May 11th Update

No news from dsp3000 yet (i’ll give him a poke this week to see what’s happening). So, I might as well summarize what I’ve been doing for Photographer Part 3.

For the returning characters I really didn’t want to just reuse the character models we last saw. Tweaking them, trying to improve them and making them look even hotter is a very good way to motivate me towards this game. I’ve started with the obvious one – Maddison.

The obvious change is the hair, but I’ve also been applying newer morphs to her body, including some subtle breast ones. This isn’t the final version, but I really like what I see so far.

Other work that I’ve done is mainly planning. Prompted by some players saying that they would prefer the game just to be released in one part, I find myself agreeing with them. The last two big games I made, Leanna and April & violet, were both debatably released in two parts. After releasing the first part/version of them, it’s really a struggle for me to get back into the momentum for the final part. So, I think I’ll just aim to release this as one big thing.

Since that means it will all be released in a summer month, I think I’ve decided to have the whole thing take place on the island paradise seen previously in Miranda’s and Zoe’s games. I certainly like the idea of lots of hot established characters wearing bikinis all the time.

27 thoughts to “May 11th Update”

  1. Long hair Maddison? That might work, and she’s stunning in her bikini (even though I prefer to see her in her normal, suits-like, clothes)

  2. A definite improvement on an already popular character! looking forward to seeing more progress on this Chaotic!! Also, the suspense is building regarding DSP’s A Date with Bridgette Part 3, so a good poke would be good, let us all know as soon as you know whats going on. I look forward to seeing other popular characters with a makeover!

  3. I think Miranda and Zoe were 2 of your strongest games Chaotic despite them somewhat flying under the radar. Seeing Maddison in that setting would be so awesome. Also, will Crystal or Nikki be in the game?
    I’ve lost track of what your development cycles are like. I know you’ve only just started so I assume by winter probably a late August release then?

  4. Just to know, how many women in the game? half new and half old or something else?

  5. I would love to see Lucy again, she has always been my fav girl. I hope to at least see her at advent calendar again.

  6. New Maddison looks good! I like changes on older character models to update them to more realistic and hotter versions.
    Can’t wait to see new version of LIsette too.

  7. I know this is heresey, but Maddison has never really been my favorite character. She’s kinda been just, “Okay,” to me.

    But….. I REALLY like what you’ve done with her in these images.

    Shame about no news from dsp this week. Really hoping we hear something soon, but I understand life gets in the way at times. I sure as heck know that right now… haha 🙂

  8. The new Maddison looks fantastic! She seems to have a more youthful look to my eye.

    And I hope Bridgette Part 3 is on target for a May release, although I have a feeling it’ll be later than that.

  9. Wow the now Maddison looks great.

    A big improvement on the old model.

    Her feet look a little manly though.

  10. Love Maddison and the new images look mint! Can you put Tara & Natalia in the game? They’re such a fun
    twosome, I’ll subscribe till Christmas if you put them in the game!

    1. Me too. I remember when Chaotic mentioned a double date game with Lisette and Maddison, I feel so much potential in that.
      However, seeing the sisters making a comeback in Photographer pt 3 is good enough for me at this point, especially if they do a “proper” threesome this time. =). Can’t wait.

      1. Exactly, but don’t forget a foursome with Rachel, Betsy and Cassandra. It might not be this game, but maybe in the future.

  11. Those renders are looking great! I’d love to see more Lisette and Maddison too, but I suspect the Advent Calender was Chaotic’s way of placating us sister fans. And it worked, in my case 🙂

  12. You heard it here first, dsp3000 releases his next game unexpectedly. No update, nothing. Just a complete surprise. Quite frankly, I’d prefer it this way.

  13. I would love to see Maddison licking/sucking her own nipples. Her new breast morphs look better than ever.

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