May 18th Update

Still no news from dsp3000 as of yet (to the point that I’m starting to get a little worried he’s OK), so I shall simply persevere this week with more info about my next game.

Photographer Part 3

Time for a name description of one of the new characters I’m introducing.

This is Paige.

Currently, she is Mia’s assistant (Mia being the new owner of the company following Mr. Hughes death). I’m thinking about giving her a different role though. I feel like I’m always just appointing assistants to stick another female character in the plot (Kristen was Leanna’s assistant. Carol was Mr. Hughes). I’d like to do something a little more original.

Many of my characters body types are typically fairly similar (or at least fall into a few categories). I’ve been determined for a while to have a short, very thing woman with small breasts for variety, and this is her.

Some of you may be finding something familiar about her. Remember last year when I considered dropping rendering Leanna in IRAY? I made a version of her for Poser? Well, this is the heavily altered same model, so if you can see a little of Leanna in her face, that’s why.


Those of you who follow my twitter will have noticed I’ve added some Maddison images this week. I decided to update both Poser and daz studio. For daz, I actually did a full clean install as there’s been a few issues for a while I though it would solve.

There is a plugin I’ve had for some time which allows you to convert your characters between ‘generation 4’, Which is what Maddison/Lisette/Crystal etc normally are, to Genesis 3, which is what Leanna and co are. Mortze already successfully used it to convert his characters such as Miranda and Chloe to Genesis 3. I’ve had trouble getting it to work previously, but now, thanks to this clean install, it works!

I can now convert most of my characters to Genesis 3 and easily render them in IRAY.

So, of course this opens up lots of choices and options for me. Photographer 3 rendered in Poser needs to happen next. I just don’t have enough spare time to create anything in IRAY over the summer. But what about the next game?

I could have Maddison and Lisette, as Genesis 3 characters rendered in IRAY in a later game. Or I could just use it to convert Crystal for Crystal Part 3 (whenever I do that).

The pitch : Drop Maddison and Lisette from Photographer 3. Give them their own joint game later in the year, or next year.

Pros :

– It makes Photographer part 3 easier for me, and it should be finished a little quicker.

– They’ll look great in IRAY.

– Neither Maddison or Lisette will simply be a side character like they would be in Photographer 3.

Cons :

– You’ll have to wait longer for more Maddison and Lisette.

– It’ll mean waiting longer for Mariana and/or Molly.

– It’ll mean yet another game added to my ‘to do’ pile’, which I’m really not keen on. Poor Molly’s been in the queue for 18th Months now.

Should Maddison and Lisette be in Photographer Part 3, or should they have their own game?

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Disclaimer : I am not legally bound by the results of this poll.

49 thoughts to “May 18th Update”

  1. Actually, I see another charachter in Paige: Winnie, from Pusooy games.
    Now that you converted Maddison succefully, I’m interested in seeing a render of Crystal, using the conversion Method. Because I feel that the “new Crystal” deserve her own name and setting.

    1. I think I’ll probably merge parts of the new Crystal together with the old converted one.

  2. Maddison is my favorite girl, and Lisette is also high on my list. So I’d love them to have their own game together. However, I voted no strong opinion as it would just delay everything else. As much as I want their game, I think it’d be best if you focused on the games you’ve already lined up.

    1. I did the same. Love Lisette and Maddison but I also think you’d be more focused on games that you would rather be making. The Cons list says you’re not too keen a Lisette Maddison game and I empathise with you on how hard it is to work on something you’re just not all that interested in.

  3. I really like the thing of more body types, i hope this mean more ethnicity too

  4. What would a Maddison+Lisette game involve? Could you explain it in a bit more detail?
    Personally I’d prefer a Maddison part 2 in the vein of Crystal and Rachel but I understand you don’t want to work with her so many games in a row.
    I’d argue that you HAVE to have a the Maddison in that lingerie pic in a game at some point in, like, the next 3 years lol.

    1. A game with all the top girls would be very interesting. Maddison and Rachel would be there, wonder who else. Would love to see Crystal as well as Lisette, Cassandra and Betsy in such a game. Even though thay are arguably not as popular as Maddison and Rachel.

    2. Not too sure what it would involve, but most likely a traditional dating game scenario when you go everywhere with both Maddison and Lisette.

  5. You could make Paige Mia’s lawyer or something so that she’s there to do legal things pertaining to buying Mr. Hughes company. You wouldn’t have to change much since she’d basically have the same role without calling her a personal assistant.

    1. i agree in the lawyer idea but instead of buying the company Mia is the daughter of Mr. Hughes and there is a problem with the will .

    2. Possibly.

      I’m currently liking the idea of her being another photographer. Having a friendly rival might be fun.

  6. I’d hate to think the stupid bridgette spinoff killed the academy series, but if DSP vanishes it’d be a good explanation. Development of DWB was a clusterfuck to begin with. Wasn’t it supposed to have been finished by March?

    1. I suppose they never had intentions of taking Academy series further so they came up with DWB so that we all ultimately get bored and stop asking about Academy series altogether, although it was really a great game. RIP Academy series.

  7. Maddison looks so good in that update, I wouldn’t mind you just focusing fully on the new tech

  8. I voted give them their own game, but honestly I wish I could have chosen keep them in AND give them their own game. Not to put more work on you. Simply because I enjoy these two characters. Question. it’s been a while since you introduced Maddison and Lisette. Any chance of introducing us to a “baby sister” fresh out of high school, so totally legal and whatever…? Yeah I know. You’re making new characters all the time and NOW i’m suggesting another one… LOL! Sorry, Bud! Don’t mean to put MORE work on you!

    1. I like this idea, too. Maybe one day Chaotic will introduce her, but he’s already got a pretty full schedule. I like to think she’s still in school right now, and we’ll meet her when she graduates lol

  9. Maddison is by far my favorite girl. This update is absolutely stunning. I can’t decide which option is best. What about their own game with the update and ALSO their presence in photographer 3?

    1. Haha I like your post, why we should have to choose when we want to have both? =)

  10. I thought you out did yourself withe Molly but Paige has the potential to be my new favorite. If the personality matches the Moxie and originality the Image conveys you’d have a great character. Personally I don’t think you should do a Maddison and Lisette game I think you should consider for Later a Daisy game that has one or even both in it.

  11. I hope DSP is well – send him our regards 🙂

    I think Maddison & Lisette deserve their own game, but to be honest, I’m pretty much good with whatever you decide to do next.

    Paige looks like she has elf-like qualities – she looks pretty hot in a young and innocent way 😉

    One comment regarding the latest Maddison render you have. Looks great, but her facial features don’t seem to quite resemble Maddison. Not sure if there were any changes between this one and your last blog?

    1. Well, the image above is the Genesis 3 version of her, and the one from last week’s blog was the gen4 version. There will be subtle differences to how things like her face look.

  12. I’m going to be “me” and vote for the option that doesn’t delay Molly any more… haha

    But, really liking the Paige render. And definitely growing warmer toward Maddison.

    I hope dsp is doing okay. I believe when last he’d commented he said there was a lot going on for him in real life.

  13. Wow, Paige is gorgeous. I think this will definitely be a new favorite character of mine. I love her body type and am happy you are trying new types out. Very excited to see her in your new game. Outstanding work as usual!

    1. Many of the girls have multiple games. Maddison is one of the most popular girls on the site, so it wouldn’t be weird for her to get another game.

  14. I am personally really excited about DWB part 3. I have always thought Didi is really hot and I think this will be the first time she plays a role more than being able to say hi and bye and make small talk.
    On a separate note, I am looking forward to Molly’s game. After u finish the Photographer part 3, I can’t wait to see Molly in action.

  15. That pic of Maddison is positively smoldering. I honestly don’t care if she and Lissette show up in Photographer 3 or their own game, just so long as they show up.

    I’m already in love with Paige. If you don’t want her to be an assistant (definitely a smart move), I could totally see her as a company lawyer or a VP in some department (HR, perhaps?). You might also want to consider the possibility that with so much reshuffling in the company, she could be an interrim hire — someone put in as acting head of a department until a more permanent hire can be made.

    1. Not too sure what you mean by ‘filtered’.

      Some posts will automatically get moved to the trash folder if they contain certain items, but there haven’t been any in the past week.

  16. The new Paige character is fantastic. I totally agree with the others that she would be great in a lawyer/legal/HR type position. That way you can also retain Carol as the assistant and develop that character some more and we could see more of her basement “office.”

  17. God damm, that picture of Madison is hot. I want more of her! Can’t wait to see how you reworked Lisette.

  18. I must compliment you on your fine work. I must however voice my concern about dsp3000’s apparently lengthy absence from the site, I do hope that he resurfaces soon. The length of time reminds me of the time we had to wait to find out who shot JR on Dallas. I do hope we heat from him soon

  19. To me this poll is missing an important option: Both. If I had to choose I’d much rather them have their own game, but my thinking is that the Photographer games should include Maddison because she is your boss. You work under her and submit your photos to her. She ultimately gives the yes or no on what you can do.

    I think you should have Maddison in the Photographer game. Even if she isn’t ‘romanceable’, simply to have consistency and to help clarify that you are indeed the same character from the previous games. I also hope this ties into the canon of “The Academy”, as to my understanding it is supposed to be the same player character (they both have a relationship with Maddison).

  20. I’d really just prefer ditching The Photographer Part 3 and start working on the Maddison/Lisette game, and then work on Molly or Mariana afterward, but I feel this is an unpopular opinion. The Photographer series really never did much for me, but I could definitely go for some more fletched out Lisette storylines. I really enjoy her character.

    1. I believe a Maddison/Lisette game is top pick since the ginger sisters are by far the most popular duo characters on the website.
      And I completely agree with you, Chaotic should just just prioritize the Madd/Lis game and make a Ph3 afterwards.

  21. I’m the biggest fan of Maddison and Lisette, and even though I want to see them together on the next game, I feel that a game focused on both (threesome date game), will be better. it will be fully focused on them, you can have all sort of sex scenarios with both separate and the cherry on the cake would be to get the threesome. (You can also have a solo lesbian scenario with both, who knows?). That would be my dream game. So, even if it pains my heart to wait more, I will have to say, drop them from photographer pt 3 and make their own game later this year.
    Or by popularity, I think just make the Maddison / Lisette game first and work on Photographer part 3 later, I think most people would agree with that, what you think Chaotic?
    Keep up the good work as always.

    1. Were you expecting Academy 5 next month? Did you forget that the fill in game of Date with Bridgette is not yet finished so Academy 5 is nowhere in the picture as yet. I think you must forget about it as I did.

  22. I must say that your new game appears very interesting and exciting your new model is quite attractive. I also hope that dsp3000 resurfaces soon. Tammy, Katie, and Jennifer are among my personal favorites. Keep up the good work

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