September 23rd Updtae

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Anna is now now available in the members section, for download or online play.


MrStomper has adjusted the images so that the entire game is about 815MB, much smaller than was previously mentioned.

I hope you all enjoy playing the game.

Next week, I’ll be returning to updates over my own games and lots of news that I think you’re going to like.

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  1. Don’t know if it’s a bug or part of the game, but at the first checkpoint I had 230 influence. Upon entering my apartment (the only option) my influence dropped to 220. Does that mean I should have picked the bar instead–even though my influence went up when I suggested going to my apartment?

      1. Yes. Bad move? On another play, I was able to get 250 influence in the first scene (no gain in lust). I don’t know if that is the maximum or not. In the next scene, I get more points in the bar than in the character’s apartment. Don’t know if there’s something I’m missing in the apartment or not. Definitely missing something in the restaurant or movie theater because I can’t get the movie theater achievement (unless going to the movie is supposed to be later). So at the end of the evening back in her apartment, I get stuck in the loop where she tells me to slow down. There’s no way out of that loop.

    1. The website is fine, though there were some bandwidth issues.

      If you’re still having a problem, you’ll need to contact epoch.

  2. This game is harder than I thought. I’m stuck between Anna giving a blowjob and having my stats be “too perfect” resulting in being rejected at her door with no checkpoint to go back to since it’s right at that moment. I can’t figure out how to get the photoshoot, spy on her in the shower, or any sex scene/location. Any hints/tips for these situations without giving away too much? Otherwise good quality game MrStomper, it’ll be interesting to see what you come up with next.

    1. To spy on her in the shower, when helping her move, you have to tell her “Ooh, I’m scared.” Then the best response is the third one. She will go take a shower at that point. I’ve found a way to spy on her, get caught, and also not get caught. The shorter you stay or the longer you stay, you don’t max out the points in the first scene. There’s probably a specific amount of clicks for continuing to watch her, but I haven’t figure out what that number is. I’ve not gotten close to the blowjob, though.

  3. I’ve also found a glitch during the blowjob scene. If you click on the scene after asking her to get naked (I think the dialogue is “right she is” or “right you are”) it gives a 404 error.

  4. News? What About Lisette 2? By popular Demand, members are dreaming about that second Maddison-Lisette Threesome. =D

  5. I can’t get anything other than handjob and blowjob… she refuses to get naked (remove skirt) every single time. What am I missing?

    1. I can’t even get that far. How many influence and lust points are needed by the time you reach her apartment? And what sequence of activities should the date entail. I don’t need a detailed walkthrough, just those guidelines.

      1. I have discovered at least one trait (at the restaurant). The most sex I can get is to touch her breast.

  6. I have paid for the subscription but can’t log in to members section password and username is correct any ideas why it’s not working

  7. Played this game a fair few times now , but never got any further than the kiss in her apartment , not sure what more i have to do to go any further my inf was 510 and lust was 180 is that too low ?

    1. In the park sit and get to the point where you like to see her in the light. Offer to use her phone to take pictures. Don’t get to greedy, but don’t quit too soon. This will push the lust up.

      You will need to have several drinks (two wines) and enjoy the booze gift that you bought her to salute her apartment.

      Don’t let her orgasm on the couch; stop teasing her when she tells you not to stop. You should be good from there.

      1. I bought her booze and put two wines in her, one in restaurant and one in club. Then also continued the photoshoot till covering breast with hands in the park. Still when in her apartment, I see no option of using the booze to salute.

        1. Buy the green booze as the gift. Once you first enter her apartment you should see, “Great
          job. We should drink to it!” That’s your chance.

          After dinner go to the movies and watch a horror flick. Then to the night club and dance. Dancing will give you an opportunity to push up her lust even more.

  8. I do not know if only for me, but when sex scenes no animation. Only static images.
    game often cuts (maybe it’s the onslaught of members on the website

  9. Will there be a version with larger images made available? I know the game’s already quite large, but I find the images to be a tad bit on the small side… I’m totally fine with a larger download size 🙂

    The multiple paths during the sex scenes is very interesting 🙂

  10. I LOVE it! MtStomper, you did real good! The checkpoint system saved me a lot on time on trial and error. I have managed the “happy ending”. However, there are still many things yet to explore. Great game!

    There are a few errors, but nothing too big.

    What are the traits? I have yet to unlock these.

    Again, GREAT GAME!!

      1. I cant get the traits to work? I have even asked her what she likes to do and she likes nature but i still dont get that i have found her traits. How do I get those?

    1. During moving boxes, get ALL of the inf points that you can. Take her to your apartment for beers. She should fall asleep on the couch. Stroke the thighs and then wake her. At the screens where you could buy a gift you will automatically get the dildo.

      1. What is the max number of INF points in the opening (box moving) scene? I’ve got as high as 250, done as you’ve suggested in the apartment when she sleeps, but had no chance to purchase the dildo. I don’t need a walkthrough, just the number and I’ll try to figure it out from there.

          1. I have 250 after moving boxes, 320 after invitng her to the apartment. No dildo option for me, either.

        1. You don’t purchase the dildo. It just occurs if you got everything else right.

          The first time you would see it is in the masturbation scene and/or the anal scene (if you played hardcore difficulty level).

        1. INF doesn’t seem to impact this (although you should be around 250 by the time you get to your apartment).. After moving boxes, take her back to your apartment for drinks and bring her a beer. She should fall asleep. Touch her knee, caress her thigh and then the other, touch her should and grasp her leg to awaken her. Suggest a date without moving boxes. That did it for me. You don’t buy the dildo, it just shows up in the sex scene when you suggest more foreplay.

          1. Congrats!

            Seems like you beat the whole game.
            I quess you can now move to the easter eggs for a little extra content:D

  11. Hello mr.Stomper. The game is difficult enough (it is good), sex scenes very sophisticated. that it is your first game, so it’s very good. Your next game will surely be even better. the only comment I would have: I do not know, what’s your type of girl, but I think that even most players would agree with me that she is too skinny and has a much too small breasts. otherwise the total for the game you have me Awesome

  12. I am not sure I like this game. the girl looks bad looking, the whole mechanism is exhausting. I am more into games like officer chloe (patreon), Sarah’s Life. If many of us know how to date a girl, then we would go and date a real girl, most of us who play these kind of dating games are losers. so please make more games like chloe (patreon), Sarah’s Life. where there are more sex/erotic teasing/exhibitionist contents etc..

    1. So what you are saying is you are a rapist that enjoys watching women get molested and raped because you feel like a loser and try to pass it off as the rest of us here that play Vdate games are just as you ?
      You need to go get your head checked out you autist.

    1. Take her to the bar after moving boxes. After the drinks arrive, you will have an opportunity to click on the soccer game on the left television set. Participate in active sports….

  13. How do I get her lust up? I can raise up her influence just fine. But her Lust won’t go up at all. Plus, when I restart for whatever reason, the Lust sometimes stays where it was when I had to restart. Didn’t know if you were aware.

    1. What I’ve found so far: 1) At dinner, ask about her favorite place, tell her you like the city, ask her what’s so good about it anyways, select middle response (it may be the only option). 2) At dinner, ask about job, ask if not, tell her you’ll help practice oral skills. 3) At movie theater, watch romance, tell her you thought the nudity was forced. 4) At club, after receiving drinks, say thank you, stare at server’s ass, when Anna comments about tip, tell her it seems like she’d give her a big one, ask if she likes women.

      You also drive up lust on the dance floor, and on the park bench, and on her couch. Even so, I have not been able to take pictures in the park, and I have not gotten further than a handjob.

      1. Sorry, I was wrong. You can’t drive up lust on the dance floor–at least I haven’t found a way to do so. You can only drive up influence.

        1. As you were wandering, the best sequence of scenes is: restaurant, cinema, club, park.

          Also, a funny thing: Anna is not the bravest person, so choosing a romantic movie may not be the most rewarding move;)

          And to talk numbers, to be able to take her pictures, you need 520 Influence and for transition from handjob to blowjob 330 Lust is required (but can be saved at the last moment).

          Hang in there and believe!:)

    1. The uploaded version seems fine.

      It is possible that the version you have became corrupted while you were downloading. I would suggest re-downloading it if you can.

  14. I cant download it either. I have tried at least 10 times and it gets to the same point and just stops.

  15. So far, i’ve managed handjob and blowjob on sofa, sex in shower and sex in bed, still no sex on sofa though. making progress though

  16. I have tried to download it several times, yesterday and today. It gets to the same point and then stops.

  17. It’s a good game. It’s challenging, which I don’t mind. I’m slowly figuring things out, finding hotspots that I’ve missed on previous plays, etc. What is frustrating, however, is if there is only one “perfect” path to get to a desired ending (I’ve only played on NORMAL), and one wrong choice that doesn’t lower influence or lust makes that path no longer accessible. For example, if there is only one movie on that path, the player should still be able to see a different movie, but still make up points later in the game. I’m okay with things like ordering water in the restaurant raises influence, but ordering wine might open her up sexually later in the game. It’s the choices that seem more “random” that are puzzling.

    An example. When moving boxes, Anna tells you where to put a box. There are three zones where to put it. Your choice doesn’t seem to affect any points or the dialogue options that follow.

    Another example. At the restaurant, only Option 2 for the appetizer gets a different response form Anna, but doesn’t affect your points at all. And I think I’ve tried all nine combinations, but can’t discern that it really makes a difference.

    All that said, I have been able to have sex with her. It appears that without enough alcohol in her system, you cannot get more than a blowjob, but I could be wrong. I’ve done the Tour of Duty achievement–sex on the couch, in the bedroom, and in the shower–but only two on the same playthrough. Don’t know if all three locations are possible on one playthrough or not.

    I’ve not encountered the dildo anywhere. Don’t know if there is a sequence I’m missing, a random element, or something else.

    Have not done anal, but I haven’t played on the hardcore level.

    I’ve not gotten the Cinephilia achievement–action after every movie. I assume this means in the theater. Don’t know what choice or sequence I’m missing there either. But if it means that you are able to watch any movie and get action later in the evening, then I have achieved it.

    I have not achieved Against All Odds–sex in the shower after being refused.

    There is also an achievement for helping Anna with her problem. If her problem is something other than moving boxes into the apartment, then I don’t know what that is.

    I’ve seen the every photo in the phone. This cannot be achieved on the same playthrough as far as I know, and you will get caught by Anna.

    There is a bug. When Anna is starting to give a blow job and you ask her to get naked–and if your levels aren’t high enough for her to actually get naked–if you don’t select any of the dialog options, and just click on the screen (“right you are”), you get an error message.

    Finally, some people have criticized the rendering of Anna–they don’t find her attractive, find her tits too small, etc. I think she’s just fine. The breasts are realistic. Her ass has a nice form. And there are some places where her facial expression is very attractive.

    I’m happy to provide help to anyone on what I’ve been able to achieve in the game. Still trying to figure out how to achieve the rest.

    1. i need a fair bit of help the best i can get is a handjob and blowjob and that’s it , so if you can help it would be very appreciated

      1. First, I think she needs some alcohol in her. Do a glass of wine at dinner and at the club. Bring a bottle of booze over when you pick her up for the date. I don’t know if the color matters. It worked for me with green, but I didn’t try any other colors. Then when she invites you in, you’ll have a dialogue option to drink to the apartment.

        Thera are also two hard-to-find hotspots: “Kiss neck” on the park bench–leads to being able to take photos. If you play the photo sequence right, you can increase lust by 80 points. Some of those points come before you take your first picture. There is also a “kiss her neck” hotspot when making out on the sofa. The sequence once on the sofa to maximize lust: Put on music, look into her eyes, tell her she is beautiful, kiss her, stroke her thigh, kiss her neck, kiss her some more, reach under her blouse, ask if they are natural. You should be able to proceed from there. There are a few different paths/branches, and I don’t want to give it all away. If you play it right, you never have to click on “pull your dick out.”

    2. Just a few observations that may help.

      * At the restaurant, menu choices only impact anal (she doesn’t want it if menu options 2 and hten 1 are picked) and this also comes into play if you go back to the bar.

      * Getting the dildo will only happen if you take her back to you apartment for drinks after moving boxes,. You should have 250 INF by then. Get her comfortable, bring her a beer and let her fall asleep. Touch her knee, stroke her thigh and then the other, touch her should and grasp her leg to awaken her. Suggested getting together again without the boxes. The dildo is never seen or mentioned until the foreplay sex scene and/or anal scenes. So, don’t look to buy it.

      * You only need hardcore to use the dildo for anal (not in foreplay).

      * For helping Anna with her problem, this is an optional sex scene that can occur if you did not bring her a bottle as a house warming gift.

      * I strongly agree with you regarding her looks. All people are different (thank god) and Anna is not the standard big-breasted girl. But the total is greater than the sum of her parts. Besides, it’s not as though you were taking her home to meet mama.

      I hope these help.

      1. See, the first two examples (anal and dildo) seem to be triggered by random actions, and there’s no logical connection. To me, that’s a flaw in the game. Anal sex isn’t a turn on for me, though, so I’m okay skipping that.

        Fortunately, I’ve not experienced the “too perfect” date that others have. I can see being friend-zoned if you’ve raised influence but not lust. But if players are punished for raising lust too perfectly, that’s also a problem. We will learn more with Mr. Stomper’s walkthrough, I’m sure.

  18. Since I’ve found more hotspots for increasing influence and lust I now keep getting rejected at Anna’s apartment at the end as the date was “too perfect”. This happens on all difficulties so I”m not sure why in a stat building game there’d be such a thing as too much influence and/or lust. Is this the case or is it more to do with choices made that unlock different dialogue options that is causing this issue? I’d also suggest, if possible providing another option when you bring Anna back to her apartment where you can go back to a checkpoint after the boxes so you don’t have to start way back at the beginning.

    1. Hi,

      Anna rejecting the player for being too perfect is a result of her personality: she is kind of a coward, so she takes stalkers seriously. But now, this is not the intended behavior for all difficulties, only for the hardcore one.

      Sadly, I was unable to replicate the problem. Did you try to clear your browser’s cookies? Did you try a different internet browser?

  19. Do you get all the sex scene’s in normal or do you have to play hardcore to get all the rest of the scene’s . i have played hardcore a few times and get no where’s 🙁

  20. matter what I do, I can not quit hard sex. I received Influence 670, 290 lust but the door to the apartment I can not even kiss. I’ve tried almost all variants (both in the restaurant and in the club, but everything is in vain. can anyone help me please?

  21. I asked her about her favorite place in the restaurant but The Traits are still showing not discovered??????

      1. Well not working for me. I ordered a wine at the restaurant then option three for appetizer and option 3 for Main Dishes. Then i asked her What is your favorite place? > I actually prefer the city.>What is so great about it, anyways? > Anna: “It is hard to explain.” then nothing happens :-(. I ask her about her hobby and job

    1. IN the restaurant, after you have ordered, ask her what place she likes. Tell her that you prefer the city and than ask what is so great about nature. She will tell you and you will say that you will have to reconsider. You will also need 320 INF or more. Then you should see the nature trait.

  22. To get the extra hardcore sex scene (and there is only one) is very tricky. And, if you are not into anal (or just don’t want to see that one last scene), it may not be worth the effort.

    You need to enable the dildo by bringing her back to your apartment after the box move. You need the green bottle of booze as a gift. At the restaurant you need to order wine, NOT order option 2 for the first course and option one for the second, get the nature trait. You need to order wine at the night club or she will get too drunk later. You need to get her lust to 260 before reaching her apartment (more makes her too horny and you get a different sex scene). You can always end the photoshoot scene early to hit that target. And, I must confess I do not understand this one, your INF cannot exceed 590 before you get to her apartment (shoot for 560-590 – you can leave a generous tip at the nightclub to help bring it down if necessary). Then, once in the apartment, drink the green booze and go for a normal sex scene (using the dildo for masturbation and letting her perform oral on it too are also nice touches).

    And, after all of that, she will kick you out afterwards (I guess you are just a pain in the ass).

    Other than that, it’s a piece of cake. Is it worth it to you? Well, I’m not into anal. But I did have to take the challenge of seeing that last scene.

    1. thanks a lot for instructions. and on anal sex just as well I’m not so completely miss this scene. It’s not worth it to me. so I had finished a game with all end, i.e. without the anus. thank you once again

    2. Are those numbers also required for the dildo scene in normal difficulty? I ask because I followed your advice for the dildo scene that you posted upthread, and it still didn’t happen for me.

      1. Required numbers are the same for all difficulties.

        You can get make her get the dildo, if you touch her right in your apartment and then ask her for a date. She will then be in need of it;)

        The dildo can occur at all difficulties, but anal scene is only at hardcore.

        1. I know the right sequence in my apartment early in the game. But perhaps influence and lust have been too high for the dildo scene since I’ve done everything else. That’s yet another ridiculous dynamic of this game. I don’t mind a challenging game, but the challenge should make sense and there should be some clue for the player as to what needs to be done. There are elements of this game that seem to be purely random.

      2. No, you can go higher if not going for the hardcore level. You need to get her to masturbate before full sex to see the dildo. This should occur on the couch.

        1. I’ve to be really stupid because i’ve done everythink you say step by step and still don’t get any dildo, when i ask her to masturbate she just do it and after that she only give me oral sex and endgame.

        2. Now if I can only figure out how to get her to masturbate. Failing every time so far. She just goes straight to the sex. I’ll keep trying, but I’m about to give up on this game.

    1. You can get the shower scene on normal. Get influence and lust way up there. Make sure she has had wine at the restaurant and the club. Make sure she’s had a drink at the apartment. Again, I’ve only used the green spirit, and don’t know if color matters or not. You need to punish her by teasing her clit and stopping short of giving her an orgasm. Then when she is on her knees in front of you, there should be an dialogue option something like “I have a better idea.” She’ll perform a striptease fro you, and then will comment that she worked up a sweat and needs to take a shower. Follow her in. Have sex, and then you can also have sex again in the bedroom.

        1. Yes, Santa is right. I forgot about that part. Go to the bar instead of the apartment. Click on the soccer game.

  23. How can i get the dildo masturbation scene. i have managed to have sex in shower, on couch, bed. But i can’t find the masturbation scene.I have 570 inf ,260 lust, nature trait and invited her to my apartment.

  24. Hey MrStomper, your innovation of check pointing a game has really helped me to work out many things without having to start from scratch each time. Thank you! Is there any way to resume from a checkpoint? It would really be nice to resume a game at a later time.

  25. I have tried several attempts on Hardcore now and no matter how little Anna drinks, she always ends up too ill when i get back to her place. don’t know what i’m doing wrong :S

  26. I have not been able to download the file either, it appears to stop at between 130MB and 190MB. I am not getting any errors when it happens, the download stops as if it has reached the end of file.

    I imagine that this is going to start making a pretty good sized dent in your through put since each failed attempt is using part of the site’s budget without successfully completing the transfer, so you might want to look at what is going on there.

  27. Okay, another update with some discoveries.

    I had been playing the game in Firefox since that platform seems to work best with the games here. But Firefox doesn’t allow you to “cheat” in looking for hotspots on the screen, so I switched over to Chrome. No problems with gameplay in Chrome. What Chrome will allow you to do is to tab through all the hotspots on the screen. Doing so, I discovered putting your arm around Anna in the movie theater, squeezing her nipple on the dance floor–practically impossible to find otherwise, and stroking her thigh while she strips for you–again practically impossible to find otherwise. So for those players not using Chrome, I suggest you try this.

    From what I can tell, the best way to raise lust in the movie theater is to see the horror flick. Without providing a complete walkthrough, you’ll be able to hold her hand at the right time, put your arm around her at the right time, and kiss her at the right time. On the dance floor, as I’ve mentioned, you can squeeze her nipple.

    So, playing in normal mode, when I got to her door, I had 620 (I think) influence and 310 lust. You can get her to masturbate by clicking on the hotspot for touching her thigh when she strips. Again, without providing a complete walkthrough, if you delay sex through actions and dialog, you’ll get a chance to suggest that she masturbate for you.

    But I still have not gotten the dildo to appear. I’ve followed the suggested sequence in my apartment at the beginning of the game. I bought her the green booze, I bought her two glasses of wine. I’ve gotten her to masturbate, but not with the dildo. The only think I can think of is that while she is masturbating, you have the option to let her continue or to stop her. You have this option several times. Maybe you are supposed to stop her at the right moment, but that wouldn’t make much sense, and just be another random component of the game.

    1. Your INF entering your apartment should be 250.

      1. Get her comfortable.
      2. Get her a beer.
      3. Answer about living alone does not matter.
      4. Let her fall asleep.
      5. Touch her knee.
      6. Caress her thigh.
      7. Caress the other thigh.
      8. Touch her shoulder.
      9. Grasp her leg (to awaken her). (you should now be well over 260 INF).
      10. Ask her if she would like to do this again sometime and no, not the moving boxes part. (although I do not really think that last part may matter).
      11. As she is ready to leave, kiss her cheek (instead of saying, “Bye”).

      There is no feedback that you have succeeded until you reach the masturbation scene. Butt this always works for me.

      1. All this time i missed the kiss… now i’ve got the dildo but she still don’t want to do anal…

        1. See my earlier post regarding hardcore on September 27. I think that should help. The anal scene is only available at the hardcore level. I want you, it is tricky. Try to make your INF in the 580-590 range when you leave the park. Use the checkpoint if necessary until you hit that range. (Read the September post carefully.)

          Oh, I finally understand MrStomper’s limit of 590 INF in hardcore (sorry MrStomper, I am a bit slow at times). But as he has said several times, Anna can be a bit timid and she does not want to feel overwhelmed.

          1. I’ve always played on hardcore from the start, and I did everythink step by step reading your post, but now she stop me everytime if i try to use the dildo in her ass… maybe i miss some other option…

      2. Turns out I was missing the kiss on the cheek. Wow. She freaks out when you go to kiss her on the lips, but a peck on the cheek sends her rushing to the sex toy shop. What. Ever.

  28. For those going for the hardcore ending I will only offer one last hint and one piece of information that you have almost certainly already figured out for yourself. The information is that you only get one try at it. A second attempt will not end well. The hint is that MtStomper has said several times that Anna is not brave…. See my September 27 post for more info as well as well as the one on September 28. No shortcuts once you reach the apartment. Maximize her lust in the appartment. Oops, that is two hints.

  29. Easter egg founded: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

    Maybe this last one hint can help me, thank you Santa.

      1. Yes i’m at that point, hardcore dif., 590 INF and 470 LUST, and she just don’t want to do it… i’ve tried several times and still nothing… i can only think about a bug, i use firefox…

  30. Hi, i need your help … when i go to my apartment with Anna i’ve max 230INF not more, i make her comfortable, i take a beer but after that impossible to let her falling asleep

    She told me ” it’s missing something ” and i can’t only click continue and after that bye-bye… somebody can help me because i play sinds 7 hours and now i can’t take anymore^^


    1. That should work with 230 INF, but here’s how to get 250 INF in the opening scene…

      Go home
      Hi, do you need any help?
      Approach her
      Should be easy enough
      By the way, I am (name). I guess I’m your new neighbour.
      Kiss her hand
      An old movie
      I can give you some advice to make it less mess
      Yeah. I live a flew floors up.
      What’s wrong with a giant TV?
      Put it here (there are three spots–I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I put it where she is pointing)
      I will do my best
      So what now?
      I mean after the boxes
      That does sound fair
      Where did you move from?
      Move the box
      Put down the box
      Go for another box
      Why did you move?
      Pick up the box
      I know what you mean
      This is not my home town either
      How about a drink?
      I have something at my apartment
      Go to your apartment
      250 INF

  31. I have followed a lot of advice on here , but for the life of me i can not get the dildo it just doesn’t seem to show up , and i can never get anywhere’s on hardcore , all i ever get is stalking to much or she felt ill

  32. just my luck my membership has run out , don’t really wanna renew just for a walk through , suppose i will have to wait till a new game is released

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