          1. Hi dsp3000

            Principal Valentine BDSM outsuit with Annie (maybe a great idea)
            (A longer scene as the game the photographer part 2)

            I love this game and dsp3000 you make a great work .

            but my only regret it isn’t to have characters who must be present in a game as the academy teachers nurses others …

            I think that dsp3000 you didn’t want to create characters like that for your game but we are in an academy and it is strange because we don’t see these characters.

            Example for the work that Holly has to make(shooting photo)
            Somebody has probably to ask to make this work.

            You think of creating new characters in the futur parts dsp3000.

            We know that the work which you have to make is very long but thank you for creating us this games ^^ .

  10. Looks amazing as always. Speaking for myself I think if it were to be easier and less work for you I would scrap the animated scenes. If it takes 5-50 images seems like a lot of effort and personally they don’t do much more for me than a simple pic would. Just my .02

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