May 25th Update


So, first of all, thank you to everyone who voted in the poll last week.

Although the ‘Give them their own game’ option did get more votes, there wasn’t that much in it overall. Judging by the comments, the main thing to note seems to be that people weren’t too bothered either way, as long as they get the sisters at some point. So, for now at least, it seems like I’ll just persevere with both Maddison and Lisette being in this game.

Photographer 3

As this game takes place in the island paradise setting, we’ll be seeing returning characters from the games previously set there.

I like both Miranda and Zoe the way they are, so I’m not planning any big alteration to their looks. Emma though never quite reached her full hotness potential. As a test, I thought I’d try her with longer hair. As you can see above, it really, really works, so this is officially her new look!

You may notice that Faye from Miranda’s game is missing. I’m probably not going to use her as I already have three other redheads in this game. Also, I don’t think she was ever really that hot (unless she has a big hidden following here. Shout out if you need her to be in this game).


Still no news from dsp3000. Hopefully he’s OK. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.


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  1. Its getting boring day by day. Bridgette part 3 is not yet released so I cant even ask about Academy Part 5. I get a strong feeling that they have scrapped Academy series altogether and if it is so then its a very sad thing.

    1. If dsp3000 doesn’t return, I’ll probably try to finish Bridgette and the academy series myself.

      1. I really think that you should not do that. You have your own style, DSP3000 his own. Trying to finish each other games might be bad, for both of you.

        1. If dsp3000 has truly disappeared, I’m sure he has much worse things happening to him.

      2. I love the commitment to finish the series no matter what, let’s hope that dsp3000 is ok and can continue working on his/her series. If you decide to continue he series yourself, would you be willing to hear ideas for the series conclusion?

      3. Also hoping dsp3000 is ok and just very busy. His games were an amazing edition to the site.

        If he has disappeared for whatever reason I’m very happy to hear that you would finish Bridgette and the Academy. I know that would be a ton more work for you but I know that if anyone should finish those games it should be you. I have 100% faith that you would do dsp’s work justice. The Academy series is just fantastic. I love the whole college girl genre and the series is just full of gorgeous women. Just very happy to hear that those games will be finished at some point. Cheers to you Chaotic!

        If he did return after you had finished both games maybe he would still create his own endings to both which I think would be kinda freaking cool. Each game finished by two different and amazingly talented creators. Would still be like two new games.

      4. No offence Chaotic but is academy not dps3000 project? I can understand that you finish the project where dsp3000 left.

    1. Probably not. Before he disappeared, dsp3000 did give approval for Academy parts 1 and 2 to become free games, so I’ll probably proceed with that some time.

      1. personally i would prefer Rachel 3 over any of dsp3000’s games because you are better artist(when people complained that Maria looked to much of a Hentai/Manga figure dsp3000 told them to go to h…)

  2. Hey Chaotic, even though I voted for Maddison/Lis own game I’m still pretty happy they will be on the next game.
    And even though you might be tired with so many questions about the sisters, I’ll just have to ask another one:
    Will they interact with each other in this game? (meaning full lesbian)

    Keep up the good work man. =)

  3. Hope DSP is alright.
    What kind of effect will it have on you and future of vdate if he decides to not come back?

  4. I hope DSP going dark isn’t due to unfortunate circumstances.

    As for his series, if you can finish Bridgette & the Academy serious, that would be a workable plan B, I think. But ideally, he’ll just return out of the blue with Bridgette and the final Academy chapter all done and ready to go 😉

    Just one comment regarding the setting of Photographer pt. 3 – since it’s taking place on an island, there will be a lot of outdoor scenes w/ bikinis & swimsuits on display. But for me, I much prefer indoor and more private settings… I just think they’re more erotic. So as much as possible, I hope you can strike a good balance between the two.

      1. Ooooohhhhhh….. I haven’t played that one in so long. I play Miranda’s from time to time, though. She’s one of my favorites.

  5. Ol’ DSP has some good characters, as do you. Hope DSP is ok. I suck badly at the graphics end, but I’m an editor in my public life, so let me know if you need help with proofing or scripting. I’ll see what i can do to take some of the work off of you if you need it. Not asking for anything. Just putting it out there if you need a little help.

  6. I Just hope we get to see more Tara (Black har) from photographer game. One of the best looking characters here in my opinion .

  7. DSP is not coming back I’m sure. He was pretty bummed out to see pages online uploading his games for free and got quite mad. That was around the time we stopped hearing from him. I get why he is mad, but not coming back to say goodbye is pretty shitty.

    And, Chaotic, thanks for including Miranda. She’s my favorite 🙂

    1. I found this quote from him on one of the many sites that thrives on uploading games for free.

      “If you enjoy playing these games then you need to support the creators otherwise they will stop creating.”

    2. I can’t see the illegal file sharing being the cause for his disappearance.

      Such file sharing may mean he makes less money, but even with it he makes more than enough to warrant coming back.

    3. Even if he did object to the illegal downloading, I can’t see him simply dropping off the face of the Earth in protest. At this point, any reasons we might think of are pure guess-work.

  8. Among the great unfinished works!
    Bouvard and Péchuchet – Gustave Flaubert
    The Good Soldier Švejk – Jaroslav Hašek
    Amerika: or, The Man Who Disappeared – Franz Kafka
    The Academy – Dsp3000

  9. I liked Faye seems a shame to split the Island girls up. Even if she is just there doing her job is fine.

  10. I’m excited to see photographer part 3 coming along the photographer 1 n 2 are some of my favorite games on the site. Mostly due to the variety of girls and kinda like the office setting. As far as dsp I hope he’s still working on his project and just flying under the radar to avoid having to make posts and field a bunch of questions about when is it going to be done. I hope that’s the case anyways.

  11. I’ve never really thought of polling as an effective way of making development decisions. Look at who you’re asking to vote. Most of the people who check this blog, like myself, don’t even sub to your site. The majority of votes will go towards whatever option seems the fastest and easiest to allow for content to be put out.

    Look at what happened with the stupid Bridgette spinoff. DSP made a poll, everybody and their mom voted for “1 episode a month” because it would obviously mean they wouldn’t have to “wait” 4 months, and in the end the guy couldn’t deliver and had to change the whole plan. And look how that turned out.

    1. Chaotic, if/when you hear from DSP, I hope you’ll send a quick update the same day (instead of waiting until the customary Friday). Just so you can put our minds at ease :o)

  12. Your last twitter pic gives of a “Lesson of Passion” feeling. I take it that the fantasy setting is getting into shape?

  13. I was thinking about this earlier. If, in fact, dsp has given up on Bridgette, I hope he isn’t afraid to tell Chaotic and the fans. People will understand… I hope. He doesn’t owe anyone anything, as far as I’m concerned. It’s been a great ride up to now. If he’s just lost the desire to work on this, that’s totally understandable.

    I hope, though, I’m just letting my mind wander on this and he’s just taking a break because life has intervened. It’d be great to get the last 2(?) chapters to finish this story off.

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