June 29th Update

Bit of a random blog post today before I get back to posting new game images.

I was wondering, what are everyone’s favorite sex scenes from the games on this site?

What is it about the scene which makes it appealing to you?

Are there sex scenes which you though would be great if only something were added, and what would that something be?

Considered doing a poll, but there’s something like 200 sex scenes in the various games at this point. If there’s a consensus for a top ten I may do a poll, but until then feel free to just add a comment below.

35 thoughts to “June 29th Update”

  1. One of my favorites is kissing while doing it. Now, that you use other views during sex scenes, it might be interesting to try it.

    1. 1. What the heck happened to leilani? I loved her!
      2. One of the things I want that I haven’t seen is the option to cum inside the girl you’re fucking
      3. Anal options

  2. My favorite one is in the game with Bridgette where you get to choose many different positions and then at the end you get to creampie. So if there is one thing you could improve for all your games sex scenes is to add the option to creampie.

  3. My favorite by far is the threesome with Leanna and Kristen. I keep hoping Kristen will appear again in another game, either centering her or a Leanna sequel 🙂

  4. Throat fucking with Bridgette is my favorite. Which game is that Maddison image from?

  5. Gotta admit, you made a really good choice with the Molly-lesbian scene in the blog post. Hard to top that.

  6. Call me boring but missionary is one of the best. Allows for eye contact while she cums, bouncing bewbies, and the opportunity to play with her legs and feet. Fold her up in a pretzel, or have her hold her legs out wide, or maybe kiss her feet? My second favorite would probably be any variation of standing sex.

  7. I think it’s the lead up to the sex scene that does it for me. If I’m not emotionally invested in the characters or the situation then I usually won’t get into the sex scene no matter what position they are doing.

  8. The threesome with Rachel in the Maddison game always stuck with me. The idea of a couple meeting someone and then persuading them to have sex in a public place is hot. Especially when someone could have easily walked in on you taking turns on the girls. Having a guy walk in and watch, making the girls more into it would have been a fun addition.

    Something I personally would have liked would be if Rachel’s date showed up, saw what was happening and then took part in it, each guy taking turns fucking the women, maybe an audience forms because of the noise coming from the toilets. I know that’s something many people on this site are against, but more public sex in front of people or in public places is always memorable to me.

    The Leilani and Lady threesome is also memorable. I like the masquerade / Eyes Wide Shut feeling along with a club that is for the upper class to fulfil their sexual desires. It creates a more lustful aura when you actually get to the sex scene.

    I guess from reading this back, I like the scenes where they use an interesting location or do something that’s not too vanilla. Like the Bridgette throat fucking scene is great because even though it’s set in a bedroom, Bridgette is experiencing something new and different. The more forgettable scenes for me are the ones at the end of the dates, where you go to a bedroom and have some normal sex. The normal sex part isn’t too bad on its own but when it’s a normal location, like a bedroom, I don’t have much interest.

    Doing it doggy style in the woods is interesting, doing some light bondage in a bedroom is interesting. But doing it doggy in a hotel bedroom? Doesn’t have much of a spark. Like the Sukiko ending in the office for example. The sex itself is pretty vanilla but the location and being close to your coworkers makes it incredibly sexy.

    If the buildup to a scene is an interesting location like a casino combined with an interesting sexual act, like exhibitionism, then that’s perfect for me. That might be why I enjoy The Academy series so much. Most sex scenes are in a college, the position you are in as a staff member makes it more taboo than usual to have relations with the characters, and the characters themselves have their own sex lives inside the academy. It creates something that feels fresh and I love all the scenes in those games.

    1. Rachel’s date was not a cool dude but after seeing other games that is mostly what game makers think we guys look like (i would never wear a T-shirt like his and if i had a hair like that i would hide in my bed for a long time.)

      1. You’re right, not that guy specifically. If something like this would be in a game, I would expect that guy to be completely different to the one we got. If I was making a game that involved another guy, then I would put the effort in to make him stand out in a good way. Since he’s supposed to be a throwaway character in Maddison, I too would probably just make him a generic douche so you don’t feel bad about fucking Rachel.

        1. here is what i would make as a main male character :

          – tattoos(both on arms and chest)

          – long hair(like Marko Hietala , Former bassist and vocalist in the Nightwish)

          – Iron Maiden T-shirt

          – Flying-V guitar

          – Harley-Davidson

  9. Both of Leanna’s sex scenes in her first game are up there in my top 5. Definitely glad she’s coming back in your next game.

  10. I’m kinda the man who likes boobs, so I like the cowgirl position when the character has a wide open view of the girl’s breats and can see them bouncing. I really liked the scenes in The Academy 2 when we can squeeze Lola’s boobs from the front and back. And also when we could touch Holly’s boobs. I also liked Bridgette’s scenes when we could do that in the bedroom. I liked the scene with Leanna when we can also see the other perspective with the reverse cowgirl and the scene with Kristen.

  11. Almost anything with Lisette or April with fond memories of Lucy Sarah and Kelly. I appreciate most of what you do you rarely give me much to complain about.

  12. My favorites always have been have been the Lesbian scenes Rachel with Madison was a dream come true

  13. I think isn’t so popular, but I still wish to see a Sophie Game.
    I love her, and could be interesting some playing between bosses (with Madison)

    1. i’m with you… in photographer Sophie’s office are in the same building as Grace , hinting that they work for the same company

  14. Any of the titjob scenes. POV titjobs specifically with options on where to cum.

    There are many characters without titjobs I’d love to see get a scene for. Usually it’s the chicks with the biggest tits who get them, but some other other biggish tit girls would suit a scene.

    1. Yeah, Titjobs always get me going. It’s probably the reason why i love the maddison games

    1. same my guy, would love to see one similar between Rachel and Betsy, maybe with Cass involved as well.

  15. I really like a slow build-up i.e. lots of teasing/foreplay, combined with a long, non-linear sex scene incorporating multiple branching paths determined by earlier choices.

    From a pathing/scripting standpoint, two good examples would be Mr. Stomper’s Anna (part 1), and DSP’s a Date with Bridgette.

    Visually, I think partially clothed sex is a big turn-on, so a scene where everyone immediately strips every piece of clothing off right at the beginning isn’t that appealing.

  16. The Tara fivesome is so memorable to me. After individually working with them across the parts then getting your “reward” in the hottub with all four girls was pretty hot. Then deciding which girl you wanted to take turns with. One of my most replayed.

    1. yeah , my favorite scene was in Pool party with five girls. in the game i started with Kelly , then Erica(with Kelly replacing Erica in having sex with Crystal) , continuing with Crystal(with Erica replacing Crystal in having sex with Kelly) , followed by Leilani(with Crystal replacing Leilani in having sex with Rachel) and last Rachel(with Leilani replacing Rachel in having sex with Crystal)

  17. Well I might be a vanilla person, but I personally love the endings of your games when the main character and the date end up in one of their appartments, in their privacy of their home. I just love the idea of a sex scene playing out at night, with little to no lights except for the ones of the city (Like having a big window where You can see skycrappers, other tall building and their lights). To provide a visual example, this image of Maddison describes what I’m talking about: https://www.vdategames.com/wordpress/?p=2699 .
    Even though the first games have that old animation, I replay “A date with Erica”, “Second date with Rachel” and “Maddison” for that same reason. If it were to happen again in a game, it would be great. Also, the one with Molly and the male character is good too, the two cons I have with the scene is that A) Molly has a perfect ass, but the camera angles don’t make justice to it. And B) There is too much light, and I love the idea of low lights like in the picture attached. Anyways, sorry for the long text!

  18. How about Mia from the Photographer series? Or just plain another in the Photographer series.

    I love the Photographer for the same reason I love the Academy. These games aren’t about a single woman, but a whole bunch. You can chose who to pursue. You can pursue more than one, though maybe not the combination you wanted. If you are creative enough, you might even get a bunch of them.

    In Photographer 3, it ended with Mia saying she was going to enjoy having you as an employee. Then the final scene was: THE LEGACY OF HAMPTON HUGHES HAD BEEN SAVED. MIA PROMOTED BOTH YOU AND MADDISON TO RUN THE BUSINESS, AND EVERYONE HAD A HAPPY ENDING.

    Photographer 4, Maddison and you running the business for Mia now have to put together the new calendar, you know, the one Mr Hughes started the whole series with? With Mr. Hughes, it was one bikini, one topless, one nude. You and Maddison have to make the magazine even better, right? And of course you meet up with Mia at least a couple times, maybe even sneak her into the magazine?? Sorry, got carried away.

    1. this time it could be one lingerie , one bikini , one topless lingerie , one topless bikini and one naked . also one thing i would have wanted in original Photographer was the ability to decide when you hand over the pictures … Photographing some or all girls before you approach Maddison . this would lead to all girls Photographed to be at the party . but i wait for Ellies solo game

  19. For me its the scene with Amy in the abandoned farm. I really miss the academy series..

  20. Dear sir,

    My favorite sex scenes in Virtual Date games were : –
    1. All sex scenes including the Outdoor ones with Maddison and Bridgette
    2. Sex scenes in the TV Station with Leanna
    3. All sex scenes with Rachel
    4. All sex scenes with Crystal
    5. Outdoor sex scenes with Sukiko
    6. All sex scenes with Jennifer, Betsy, Erica, Kelly, Nikki, Lisette, Ellie, Zoe, Grace, Sophie,
    Sarah, Leilani, Lucy, Daisy, Nelena, Jess, Latricia and Evana.

    I would kindly love to request more virtual date games with Grace and Sophie.

    Thank you.

    David Ong

  21. My favorite scenes are always lesbian, especially with a female player character. One that sticks out in my mind is the lesbian foursome with Lisette, Daisy, and Tammy in The Photographer part 2.

    Speaking of The Photographer, I wish for a remaster of the first Photographer game, maybe even older games like Pool Party, the first Crystal game, maybe even Evana and Latricia with the option to play as female.

    1. the lesbian foursome with Lisette, Daisy, and Tammy in The Photographer part 2 is a great scene and one of my top five favorites but my all-time-favorite is Cassandra & Rachel scene .

      the option to play as female in Evana and Latricia is a great suggestion but i wloud add to change the sparring-Orch in Evana to Nelena since she are allready in the game and it would make the Evana and Latricia strippers (in Rachel game, Crystal game,The Photographer and other games) their descendants (their great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaugthers)

  22. I really liked every threesome involving a black guy (Rachel Part 3, Maddison, April & Violet, The Photographer Part 2, Anna 2), i wish all the games had the skin tone option.

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