November 21st – Virtual Date Games 3D

Hi Everyone. It’s me, Chaotic. I know the emphasis right now on the site is Academy : Part 3, and I don’t want to take too much attention away from it, but I really want to do a small mid week post today to get some feedback on some ideas I’ve had. I started a thread on the new lagoon forum, but I want to get as much feedback as possible, so, I’m going to post here too.

Since Academy Part 3 is going to be released a week later than I had scheduled, I allowed myself Friday afternoon to return to Unity3D and experiment. Things look really good there these days. I’ve got a ton of locations, nearly all of which are ready to use in a full game.

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4 preview5 preview6 preview7 preview8 preview9 preview10

I feel like the main reason I still haven’t put together a 3D game yet is that I still can’t quite decide what format the game should take. Should it just be a 3D version of one of my regular date games? Maybe, but they already exist. To make a game in 3D, it has to be worth the effort. If all of the content is just what I could have in a 2D game, then what’s the point?

So, here’s a list of format scenarios, each with their own polls. Let me know what you think.

Custom dates 

This is the main idea I came up with that’s made me enthusiastic.

A date, but with a character you can fully significantly customize. That’s certainly something that can’t be done in my regular 2D games. Don’t expect a level of customization that you’d see in, say, Fallout 4, but I could certainly set it up so that you can pick :

  • Face shape/structure
  • Body shape, including breast size
  • Skin color
  • Hair style
  • Maybe fashion style

I could also have you select personality, name, and should it be voiced, I’d give a few options for how she sounds. This might be a good way to include some more niche preferences without it being something everyone has to use, such as mature characters, particularly skinny ones, or particularly large ones.

My only real reservation with this is that I feel many players would really want to date their favorites, but in a 3D environment, such as Maddison or Rachel. One way around this could be to have established characters as the threesome options. So, while dating your custom date, you can run into Crystal working at the pool, or Rachel working a stripper, then persuade them to join you. Basically the same as Maddison or Rachel Part 3.

Which format do you prefer?

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Just dating the established characters  

You could either explore the game locations, find characters, then ask them out, or maybe pick the person you want to date from a phone and meet them somewhere. Either way, it would be regular dating scenarios, but in 3D this time.

The biggest problem with this will be coming up with 5 or more different ways that a date would progress in a certain location. Can there really be that many different ways that going to a pool with Crystal, Maddison or Erica can play out? I can see myself struggling with ideas.

It’s something I’ve done many times before. Having it all set in a 3D environment however will probably present fun, new ways of doing things.

I could also make it a combination of established and new characters.

Should I just stick to the regular stuff?

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Episodic releases

Similar to above, but each date is released desperately.

Episode 1 : Date Crystal 3D

Episode 2 : Date Maddison 3D

Episode 3 : Date Rachel 3D

It would certainly give me time to come up with new ideas for how the dates can have different things happen, but at the same location. Basically, just a 3D version of what I’ve done many times before though.

What do you say to Crystal stripping on stage at a strip club?

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Pool Party

There’s a WIP adult game also made with Untiy3D that’s been going for a while now. It called house Party and you can download and play it here if you wish :

The plot has you joining a neighbors house party and trying to make naughty things happen. You can persuade the charters to get naked and…other things I’m told. I actually had trouble progressing with the plot for this game (if someone can give me a walkthrough, or at least tell me where the whip-its are, I’d be very grateful :)) .

Anyway, I could do a pool party game quite similar to this. 5 or 6 established characters (or maybe new ones) could all be invited to a pool party at your house. You can explore, help the guests, resolve any conflicts between them, give them all excuses to get naked etc.

This seems like something where making it in 3D seems worth it. It also wouldn’t be too big, or take too long to make.

What is your preference for how many times you can have sex in one playthough?

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Would you be OK with Crystal 3 not having a threesome? Note : There will still a nude scene with Erica and Crystal.

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A combination of some

I like the idea of a custom date, but I also get that fans of the various characters would want to see them. So how about 2 story modes?

Mode 1 would be the date with a custom character, along with familiar characters as options for the threesomes.

Mode 2 would basically be a remake of the first Photographer game. You explore the various locations, find characters, persuade them to partake in a photoshoots, probably by completing a small quest for them. It can then end in sex for them, either during the photoshoot, or at a party later.

Or maybe just a game that’s a remake of the original Photographer game.

Final Poll

So, looking at all of those options and their variants, if you could only have one, what would it be?

Would you be OK with this game not having a threesome?

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I’m also very interested in hearing any of your own ideas. To be blunt though, when I say this, I’m not really looking for storylines. I’m looking for ideas where the logistics of the gameplay would fit well with a 3D environment. Maybe something that uses exploration well, for instance.

Or, of course, I’m also interested in just hearing your thoughts on the idea of a 3D game in general. What does everyone think?


65 thoughts to “November 21st – Virtual Date Games 3D”

  1. How about a few cop stories and maybe prison stories.

    1. You play a cop and you interact with the world. Depending on your actions, you become more corrupt he r less corrupt. Some characters, lik criminals and maybe guards, are easier to fuck. Other cops more difficult. The end result determin s of you have sex with the mayor or wth the crime lord, both hot women
    2. You date a cop and have to help her get more wild and over t of her strict nature.
    3. You are the new prison guard at an all female prison. You can have sex with the other guards and the prisoners. Work your way to fuck the warden.

    That’s all I have for now in my head

  2. I really like these ideas! Especially the one with the custom character and the pool party.
    I would suggest having videos instead of pictures at some parts of the game. For example: They start dancing at a party. A video would be great for this one since it would be accompanied by music and voices and all that stuff to make it more realistic.

    1. Well, the idea is to have a full 3D environment, so hopefully there won’t be any pictures or videos at all. 🙂

  3. I was thinking something like the Lesson of Passion games (but in 3D) where there are several girls (new and established) that you have to raise their lust and friendship with you but, you can only do a certain number of things per day (IE energy bar or time bar) over the course of 30, 50, or 100 days. something like (but not exactly) this.

    also like these games where you have to earn money and buy items to advance.

  4. Dear Chaotic,

    All of your suggestions were great for gearing up to a new phase of 3D games, some of my suggestions would be : –

    1. For the beginning stage of your 3D game, why not start with solo date game first by
    episodes like you had suggested A Virtual date for Rachel, Maddison, and Crystal. Give it a
    start and observe first and see how it goes by, after receiving further feedback from players,
    change game story & plots for the negative and poor feedback from players and add in
    more sex and date scenes from the positive feedback from players.
    2. After using back the old and established female characters in 3D mode, then only progress
    to using new female characters.
    3. In fact, I have a few suggestions for a new Virtual Date Game 3D like: –

    a. A Date With A Policewoman, Officer Kelly
    b. A Date With A Military babe, Lieutenant Tanya
    c. A Date With A Pornstar, Amber
    d. A Date With An Air Stewardess, Miley
    e. A Date With A Japanese Race Queen, Hikari Kasumi
    f. A Date With A Female Celebrity, Kimberly
    g. A Date With A Businesswoman, Ivory
    h. A Date With A Stripper, Alyssa

    4. Other ideas I would like to suggest & share other than A Virtual Date 3D game would be : –

    a. Full Throttle : A complete Sports Car racing game, whereby the player who wins the race
    gets to date the female car racer and also can have sex with her or he can also choose,
    whether to date the female driver who losses the race or date the pit stop girl after the car
    race and have sex with her too, or suggest having a threesome sex with the female driver
    and the pit stop girl.
    b. Fishing Fun : A complete fishing game competition where A Few Guys and Babes fishing
    nude on board a yacht and having fun with each other, fishing, drinking, party on board,
    sex on board, sightseeing on the beach, beach sports, swimming, scuba diving, sun bathing
    nude on the beach, nude volleyball game and swimming and snorkeling nude in the sea.

    Well so far, these are a few of my suggestions that I wish to propose to you Mr. Chaotic, what do you think about it? I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.


    1. i would also ask for some “petite” … hey ! easy there , i not talk about bad things ^^ but some more small girls. i mean, actually (maybe its just me) all the girls look the same size and thats weird

  5. Sounds pretty ambitious, Chaotic.

    It’s been sounding for a long time like you really want to push the envelope with something, but you’ve never quite found the right idea that you like. Are you thinking making your audience can help you out more in that respect?

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty much the idea.

      I love the idea of a 3D game, but nothing I’ve ever come up with seems completely right.

  6. Chaotic, please don’t get me wrong, I really like where you are going with this. But doesn’t this sound a bit like 3D Sexvilla2 with a better storyline? Well, OK, almost any storyline would be an improvement over 3D SexVilla2. I love the story lines available in games from this site. That is ONE of the things that make them so good. Anyway, the custom date idea just reminded me of that other game. It can be fun, but please keep the story in the game.

    1. 3D sexvilla2 didnt have story at all tbh lol

      also, i doubt its close to that, 3DSV2 allow to choose the girls, the poses and hop !
      its typically a porn game, nothing else.

      for me, VDG is not a porn game, but more a romantic/erotic game, even if they are sex scenes, its still not something that consider woman as sex toys like in 3DSV2

      cant explain my point of view on this, but i think you can get it 🙂 , its not like :

      “hey whats up maddison ? lets fuck ! (instantly in the bed already fuck)

      here its more “realist”, flirt and all, not a girl in a blink

  7. Hmm… I’ve probably been watching too much AHS lately, but would some sort of haunted building or Egyptian temple work? Something with a few puzzles and a girl or 3 that is very greatful you’re there to help them?

    1. Dude… isn’t that why Chaotic made the April and Violet series? I mean mysterious motel, 3 girls, and an apparent dude with a sword hahaha

  8. now thats a big list of pool (or poll, i forget how to write this)

    i still get stuck at the last one, i choosed

    Two combined. Date with custom woman, but also Photographer mode with lots of established chracters

    but for me, i not see (or understand) the big difference with

    Custom date woman, but with established characters in threesomes

    my mind think the first one allow foursome or orgy group ( thats what i see as difference tbh, i have no idea if i got it right)

    anyway, i freaking love the idea of 3D incoming…
    but its different if you want “full 3D” or “passive 3D” (thats how i call that), i mean

    full 3D : all in 3D and allowed to control movement of character (like in video games rpg)

    passive 3D : all in 3D but no direct movement (more like clic for move like in your actual games)

  9. Hi Chaotic!

    you can find the whip-its in the fridge, your looking for the whipped cream in a can!

    If your playing the newest free version, open up the fridge and crouch down twice, its very easy to miss

  10. Hi Chaotic,

    very nice ideas!
    Speaking for myself, my main motivation in your games is to find some “new girls” and the thrill to get into their pantys 😀 If I customize these girls, the whole fun is over at the very beginning!
    Did you think of VR already? I don´t know how hard it is to do in unity but maybe it would be the next step.

    1. Well, the idea with the customization is that everything would be censored. You can pick breast size, but you don’t get to see the character naked without playing the game.

  11. Yo chaotic, was just wondering if you could fit some mmf threesomes in there, like when you’re trying to pursuit a slut or something. Or a gangbang of some sorts where a slut just uses you (the protagonist) and a bunch of other men to satisfy herself. Either way would love anything that’s out of the norm and kinky-ish (Like blackmail or some weird ass shit idk let your imagination go wild). Like your recent game, gotta love where you’re heading with the weird magic shit going on in April and Violet. Thanks for the consistent hardwork man keep it up.

    1. It’s possible. The main reason I haven’t included them before though is that I’m just nov really into those scenarios.

      1. I get what you are saying, if you are not into something it’s not easy writing up a scene or story about it.
        But i also think that you should try it atleast 1 time, to see if you can make it work, since it is a fairly widespread fetish. Maybe it’s not as bad as you have thought 😀
        Listening to the opinions on the scene afterwards will give the answer for you to continue with mmf or to stop it.

  12. You got good ideas and Instincts and your doing Great. Keep making Games that please you and that you’d Enjoy. Personal I enjoy the Threesomes and Foursomes and some Petite Girls would be a Fun Addition. I like the Pool Party idea and would like a Camp or Outdoors type Scenario in the Future.

  13. So many good ideas I almost couldn’t choose, almost everyone seems enthusiastic about every idea. The options for future photographer games seem exciting given the new 3d environment and the possibilities for variations in clothing, posing, location, models and angles.

    I’m not sure if it’s the kind of idea you are looking for, but what about an option for the player to use their in-game phone to see augmented reality messages within the environment leading players to hidden locations and events. It would make use of the 3d environment and promote exploration without it being entirely baseless, though to be honest I don’t know what you are looking for idea-wise since I am not sure how the new gameplay is going to work yet.

  14. Hey man, you are probably already aware of this, but I would just like too let you know just in case: to be able to use 3D model of Daz 3D, you need an indie or commercial license to be able to use there 3D model in a game

    P.s: keep up the good work

  15. How about you a different take on photographer. You start the same but have to get them to make a porno.

  16. How about some ancient or medieval theme games? I know there is already one. But that has gotten quite dated now. A newer one could be nice.

  17. Office setting initially, romanceable characters would be your co-worker, boss, receptionist, etc. Plot is everyone’s hands on deck to complete a big project before the year end. You can visit various locales to de-stress throughout the course of completing this project thus taking advantage of all the locations you’ve created. Finale is a big office party with a variety of sexy scenarios. New characters would be a plus but I’d also like to see more of the girls that rarely get used; Zoe, Jess, Emma.

      1. Eh…maybe but I always saw Sarah as a game about coming out of your shell that just so happened to take place in an office. What I’m thinking is a game like Office Party taken to the next level where you can build influence over the course of several breaks or “dates” with some sexy interludes and finally build up to the finale.

  18. I was wondering about one of your older game Leilani. I believe that the mystery woman is Betsy when she is older. If I’m wrong just wondering why she hasn’t return

  19. Auf Date With great similar looking celebs, please German celebs as favorits. ….thanks Go ahead

  20. The only additional thing I could ask for is more incest in your games, other than that all your ideas are great and I leave it up to you to decide which path you take. Good look Chaotic

  21. House Party

    The Whip-It can be found my using your hand (Ctrl) to grab stuff and move it on the second shelf in the fridge.

    Once you have the whip-it, you can ask Stephanie to dance topless. She will if you get her booze – there is a bottle of wine hidden in the bottom of the closet in the laundry room upstairs.

    You can then ask her to come with you for a good time. She refused me, I guess I missed a step somewhere.

    Once she is dancing naked, you can tell Brittney, the huge-breasted girl upstairs, about it and she’ll relax enough to wander around the party.

    Once you get Madison’s phone, you can give it to her sister Ashley. Ashley will help you crack it if you get her Madison’s diary. To get this, go upstairs, get the pencil from the desk on the bedroom on the far left and the paper from the desk with the mac in the next room. Go to Madison’s room, find the big hardback book on a set of drawers. Use the paper on that and the pencil on the paper to get the code. Then go to the safe in the walk-in wardrobe and open it. Make sure you do this when Madison is downstairs or she’ll know and freak out. Ashely lets you open the phone and look at the pictures, you can then give it back to Madison without her knowing.

    It’s worth talking to all the girls, because once you’ve even said hi to one, you can go and talk to the others about them, some of these dialogues seem to raise their relationship with you,

    If you stand behind her and click around a bit, you can target Ashley’s dress and tamper with it; this reveals her tits and makes her mad. She wanders off to fix it.

    If you close the door in the en suite from the main bedroom, the painkillers are on a shelf the door would hide when open. You can give them to Patrick, but he didn’t do anything for me after this.

    You can “borrow” Madison’s camera from the walk-in wardrobe in her room. I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet though.

    You can tamper with the thermostat in the kitchen. I don’t know what this does.

    There is a mysterious key on the table with the vase in the kitchen. I’ve read that it opens a bedside locker, but I can’t figure out which one.

    You can get Frank to knock Patrick out by telling him that he’s drunk. I haven’t found a benefit to doing this.

  22. Don’t worry about too much voice acting. It can be cringy and takes time away from more important aspects of the game

  23. So I went through house party and the reason theres no walkthrough is because the game is barely a game. I really enjoy the mechanics of the game though. If you want to have this on your games I would suggest that you have more or dialog system as house party is very jumbled with how interactions happen. Also I like the idea of having 2 storys to one game. Im eager to see what you put out in the coming months.

  24. hey chaotic ! i got an idea !

    you should create an very short demo for this 3D, just something simple like we are in a place with 1 girl and we can walk around and talk with the girl.

    you see, maybe this look like a shitty demo but i think its a good way to give us some ideas about it and give you some feedback

    all i need (and think i can say “all we need”) is to see how the place will look, how the girls will look and how you are going to put the dialogs inside.
    once we see that, we see everything, and you can do whatever you want, we will know how it will look when finish with a best story and lots of girls XD

  25. hi chaotic

    You will put a solution for the game Violet and April part 1 in member area

    and You have news of the game the academy part 3

    1. Are you trying to hypnotize Chaotic? You are getting sleepy….sleepy….. You will obey my commands…

  26. For house party the whip-its are in the fridge. Use the hand-grab tool by pressing ctrl to move the other food out of the way. Hope this helps!

    1. Not sure yet. It mostly depends on how much it will cost to make.

      I would certainly like to release it for free though.

  27. dsp 3000 disappointed me. the end of the month and part 3 is not finished. promises to be observed. I promise if anything, it will keep If I should die (without paying). mrzmí me that makes people just kidding

  28. “There’s a WIP adult game also made with Untiy3D that’s been going for a while now. It called house Party and you can download and play it here if you wish :

    Ok, so I played this game, and let me tell you, if your 3D game is as great as this, it’d be an instant hit! As far as this particular game, I played through it and it’s unfinished, so there’s no sex lol 🙁

    But basically here’s what I did
    – Got every item in the house
    – Key in the kitchen (don’t know what its for)
    – towel in downstairs bathroom counter
    – bottle of chardonnay in upstairs laundry room closet
    – pain killers in main bedroom bathroom behind the door
    – pencil in the spare bedroom
    – paper in the study room
    – whipped cream behind chicken nuggets in the fridge (press ctrl to take out your hand and move items)
    – turned up temperature in the living room (don’t know what its for)

    – then I talked to everyone
    – Madison says to get her phone (DONT GIVE HER IT)
    – Talk to her sister Ashley, she mentions how Madison pranks her
    – Give Ashley her phone
    – Go upstairs to main bedroom, inspect the book on the dresser, then go open the safe and get the diary
    – give it to Ashley
    – go to inventory and look at Madison’s nudes before you give her the phone back
    – give her the phone, ask for reward
    – talk to Ashley to get her naked
    – I put the clothes in the washer here, but try to give them to Madison before.

    Then its pretty much a dead end once Ashley is naked. I also got Stephanie naked by flirting then giving her the whipped cream. Then asking her to dance topless. Then giving her Chardonnay. The merlot bottle can be taken if you have Frank fight the guy upstairs. If you offer Stephanie merlot, it increases her score too

      1. You need to get Madison’s diary from the safe, then give it to Ashley. You should then have the code.

          1. Ya, it’s pretty incomplete though. You can tell Frank that Madison’s cousin is drinking upstairs, and he’ll go K.O him with one punch.

            But when I gave Madison’s cousin the pain killers, he took wayyyyy more punches from Frank, but still eventually got K.O’d

            I think it’s possible he can knock frank out. Because Madison mentions wanting Frank gone. And her cousin punched him a few times but kept getting stuck against the wall in my play through , which let Frank constantly hit him lol. But I think if it would’ve played through, Frank could’ve got knocked out.

            Other than that, the game is unfinished as far as I know

  29. My two cents: Ultimately, I think one of the best uses of the 3D environment would be to enable the player (with customized avatar) to meet and date various people. If all of the existing 2D dates were just converted into 3D dates in this manner (which I realize would not be easy/quick/simple), I believe it could make for an excellent experience. Having the freedom to explore during the date would be fun. You could meet other girls, some who might want to join you, and others who would not. While you would have freedom to go anywhere, only the locations you and the date discuss would have any real content available, other than just looking at the environment and brief conversations with other girls.

  30. Adding a voice actor would add so much to your story lines.

    Also, I’ve always hoped for a JOI challenge game where you must follow the characters instructions. Get rewarded by completing challenges.

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