June 4th Update

Progress is underway with my ‘epilogues’ game. Still don’t have a firm title yet, but I’m sure one will occur to me later.

I have decided to aim for three short stories, One with Leanna, one with Crystal, and one with Maddison. Each will include at least one full sex scene, and feature some sort of exhibitionism or public naughtiness.

I was considering Sukiko, but since it hasn’t been too long since her game was released, Maddison seems more appropriate. It’s very possible I may expand this game and add short stories with other characters, so she may be added later, but we’ll have to see how much free time I have.

The plan is still to probably release this in August, but a lot depends on what my schedule allows.

Leanna’s up first. I’m actually making the whole story backwards, so I’ve got the sex scene already done. Here’s a preview I put together for earlier in the story though.


17 thoughts to “June 4th Update”

  1. Leanna looking just fine! Also, I’m really happy knowing that Maddison is returning here! What version of Maddison are You using chaotic? Will it be the one in this post you made on January (I think it’s Genesis 3?): https://www.vdategames.com/wordpress/?p=2875

    I’ve been hoping to see that Maddison in a game since You first previewed her!

      1. Dear sir,
        I would like to request for 2 new games from the previous 2 female characters from the Goodhead Academy One game, which is : –
        1. Bridgette
        2. Principle Valentine

        I am sure you could create and launch these 2 new games soon as these 2 female characters are really hot, sexy and beautiful.

        I wish my request could be granted by you soon.

        I am looking forward to receive some great news from you soon.

        Thank you.

        1. There is a four part game called “A date with bridgette” which takes place on the evening of Day 4 of Academy

          1. Dear Vizna AGI,

            “A date with Bridgette” day 4 of Academy game, I had already played this game but I do find that this game should have an additional of a few more chapters in which 1 part of the game is not enough. There should be chapter 1, 2, and 3.

            I do find that this Bridgette female character is exceptionally hot too other than Maddison.

            Apart from that, this Principle Valentine character must also be included in a whole new game of ” A date with Principle Valentine “.

  2. I have an idea for an Academy game where you play a new transfer student.

  3. Maddison returns! Can’t wait. She’s still my favorite of your girls. Although that new Debbie model is looking pretty sexy too…

      1. how bout both ? first as male and in part 2 as female(would be fun if your decisions in part 1 effected the story of part2 , but i realize that it would be too difficult to make)

  4. Please tell me there will be a Maddison x Leanna scene or one with all 3. That would be really good.

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