September 28th update

So, for today’s blog post I guess I want to get a bit of a discussion going.

As regular visitors to the blog will know, starting from February earlier this year, I’ve been taking a year long hiatus to pursue another big project in my life that I’m passionate about.

I’m not sure if I should classify it as good or bad news, but it looks like the hiatus will actually end around late July/early August next year (2021). This is partly due to the original project expanding (which is good), but also unsurprisingly the pandemic has affected all sorts of practical things this year, and I’m no exception.

So, my big question for this post is what should I do about the site’s content in the meantime?

Are you all OK with no new content added to the site from me until at least August next year?

If not, what do you feel you’d be content with?

I mentioned a few posts back the idea of doing an alternate take on the Spring Break party from Lenna, with you playing as another character and a large emphasis on seducing Debbie. It’d be a fairly small game though. I’m not sure something the size of Leanna’s Big Streak would be enough content to keep up the site’s momentum until August next year.

I have actually come up with a larger game premise I like too. It’s simple enough – you’re the new coach of a women’s 5v5 soccer team. Five women you can try and seduce (maybe one of them Debbie if I don’t do the other game). Lot’s of options. Lot’s of possibilities for exhibitionism of the pitch and in front of crowds. It would have to be a bigger game though, which means taking 1 or 2 month long break from my other project, which in turn means finishing it later than I’d like. I think I’d prefer to tackle it after my project is done.

Or, how about this..? There’s been the occasional mention of remakes/remasters of some of my older games. That would be fairly easy for me to do as I don’t need to do it in one batch. It doesn’t really matter if I loose track of the plot because everything is already written. I can just dip in and out of it whenever I have free time and in the mood.

Two obvious examples for this would be my first Crystal game (with the new version of Crystal) , and something that’s been particularly popular for me, such as Maddison’s game.

Or, as I suggested first, would everyone simply be OK with no new games until late next year, knowing that when I make a new game, it has my full attention.

No polls for any of this, but I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

September 4th Update

Just a quick post this week.

Next week, the next free game will be added to the site and I have chosen to go with…Anna.

Yes, since MrStomper is currently making a sequel, it seems appropriate to release the original so that everyone can enjoy it. I will be adding it to the free section on Friday.

Finally, a random bonus Erica pic. Enjoy!

August 18th Update

Thank you to everyone who joined in the discussion last week.

It looks like I’ve settle on a game concept that everyone can get behind and isn’t too difficult or time consuming to do.

None of the options last week seemed to really captive everyone, so how about this…

Spring break!

Remember the party from Leanna’s game? The one hosted by Debbie. Well, how about we revisit it?

You’d play as a different character to the one in Leanna, but you can still see her (and maybe the other player character from behind). Instead, you would be a guest, a friend of Debbie’s, with free reign to explore the garden party and mansion as you like and see what happens, including several options for sex with different people.

I can see it taking a similar format to my old ‘Office Party’ game. You keep track of the time and see what you can make happen by the time the party finishes at 3am.

Advantages :

  • I wanted a game where I could create a few new characters. This works! I can have lots of fun creating new party guests.
  • I don’t have to create lots of new sets. I’ll need new scenes for the Mansion interior, but I still have all of the exterior stuff saved.
  • It would be a good size. Not too big, but too small. A solid 400-700 image game.
  • Sex with Debbie. I know she has her fans, and I’ve never included the option of b/g sex with her. This game can change that.

I also like the fact that it gives me some opportunities to experiment. I’ll have some polls over the coming weeks to gauge any enthusiasm. Maybe do a it in third person this time? I’ll think about the options.

To re-emphasize the tone from last week’s post, there’s still no guarantee that I’ll be working on this game soon. But, if I do have the time to work on one, I know what I’ll be doing.

August 10th Update

Hi again everyone! Yep, it’s time for another blog post already. And it’s a long one.

I’d normally leave this until Friday, but since there’s a certain level of urgency, I decided I would go ahead today. 

For those of you who don’t regularly check my blog, I’ve been taking a step back this year to work on anther project. But…It’s looking like I might have a break coming up. Which means I might have about 6-8 weeks to work on a new game.

No commitment to it yet, it might not happen, but if it does I want to know what I’m making.

So what do I choose?

First thing I’ve already decided is I want there to be new characters.

My last 3 games have all had the emphasis on already existing characters. Crystal and Erica already existed, most of the cast of Photographer 3 already existed. Molly and Marianna may have been new characters to you, but I’d had both waiting in my runtime for over a year before I started rendering them. Molly was one of the first Genesis 3 characters I created.

Idea 1

A little while ago, Arianeb made her Ariane in paradise game, which was largely inspired by my Miranda game. I was thinking it might be fun to do something inspired by her ‘Something’s in the air’ game. A game where you’re allowed to go explore the city and see who you can meet and what happens.

I also have a basic premise of Violet becoming Mayor (’cause why not?), and her first act is to allow one day of the year where all nudity and indecency laws don’t count. As long as it’s consensual, you can do anything anywhere.

Basically The Purge, but with sex.

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Idea 2

Road trip! You and three ladies take part in a road trip across the US.

More linear than idea 1, but what I like is that you could get to know the women well as the game progresses. Idea 1 may end up a little superficial when it comes to the relationships.

This idea would also allow for lots of ‘naked in nature’ scenarios, which I like. Naked car rides, sex in the woods, desert, by the road. Things like that.

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Idea 3

A date? Seriously.

Crystal Part 3 is the only real ‘date game’ I’ve made made in the past 5 years. There’s something appealing about doing something more reminiscent of my original Crystal game.

You have a date, you explore the whole city together, and you see how many sexy scenarios you can find.

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Idea 4

I’ve had a notepad file on my computer for a while now filled with ideas for a horror premise.

You awake to find yourself on an island with 2 or 3 ladies. There’s monsters, demons worshiping priestesses and the basic premise is that you have to escape.  Nobody wears many clothes and the whole thing goes a bit Lovecraftian.

Kinda similar to my April & Violet game, but more serious. 

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And over to you…

So, yes, all of those options have polls, but as a disclaimer, they’re just to gauge the rough popularity of each option. I may not go with any of them.

I am also (though I may regret this), open to any of your own suggestions. I’m after a premise that could branch out into lots of interesting options and locations. So, no ‘how about a nurses game’ or something generic like that.

Next free game

Also, I know this is a weird thing to just add to the end here, but I just wanted to say that I know it’s been awhile since the last free game and I will be addressing this sometime this month.

August 7th Update

Just a brief post today.

MrStomper has provided a new version of Anna 2. It includes minor fixes, plus a new save system. There’s also just a patch to the new version if that’s all you need. If you’re playing online, make sure you refresh the Anna 2 game page to be using the new version.

EscapeEvade has also provided a full walkthrough (many thanks again). You can find it in the help section of the members area.

Finally, I’ll just leave you with this random image of Maddison I rendered this week.

See you next time!

July 24th Update

Some final words from MrStomper on his new game…

Hello again!

Today is a good a day that brings you information about the story structure, mechanics, technicalities, numbers and most importantly, the release of Anna 2!

The story is linear in locations, but your choices will influence how the girls react to you and to each other.

There are several activities on the ship and then there are flashbacks, through which you will try to remind the girls what their friendship was about (or not, it’s up to you) and also to better understand what is the problem that caused the current animosity between the girls.

The flashback segments contain less choices and are very narrow story-wise, but once you master them, you will be able to skip them. This way you won’t get bored by them! There is also a checkpoint system, so you won’t lose all your progress in the unlike event of a failure.

Overall, in this first part are Intro, three Ship segments and two Flashback. Together they comprise of nine hundred and 69 (nice!) pictures. You cannot choose your gender (you will always have a dick), but you will experience the flashbacks through the eyes on one of the girls.

There is also an extras section with bits that didn’t make the final cut and such.

And now I am pretty sure you are bored and just want to try it out… So go ahead! And let me know how you liked it! There is always room for future improvements.

I hope you have fun today!


Anna 2 is now available in the members section.

EDIT : There were some issues with the online version at launch. They have all been solved now and both version of the games are playable.

July 17th Update

Today, please welcome back to the site…MrStomper, who is here to day to announce a sequel to his first game, Anna.

Good news everyone!

I am here to make your summer a little better with my next project! It has lots of summer vibes!

This time around it has more traditional structure then my previous one. You are a guy, you are on a ship and with you there are two girls: Anna and River.
You already know Anna. She looks a little different now, because the whole thing is done in iRay for your viewing pleasure (more about that later), but it’s still her.

Her best friend, River, you might have notice in a very small cameo in the previous installment. Say hello to River.

So, you are with them on a ship because they wanted to see a little island and to have some fun. But as you will soon find out, there is something wrong as Anna cannot stand to be even near River!

And now is your turn to find out what happened between, how to fix it and eventually fix their relationship. Or not. That part is up to you. But you will have to tread lightly and carefully, because two girls angry at each other can be unpredictable.

It is a simple setting but can generate a serious amount of fun. Even more fun is assured by the gorgeous pictures that can be achieved with iRay. With some trial-and-error based learning, as you can see with this early draft:

The final result is really worth it, even though you have to be little masochistic to make the whole thing with iRay.

Here are some more pictures:

If you are asking yourselves how in the name of the unholy fuck would they ever get someplace else than the ship, the answer is: via flashbacks! The whole story unravels at two levels.

The first, as mentioned, is you and the girls on board of a ship and the second are memories you are about to explore to figure out what caused the current animosity.

I will talk about the story structure, mechanics and other technicalities next week. But you are all more interested in the release date. At this point I have to mention some not so good news.

Since the whole thing got really big (over 2 000 pictures) and the rendering times are shit, I won’t be able to finish it all for the summer. So, I’ve decided to split it into two equally large parts.

But don’t worry, it is still the full-sized sexy fun time we all love so much.

Anna 2: Part 1 releases July 24!

See you next week!


July 3rd Update: July 5th

It feels like every year I intend to do a fun set of themed images to go with July 5th. But then I’m always working on a game at this time of year.

Well, not this time!

I went with the top 3 winners of the recent playoffs. There’s also a bonus image of Maddison with another hair style.

Happy 5th of July everyone!

May 29th Update – Playoff results

The results are in!

The full list is below, and as most of you can already see, the winner is…Rachel! Leanna takes second place and Maddison third.

An interesting experiment with a few nice surprises. Maddison didn’t win as an obvious one, but I did suspect something like this might happen. She has her fanbase, but she also has a notable amount of players who really don’t like her. Rachel as the winner makes more sense. Her fanbase isn’t as loud, but it’s there and everyone seem to like her to some degree.

Other interesting results include Mia and Katie doing surprisingly well. Molly doing more ‘average’ than I would have thought. Violet beasts April in the Bynes family+ group.

Let me know if there’s any surprises for you!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it’s Carol from Photographer Part 3 who came last. 🙂

Without further delay, here’s the full list. The results rating is out of 3 (if you want it to to be out of 10, just multiply the result by 3.33). This is because the rating was calculated by defining the average of the three ratings.




Crystal V2


























Crystal V1












The Captain





So, it looks like I’ll be doing something small with Rachel sometime soon.