May 21st update

Next game

Good news (I think)! I seem to have decided on what my next game will be for the site.

I wanted something casual that wouldn’t take too much of my time to create, but I also want it to be something that will be satisfying for people to play.

So, my idea is a ‘missing scenes’ game. Essentially, it will be a collection of mini games which showcase either a missing part of one of my other games, or a new epilogue.

The base game will be something along the lines of :

  • Leanna. A sequence from your fist vacation together as a couple following the main game.
  • Crystal. Naughty escapades around when she wins the medal at the end of her game.
  • Sukiko. Not sure yet to be honest.

Each story will include sex and exhibitionism, and will probably be fairly linear, but hopefully very satisfying.

It’s also very possible that I will add more stories to the game. with other characters I’m planning to have this finished for August, so I’ll see how much free time I have.


I’m not sure where I’m going to use her, but I also did a redraft of Debbie recently.

What do you all prefer? The new version, or the old?

16 thoughts to “May 21st update”

  1. I love the new Debbie! As for the idea, Sukiko was used recently, so this would be a great chance to use other characters. I would love to see the new Debbie there, but also Maddison, maybe Ashley the bunny girl from Leanna. Specially Maddison and Debbie. Also, is there a possibility for your Genesis 3 Maddison to appear in a mini game? Sorry for the long text!

  2. Sukiko is so recent, could honestly skip her in my opinion. Would rather see older secondary characters get another chance.
    Cassandra, Betsy, Kelly could use a freshen-up, Ellie, April, and even Violet.

    I think the fans would like Debbie in there. Personally I never liked Debbie, was just something about her. But maybe the freshen up will help.

  3. Um, I, for one, wouldn’t mind more Sukiko content…

    Though I’d be good with more Cassandra content, too, as LongTimeFan says above.

  4. It would be really nice if you met Leanna’s friends (the ones from the basketball game) during vacations and have a foursome (or a threesome without Leanna).

    Honestly, I didn’t like old Debbie model, but I am in love with this one! Hopefully you stick with it if you are planning to use it.

  5. The thing about this site, is that Chaotic has his plans, and the rest have their own expectations. And when he doesn’t ultimately fulfill those “demands”, poeple act like they’re been betrayed (and the polls might add to that feeling).

    1. I don’t know if that applies to everyone. As for me, I only express my wishes of certain characters to be used, but I never make a suggestion for a game, neither complain if chaotic doesn’t read a comment or make a game different from what I expected. I just hope for the best!

    2. I assume Chaotic reads the responses, since he responds to them regularly.

      I also assume he is looking for people’s opinions, good or bad, otherwise he wouldn’t be posting polls and blogs that encourage discussion. I know Chaotic has plans and think it is great that he continues making games. I think it is great that he looks for feedback from followers of the site.

      I also don’t have expectations and certainly not demands, but yeah, I see others that sometimes may come across that way, but ultimately, the product being developed is the developers brain-child, and the developer gets to decide, and most “software” developers that I know have a certain level of “I don’t give a fuck” to be able to produce something for others to use, because you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can please some of the people some of the time.

      What I do have is wishes, hopes, dreams, desires. These are expressed in the blog so that the developer(s) might incorporate them, giving me a surprise. It beats the feeling of when you “find a new girl that you really are into” in a new game simply because you have a connection (it is a familiarity thing, you’ve encountered them in another game).

  6. I am partial to Asian women so Sukiko is always in my mind. However Leanna is right up there. Bridgette and her sidekick galpal could be a duo on a date with a new male friend that ends up in the sack as [(1+1)*2] or a trio.

    Exhibitionism is a plus.

    My significant other has mentioned that a little more male presence/exposure would be welcome from her perspective.

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