May 4th Update

Just a quick update from me today.

After various tests and assessments of what I can do this summer, it looks like there’s a final decision of what my next game will be. As hinted at before my break, I will be working on Photographer Part 3.

As you can see, it will be rendered in Poser as opposed to daz studio and IRAY in order to make production much quicker. I will also (most likely) just be using the white male player character. It will also be a game for the members section, though we will also be releasing a game for free (not a new one).

Also note that all characters seen in the image are not final versions (except Maddison of course).

There’s still a lot of details to figure out, not least of all the setting. Since this’ll be released during the hottest months, I am very tempted to do an idyllic paradise island style setting  (lots of characters in bikinis). I’m also not sure yet how many parts it will be released in.

No news from dsp3000 just yet. I’ll let you know any progress with Bridgette Part 3 as soon as I hear it.


39 thoughts to “May 4th Update”

  1. Great News, Sounds and looks awesome!! And (of course) a Happy Star Wars Day to everyone!

    May the 4th be with you!

    1. May the 4th be with you too.

      I did consider doing some Star Wars themed pics for today (I have a Rey costume somewhere), but sadly didn’t have the time.

      1. I’m sure people wouldn’t mind seeing that at some point anyways, even if it’s not on Star Wars day anymore 😉

        Photographer pt. 3 should be fun! The new ladies in the sample pic look great, though especially the two in the middle! Maddison looks good as always, of course, haha.

  2. Well, I’d say that I’m fairly excited about this. On one hand, we’ll be getting new characters, meaning that you could re-use in their own games eventually. On the other had, doing another Photographer game is less exciting. I mean, you probably already know this, but the photoshoots are being used a bit too much.
    Anyway, it’s good to see you settled on a project, and Maddison fans will be satisfied (I think)

    1. Don’t know all the details yet, but I’m leaning more towards a game where it’s more about how you manage Mr Hughes empire after his death, rather than just going through a series of photoshoots (though there will be some there).

    1. Sadly, Maria is dsp3000’s creation and there are legal (and technical) difficulties is me using her on my computer.

      Lisette on the other hand…

      1. AW YEAH!!!
        Please, a threesome with Maddison and her!
        Shut up and take my money Chaotic!

      2. If you can figure something with dsp3000 out, that would be awesome. Especially since he used Maddison for his games.

  3. Oh and as a little, little side note, it would be awesome to see Nelena back! It would be her Photographer debut :))

  4. Great news Chaotic! Loving the redhead already. I have a feeling she’s going to be a new favorite of mine. Will Photographer 3 be similar in game play as your old Photographer games (multiple locations and such) or more like a Betsy/Leanna game? Or haven’t you decided yet? I actually enjoyed the Photographer games and they were one of the reasons I joined this site.

    On a side note I unfortunately had to cancel my membership for now. Unforeseen bills and such (sucks) but should be able to join again before this game releases and hopefully before Bridgette part 3 comes out. Such is life. Keep up the amazing work! Hope you’ve been enjoying your time off.

    1. Glad you like her. I’ve been planning for a while to do a very petite/skinny/small/breasted character. I’m happy that I’m finally doing it.

      Gameplay should be fairly open, but with some linear segments along the way.

      Don’t worry about the membership. I generally only expect most people to join for short periods anyway. 🙂

  5. A bit disappointed by de absence of a female player character. For us all-girl diehards out there (who don’t care for anything else) u have been one of the best.

  6. Great news. I hope that, as in photographer part 1 and 2, we will be able to interact with girls who have appeared before in recent games (Betsy, April and Violet, Leanna, Debbie, Ashley, Kristen, etc)

    1. There will be plenty of previously seen characters as models, but there will be some off limits for this one.

      No Betsy, April or Violet ( I have plans for them else where). No one from either Leanna game as the models aren’t compatible with Poser.

  7. Mhmm… Can’t wait! The orginal Photographer was the game that brought me here, years ago.

    Btw: I started playing Eve Online a few days ago and I would be honored if you want to use the charakter I created in Part 3.
    See it as my way to contribute to your great work!
    If you’re interested and/or need more pics, let me know,

  8. A+ for the blonde on the left side!

    Hopefully hear something from dsp soon. I know that he’s got a lot going on in the real world. Same deal for me. Would be nice to have a little diversion like the newest Bridgette game, but, hey, I’m fine with waiting for high-quality like what you guys produce.

  9. Will Lisette be in this game as well? For that so awaited Lis-Madd theesome? =) Perhaps Maria as well, a good opportunity to reunite the redhead family.

    1. I’m keeping the characters, but I think I’m ditching the story and going with something else. I was placing too many restrictions on myself with that setting.

  10. I understand being too busy with life to be working on making new games, but popping into the comments section once in awhile to answer questions of fans would take like 5 minutes. Either dsp doesn’t give a shit about his fans, or there is something more going on behind the scenes between dsp and Chaotic. I’m gonna guess it’s the latter.

    1. Yes. Those two extreme situations are clearly the only two possible explanations.

      It couldn’t possibly be that he’s busy.

      1. Maybe dsp is Chaotic’s alter ego.. with his own home and family. “Hon I’m going on a business trip again” wait.. oh shi-

  11. i would like to see more of the more unused characters from previous games such as the girl in the clothes shop in LUCY or Naria in photographer part 1

  12. Chaotic has said that a release date in May for ‘Bridgette part 3’ was most likely… I would imagine that Dsp3000 is busy trying to finish the game – announcing a definite release date would put unnecessary pressure on himself to complete it ( isn’t creating games a hobby for him also? ) . By the way , Chaotic the new characters look excellent ( small red-head looks a little like one of the girls from tlero and mortze ‘s games ( which is a good thing ) – Chloe ? Keep up the great work

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