September 30th Update

Now that MrStomper’s Anna is released, it’s time to bring you all an update on where my own games are at, because a lot has changed.

Last time I spoke about myself, I was working on a mystery game set at a motel and using characters based on the next generation Genesis models.

It was going well, but I started to have reservations. What I finally realized, was that I really liked the characters. They’re all very hot, and their personalities really started coming out. You see, I started off with the basic idea of doing something similar to Pool Party, where it would be fairly short, and would end in some sort of orgy. That worked well in the original Pool Party, but only because I used a set of characters everyone had already seen before.

In the motel game, I was rushing through introductions to get to the sex. It didn’t feel right. These new characters deserve more than that. So, what’s the solution? Expand the game? Maybe, but I really don’t like padding things out. The game is designed to be about 300-400 images. Well, how about doing a different game with them? Something big. Something inspired more by the style of Betsy. Who could be the focus? Well, Leanna has the most useful personality for it.

Within an hour, I had isolated the problem, and come up with a solution. Digging through the series of notepad files where I add notes whenever I get ideas, I assembled the basic premise of the new game in no time. Over the next few days, it developed into a nice long story about helping someone find herself and making friends with those around her at the same time, and I was very happy with it.

The only problem was that I’d already spent more time than I’d like working on the motel game, and if I really wanted to do this new one, I might not even finish it before Christmas.

Well, I already had the plot and the sets, so let’s use it. If I’m using Poser instead of IRAY, I could easily get through the entire thing in about a month. In order to avoid my original problem though, I would have to use characters I had already used before. Well, how about April and Violet from the Betsy game? That could work! They were popular, and players seemed to want more content from them. So, that’s what I’m doing!

That may not have been the most practical way of explaining my decisions, but I really wanted to give you a sense of what my internal monologue went though.

So, to summarize, the motel mystery game is now “April and Violet”, and I’ve re-purposed the characters I originally intended for that game into a new one with Leanna as the central star. Here’s the summaries for each of them…

April and Violet

Set several years after Betsy, You are travelling across the country by car. As night sets in, your only choice is to stay at the only motel you can see. To your surprise, you find April and Violet are also guests.


After some evening fun, and a good night’s sleep, you wake to find yourself trapped there. Yourself,  April, Violet, and the receptionist, Dylan, work together to discover what is going on, and how to escape.


I’ve kept the Dylan character from the first version, but had to remake her as a V4 to be compatible with Poser.

April and Violet will be a members only game. You will be able to select your gender and ethnicity, and it will all be in first person. Hopefully, it should only take me around a month to finish.


While I’m making that game, I’ll also be rendering the occasional image for Leanna, and once April and Violet is released, I’ll be working on it full time.


I’ll get into more details over this game in later posts. For now I will say, that, as you can tell by the images below, Leanna is a local news anchor. Unfortunately, despite her likable on screen persona, she has a bit of a personality problem in real life. So, yeah, I’m going full ‘taming of the shrew’ for this one.

The game will see you befriending her, and trying to improve her ‘karma’. Kristen and Molly will both also have notable parts in it, similar to April and Violet in Betsy’s game.


All of the images will be rendered in IRAY, which looks great, but does take a little longer. Hopefully, this will be finished before Christmas though.

I am also planning to release this for free – sort of. When I released Betsy for free, a respectable amount of people signed up to the members section, though obviously not as much as when I release a members game. So, for Leanna, as an experiment, I’m going to try posting it in the members section on release, but then releasing it for free soon after. Maybe as soon as only a week later.

80% of new signups occur in the week after release anyway, so this could be a good system. If it’s successful, maybe it’s become a regular way of doing it. People can pay for it early if they like, or just wait an extra week and get it for free.

That’s all for this week. Next week, I’ll have more details on both games.


48 thoughts to “September 30th Update”

  1. Both Games look Great Chaotic! very much looking forward to seeing more of these!! and since i know the question will be asked sooner or later, How is DSP3000 doing with The Academy Pt 3?

    1. He’s still progressing as far as I know.

      While it’s not a commitment, I wouldn’t be surprised if April & Violet get’s released early November, then Academy Part 3 for early December, and Leanna for early January.

      Each might get released sooner or later though.

    2. I’m doing okay thanks.
      About 600 images and pages created so far on part three, so about half way in theory.
      I was hoping to have this part completed by the end of October but l have been busy and my time has been stolen by other distractions.
      It may take a little longer.

      1. dsp3000 – The Academy games are awesome. Chaotic–you and dsp are doing a great job. I’ve enjoyed this site more than any other site I’ve been a member of. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hi Chaotic

    I loved Betsy, April was by far one of my most wanted characters and now your doing a game for her and Violet, amazing

    On the note of Leanna it looks like a very interesting game, could I ask or make a suggestion if we will be having fun with her at her work, for example having sex in her changing room before she has to go live or making her go out onto live air with no panties on and maybe a vibrator?

    Keep up the amazing work to ALL the developers

  3. I love it. I also really liked where you went with April and Violet in the Betsy game. The Leanna character development sounds very interesting. She should be really hot in the setting that you are developing for her.

    The future seems very bright. I anxiously await Academy 3 as well. After his first great success, has MrStomper thought of his next project? I know a week after a release isn’t much, be he strikes me as a very creative guy.

  4. i think it would be cool if they used the mother from the betsy game in the motel game because she was hot

  5. While these seem interesting I hope you’ll still be doing Crystal 3? Poor Crystal got a lot of delays.

    1. Crystal Part 3 is still 100% happening, I just want it to be perfect, so I don’t mind taking my time with it.

  6. Hello Chaotic. I hope the girls that you showed us before the game motel, you are not ruled out completely and utilize it in any other game. (look very nice).

  7. Hey
    If you could do that with the free game one week after the original release, that would be awesome!

  8. Dear Mr. Sir Chaotic,

    I would definitely prefer Leanna than April and Violet in the Motel game. Finally Sir Chaotic, you had bring back a new hot model girl Leanna with huge big boobs or tits, congratulations, actually I am more of a fan for big breasts or big boobs girls game. How about the Academy Game Part 3, I would also hope that you could create another solo virtual date game with model girl Bridgette in the Academy game and also another solo vitual date game with model girl Principal Valentine all these characters from the Academy game.

    Would there be a possibility to bring back Maddison in another solo virtual date game, or maybe a Maddison 3 game, well I wish that Sir Chaotic could bring back the Maddison model girl in another solo virtual date game as she is definitely stunning and hot, super sexy too.

    I wish also that Sir Chaotic could create more outdoor sex scenes whereby the male character date a girl and invite her out on a date in a hot sports car and have lots of outdoor sex near the car or on the car hood or inside the car, public sex inside the toilet cubicles, back alley sex behind the bar or pub and also sex in the park or garden and also sex on the beach or in the forest area with waterfalls scenes and sceneries, more like exhibitionist sort of sex scenes.

    Well sir Chaotic, I wish that my request could be granted by you. With all such exhibitionist sex scenes, your games would be more hot and stunning, trust me sir Chaotic.

    Thank you once again, and I wish to praise all of your superb games creations on You were the best adult game creator.

    David Ong.
    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

  9. Im gonna go against the grain and say the decision is disappointing. Was really looking forward to a multi interaction game, even if it was short, with all new characters similar to the academy. May be my bias though, i didnt particularly care for any of the characters in the betsy game.

    1. Leanna may still be close to what you’re wanting. Although she’s the focus, there’ll be plenty of interactions with other women. You won’t just be following her around all of the time like with Betsy.

  10. Hi MR Choaotic i like you adult games first adult game i play who maddison it who good adult game you have good ideas i play it on PS4 Internet bower

      1. The f*ck. Why would you play these time of games on a ps4… console peasant xD. Any ways Caotic do you kbow any info about Mr Stompers next game.I actually enjoyed Anna style of game so…Im just asking.

        Best regrads;

  11. As big of a fan as I am of Maddison, new girls Mia and Leanna could give her a run for her money. Keep working your magic.

  12. Well, your internal monologue was helpful. And I thinh that it’s a great idea, because when you feel half-assed about something, it ends being bad. So yeah, trust your intuition, and like always, we are looking forward to it!

  13. Hmm… I’m surprised with this change.

    While I liked Betsy, I wasn’t fan of Violet much at all, so to see the next game bring Violet back is part of the disappointment. April was hot, but I wasn’t a fan of her personality (even with how she developed as the game went on).

    I was looking forward to the new characters you’d shown for The Motel game. What you said about having a game that ends like Pool Party makes more sense if you have established characters, so I get that. Just wouldn’t have thought you’d take Violet and April as those established characters.

    Obviously, since it’s you, I’m perfectly willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. You do such a great job all the time.

  14. This is a dream come true lol. More April??? Yes!! PLEASE tell me there will be more sex scenes with her this time around. Like more images, and hopefully her bitchy attitude is still “somewhat” there because that’s what made her hot to begin with! Although, her finally being with violet could make her a happier less snappy chick. Either way, I’m hyped!

      1. Yes thank you man, hopefully the sex scenes are a little longer. Hell, even a solo scene with April, without violet, would be amazing. Her and Crystal have have been my favorites. Also, is it Sophie? From the Christmas party one, she’s on my list too

        But April Forsure was hot solely do to her attitude. So I hope that stays
        Thanks for all the hard work

  15. This is off the topic but who works on the Other V-Dates Site for The Gym or The Physio

  16. looks good.

    i have some ideas myself so where can i download the program you guys use to make your games?

  17. Hey Chaotic, the expanded game is a great news, but I have a few reservation about the project of releasing Leanna for free just a week later.
    I think that it might be effective to make your members just play online for a month after the release and only then enable download.
    I really hate piracy and I think this might be an effective way to enhance your incomes.

    1. It’s an idea we’ve played with before.

      When dsp3000 released Academy Part 2, we initially had it as an online only game. Sadly though, it completely chocked the site, and it was running so slow members couldn’t log in. I think I added the download option after less than 24 hours.

  18. I agree that both games sound amazing. Personally I’m more of a Violet fan, but April was great too. Hopefully there are individual scenes with each before a nice threesome near/at the end, maybe more if the receptionist gets involved. I’m curious to see how the Leanna game unfolds as I like the sound of being able to better control the story by not having the main female character with you the whole time.

  19. can you make your games more easy? I am tired of playing the last game because it’s hard.

    1. I don’t like to be rude, but if you’re looking for easy porn, might as well watch actual porn…

      1. I don’t like porns, I only like to play adult games with a decent story. I stated that when the game is hard, it makes me frustrated, and thus it’s difficult to enjoy it. most of these games out there have save/load feature which is not available in this game, no clue what to do you have to guess right or play it again, if you failed the game ends, instead of changing the story to something interesting and take the player back to the story. so don’t be like selfish, you are not the only person who plays these games.

        1. Then play something else. These obviously aren’t for you. We all like them. You don’t and there is nothing wrong with that. Take the time you are complaining and find something that suites you more. It would be more productive.

  20. Anna walkthroughs are up under the Help page. I would recommend MrStomper’s as mine did not format well. Besides, if you are going for the hardcore ending, MrStomper’s walkthrough provides INF and Lust scoring. This will better assist you to make the choices necessary to get into Anna’s apartment at the end.

  21. Maybe we could have some hot cop scenes you know? Honestly in pool party and photography 1 i wanted to get down with the cop but that was not an option. In photo 2 she was there but as a model and not in her uniform. Since you are doing a mystery story maybe incluse some of that, or even in the one with the new characters.

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