January 22nd Update – The year ahead…

So…what does vdategames have in store for 2021?

In some ways, it will be a little like 2020. Last year I took a step back from more regular updates on the site to work on something else in my real world life. And, of course then a mutant Coronavirus arrived, and I was more limited in what I could do. So, that plan ‘went well’.

I want to finish what I started with my real world project though, so my plan was to make a reasonably sized game (Sukiko), and then a smaller, but hopefully popular game mid-year.

Towards the end of 2020 I was talking about doing ‘Stories from Spring break’ where we would revisit Debbie’s party from Leanna, and participate in a series of stories that occurred at the party. It would include sex with Debbie via one Player character. I was going to have Maddison there with her own boyfriend (you from Maddison’s own game), and some other stories too.

The plan is still to make this game, but I’ll do it around halfway through the year. I think I might also change the premise a little and have it be a sequel party. That way I can include Leanna in some naughty activity too if she’s there with the PC from her game.

What else?

2021 will also include :

  • I’ll finally get to a fun activity on the blog I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Basically, I want to try having you design a character. I’ll have a series of polls, and each week you’ll be able to select skin, hair, eye color, breast size etc and at the end of it all, we will have our first crowd sourced lady. Assuming she doesn’t look like a freak, I would then include her in the Debbie game.
  • dsp3000 will be back…at some point. Not my place to say when exactly, but we should see him at some point.
  • MrStomper will probably not be releasing anything this year.
  • There will be a free game release fairly soon too.

Apart from that, I’ll try and do a blog post at least once a month. There will probably be some themed galleries too (Easter, July4th etc).

So, here’s to 2021! Hopefully better than 2020, but that won’t exactly be a challenge.

32 thoughts to “January 22nd Update – The year ahead…”

  1. Before I even got to the “freak” comment that was what I was thinking. This could be dicey. Or it could turn out really well. Not sure there’s going to be a middle ground.

  2. Ive always wondered who Maddison’s mom is (she’s been mentioned twice, usually with Maddi telling her sister ‘don’t tell mom we just did that’) and so I think the fan created woman should end up being Maddison’s mom. I think that would add a huge development in the Vdategame universe.

    1. Maybe, but you can probably tell from the content of my games, I’m not really into incest fetish stuff.

      1. well … they do not have to have sex with each other . they can be competing for the same person … at the end of the game the player has to make a choice on wich evening date he will go on .

  3. A “fan-created” lady? While ir seems interesting, I’m afraid we’ll end up with a streotypical huge boobed one. Some may even say that they want a dick girl.

    Something that is quite close to this idea, is a story based poll. Just like we’re deciding how the girl look, we can also choose how her story will go. You come up with a premise, and we vote for the rest.

        1. I know that you wouldn’t, but opening the Pandora box of asking people what they want is a tricky subject. From my experience on the internet, some people tend to think that their suggestions are more or less orders. If the creator doesn’t follow them, then he’s worthless. A good example is what happened with Leanna: someone put quite a shitstorm, after the idea od a mmf threesome was scraped…

  4. Crowd sourced lady sounds fun lol. Hoping everyone a good year, and hoping the free game will be academy part 3 hehe.

    1. i would prefer one of the older games like Nelena , Tammy Virtual Sci-Fi girls and Sci-Fi Mission or some newer games like Erica & Crystal , Strippers , Grace , Rachel part 3 or April & Violet .

      i would be disappointed if it was one of dsp’s games instead of any of these .

    2. The next free game will not be one of dsp3000’s games as he’s asked me not to until at least his next members area release.

  5. Chaotic , you said :
    ” I was going to have Maddison there with her own boyfriend (you from Maddison’s own game)”
    the problem is that i never played that game as a dude … not into dicks and thought it to be more fun with a lesbian threesome(this is why i have suggested that you try again at full body)

    1. Yeah, I’ll have to see what’s practical for the player character options. In theory, I’d love to add the FPC options (for Leanna as well), but we’ll have to see how much free time I have.

  6. Hey dude,
    I was wondering if at any stage you considered doing a Maddison 2 at any time? I’d be really interested to know as she is my favourite and a fan favourite too and I’d love a newer game with multiple scenes with Maddison and a few star guests, maybe even new characters too. Could be cool.

    1. I’m still hoping there’s a Maddison scene in The Academy part 5, after the teaser with the text in one of the previous parts. I hope dsp3000 and Chaotic are well though and I’m sure what they’ll bring out will be great.

      1. Interesting idea… I’m about 35-40% done creating Academy 5 so still time to add in a cameo appearance from Maddison I guess.
        I’m trying hard not to get distracted from the main plot though.

        1. I’m hoping there will be a diverse split kinda in 5, if you chose Valentine’s side you get scenes with a certain group of people and if you chose Mrs Goodhead’s side you get another group like Megan, Mrs Goodhead, Bridgette, etc? Don’t make it too farfetched if you think you’re straying from the source material but I’m now interested to see what you come up with.

    2. Maddison 2 could introduce Mrs. Lindell (revealed in The Photographer 2 to be the last name of Maddison and Lisette) in a small role like meeting Maddison’s new romantic interest (the player from Maddison’s own game) .

  7. i played Betsy’s game again and again I noticed the newspaper headline “Vicious shark-eating man ….” . basically a man that eats sharks .

  8. Who will release their game first, dsp3000 or icstor? No seriously though The Academy came out when I first enlisted in the military, I am now about to graduate from university. Also when part 4 came out part 5 was supposed to come after. I still remember you guys voted for dsp to make a date with bridgette and then complete The Academy. I hope you guys that voted for that don’t have a happy new year. The Academy main story line could have been done by now

    1. Bro, I still remember starting Uni when the Academy was announce and I hate/love the fact that I’ve been waiting for the series to finish for around 5% of my life. Feels like waiting for DBZA ep 60 all over again

    2. A Date with Bridgette is an integral part of the main Academy storyline.
      I shall explain thus:

      Part One = Monday
      Part Two = Tuesday
      Part Three = Wednesday
      Part Four = Thursday
      DwB stages 1 to 4 = Thursday Evening/Night
      Part 5 = Friday

      What happens on Thursday evening has a profound impact on what will happen on Friday.
      I intend to rename/clarify each part of the overall Academy series in due course when I eventually release the completed ‘part five’, and all the additional scenes, material and updates to the episodes which are already in the public domain.

      For now though I’m trying to work out why my main computer keeps crashing.
      I’m hazarding a guess that it’s because it’s rendered several thousand images in the past few months and it’s getting a bit worn out.

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