February 8th Update

First of all, Bridgette Part 2 is now available for download in the members section (having previously been online only). there are also some bug fixes if you were having issues.

Thank you for everyone who voted in the polls last week.

Sadly, they weren’t quite as decisive though. Also, as one user correctly pointed out, they weren’t particularly reliable. For instance, a vote for Molly was split up between her solo game and a joint one with Marianna. So, this week, we’re gonna try something similar and use….math!

Each pitch below will have a rating between one and ten. Give the idea a score you like. Later, I will calculate the average score (probably a few times today, then once a day for the rest of the week).

Also, since we’re doing it this way, feel free to make your own pitches in the comments below and I may add them! Since we’re calculating the average rather than total amount of votes, it doesn’t matter when they get added.

EDIT : There were some technical issues with the blog and the first batch of votes were not counted. Please try voting again if you don’t see your earlier vote there.

Pitch 1 – Crystal part 3 with new Crystal

A third entry in the Crystal trilogy. I would be using the new Crystal model show above and rendering in IRAY. The gameplay would be a hybrid between the ‘Maddison style’ game and ‘Betsy style’ game. It will be set over one week when you attempt to rekindle the romance between yourself and Crystal after spending some time apart due to work. Daytimes will be fairly linear, like when you’re at school with Betsy, or at the studio with Leanna. However, evenings will be more like Maddison, where you are free to explore the city together.

How do you rate a game with new the Crystal?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 8

Pitch 2 – Crystal Part 3, but with old Crystal

The same game as above, but with the older Crystal model. The advantage of this is that it will probably be done quicker since I’d use Poser (maybe just 2 or 3 of months, as opposed to ‘new Crystal’ and IRAY which could take 5 or 6). It may also be better for continuity. It is also work mentioning that, I would still find a use for ‘new Crystal’ in a different game later, but as a different character.

How do you rate Crystal Part 3, but with the old Crystal?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 6.2

Pitch 3 – Molly in her own game

I’ve been having trouble generating ideas for this game, but I could persevere if people are enthusiastic enough about it. Molly, as she was introduced in Leanna, is a cop. Here, she goes undercover on the Nascar circuit. Now that you’re working at the news studio, Leanna sends you undercover to investigate. You bump into Molly, recognize each other and team up to expose the corruption there. Since Leanna is fine with you sexually experimenting with other women (especially if she can be invited along one time), naughtiness ensues along the way.

How do you rate Molly in her own game?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 7.7

Pitch 4 – Marianna in her own game

This is probably the game I have the most amount of conflicting ideas for currently. I did like the idea of her being some sort of international spy/assassin as I hadn’t done it before. Now I’m not so sure as, a) it may just be a bit too far fetched. This isn’t the Marvel Universe. b) this may be complicated ethically. I mean, she’ll be someone who kills people. I generally aim for a more light hearted tone with my games. There are other options though. I like the idea of you just meeting her at the hotel bar, then you spend the evening together. You could have the freedom to fully explore the hotel floor, kinda like the ‘Maddison format’. There can be a pool, a lingerie fashion show happening, maybe a live band. There’s lots of options.

How do you rate Marianna in her own game?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 8

Pitch 5 – Leanna’s big streak

I know we just had a Leanna game, but this would be a fairly simple one to do as I already have all the characters and scenes ready (some of it’s based on cut content from Leanna’s main game). The pitch is simple : you and Leanna are heading back into the city. Your car breaks down at the city limits. Rather than call for help, you challenge Leanna to streak all the way to her apartment from where you are. Can you make it all the way to the center of the city without getting caught? Obviously, you get up to various naughty things and sex along the way. The advantage of the game is that it’ll be fairly easy and quick to make.

How do you rate Leanna's big streak?

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Final average at 2500 votes : 7.6

Pitch 6 – A new Maddison game

I posted this image on twitter recently and got a very positive response, so let’s float the pitch. As you can see, she’s rendered in IRAY with new skin shaders, and also has new breast morphs which means her boobs hang, flop and squeeze very realistically now. I’m not too sure what to do storyline-wise though. The only Maddison plan I’ve worked on so far is actually Photographer Part 3. Referencing real world events, Mr. Hughes has now died and left his company in the hands of you and Maddison. You visit the island paradise seen in some games and recruit the characters there as models (Miranda, Zoe etc). Another idea could be a Maddison and Lisette double date. The three of you spend the evening exploring the city together. Kinda like a double date, but it’s just you dating both of them together. If I go with this option, I may have a further round of polls to work out the details.

How do you rate a new Maddison game?

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Final average at 2500 votes : 8.8

And that’s all for now. As I said at the start, if you have your own ideas, post them below! If I like them, I’ll add them to this post. It’s probably a good idea to return to this page and refresh a lot over the next few days, just in case there’s any updates.

69 thoughts to “February 8th Update”

  1. Hum, for Marianna, you can do the spy thing, but remove the assassin part. Or maybe use her as a forein government agent, that you meet in big scale reunion, and you have to work with her organizing everything. Or, to create a bigger canvas, make her a police inspector, Molly’s boss. That way, you can “introduce” her in Molly’s game, and work with her after.

    Concerning Maddison, both ideas are tempting, but I guess the poeple here will like the second one (there is a huge demand for incest here XD)

    Another idea, that’s not even in this poll, is the Betsy epilogue. In the end of April & Violet, we saw the MC dialing Betsy’s number, and in Leanna, there was a Bynes living in her building. So I think you can do the “meet again, figure why we broke up, fix it, happily ever after” format, with, why not, a wedding ending, a real send-off to the first generation of your characters. You can use it as en excuse to remodel some of the old ones: Leilani, Katy, Evana….

    1. I do have a plan for Betsy (even a title Betsy : Reconciliation), but I really want to leave that until later. There’s some stuff I want to setup in others games which will come into play.

  2. On side note, just saw the new Maddison pic, and here’s the weird thing: It’s a better Maddison, but we still can reconize her from afar. So why is the new Crystal absolutely different than the old one? oO

    1. The main reason (for me at least) to use Maddison is because of her new breast morphs. The new morphs however, would only work with her normal model.

      1. I didn’t mean it like that. What I meant was, rendering Maddison in IRAY didn’t change who she was, yet, Crystal is like a different girl. So can’t do the same to Crystal, or it’s technically impossible?

        1. I can render Crystal in IRAY (there are some pics on my tumlbr somewhere), but my personal problem was that I’ve already rendered 5000+ images of her old version, so I wanted a new one.

          In theory, I’d be willing to make a new Maddison, but the breast morphs wouldn’t work, so I have less interest in it. Hope that explains everything. 🙂

          1. I see, and I do get where you’re coming from. It’s just that, as a game maker, you’ve evolved, story-wise and art-wise, so I had this idea, to make a new cast, like a second generation kind of thing (Leanna, Kristen, Molly…), and since the new Crystal is way different than the other, I thought that maybe wou’d give her a new name and identity, in the new cast, and let the “original” Crystal with her cast.
            A suggestion: maybe try and render the others in IRAY (Rachel, Erica, Lisette…), and make some sort of reboot. That way, even if everyone looks different, it will go smoothly.

          2. Sorry Chaotic, I go with Nazim. The new Crystal looks very, very different to the old one. I wouldn’t recognize her.
            To me she looks a little like after a plastic surgery which went not so good. From some perspectives she looks really weird (at least to me) and her light blue eyes don’t really fit the rest of her appearance.
            But that’s me. And it shouldn’t be an offense.

  3. I really like the idea of a full Molly and Marianna game like you discussed last week. I think the story could be richer and make it easier to launch both characters.

    1. Yeah, I did consider adding the Molly and Marianna game as an option, but I really don’t feel I have enough ideas to make it worthwhile.

      1. Ah, I thought you had. Well, I’m good with whatever you decide. Your games are always good.

      2. I can give you some better advice, what about to take all your plans and turn them into one?
        I mean instead of making a 1 game for each girl you can take everything and make a one big project, for example you can connect the stories of your future projects into single game.
        It can work like this, you’re playing as a one guy that dating many girls at once, Crystal, Maddison, Leanna, Marianna and Molly, sthe story will focus on how’re you building your relationship with each girl and who’s your favorite one, this will also help you in terms of time of building a different locations for each game.
        The game will be like an open world erotic game with full of adventures.
        You can’t decide on what to work first? No problem, just take and connect everything into a single game.

        1. IMHO, I think each model deserves their own game to fully showcase the character. Combining everyone turns into an Avengers-style mash-up that I’m not fond of. A mega-game would also take years to complete, meaning it would only be sensible if it’s released in parts.

          Just my $0.02

  4. Molly and Marianna games sound the most interesting to me.

    I’d like to see you go for more complex plots and characters, even an assassin/spy character could work just fine when written well. She doesn’t have to like what she’s doing. Maybe she only kills bad guys? It’s OK to have complicated and conflicted characters, they can make games very interesting. Anything but photo shoots and such that we’ve seen before, imo.

    I’m not saying you should copy Tlaero, but I think she has demonstrated that “sex games” can have interesting plotlines and strong female characters and still be sexy as hell. Trust yourself as a writer.

  5. Madison is the reason I subscribed here. She’s still my favorite of all your girls. I’d be thrilled to see new content with her. I like both of the ideas you mentioned(double date/photographer island edition). I’d like to see Leanna used again at some point, but I feel like I can wait on that. I have my fingers crossed that Madison wins the poll, and that’s the direction you decide to go.

  6. Well, I think that you should also reconsider to add the redhead chick from Leana(the pool one) in one of your games and give her more role, since it was a such a waste to have a well designed sexy character that you couldn’t even fuck with….
    And bring back some characters like Melyssa, Jennifer, Miranda, Kelly, Zoe, Nikki and Lucy.

    1. I hope with the ‘red head chick’ you mean the girl at the bar and not these nutty girl Debbie.

  7. The new rendering for crystals looks great it just takes away from the definition and tone in her muscles and abs. Part of what made her character great was that she was one of the few if not only strongly fitness focused character which gave unique depth to her story. I understand Leana was fit as well, but her build was centered around this as much as crystals was seemingly supposed too. If you prefer the new render than go through with it by all means, I think either looks great, just please restore the tone/definition to her character. Maybe even incorporate more of that into her story line or games?

  8. I actually think that if you make a new Maddison game, the traffic to your site in gonna peak.
    Over the last few years you’ve made Zoe, Miranda, Rachel part 3, Betsy, April and Violet, Leanna and obviously your style has evolved from Zoe to Leanna. And I understand that you’ve wanted to create more story centric games lately, but I think a lot of us also miss your open world ‘date this girl’ games like Zoe, and would love for you to make a return to this style. And if you did it with Maddison, I think a lot of people would be really happy. She’s your flagship girl for a lot of reasons, she’s hot, but she’s not easy like Rachel, and she has a nice personality unlike Leanna (to start with), and she’s your boss, and you’ve got a history of making her routes reasonably hard but also really rewarding. In all of her games you’ve always also made some little leap in development, like using more animation or making more extensive sex scenes. So I think now, when you’re mastering IRAY would be a great time to bring her back :D. Even if you don’t go in the Maddison direction, I hope one day you come back and give her the Rachel treatment with a trilogy :’).
    With regards to choice of game, I’d like to see the photographer part 3 or date with Maddison part 2, with some routes with Lisette, giving her the Rachel treatment. I’d prefer this option to a double date with Lisette, because honestly dating 2 sisters at the time just requires too much suspension of belief for my liking.
    All just my opinion of course. Otherwise crystal part 3 or Marianna would be my second and third choices.

    1. @Kevin:
      In the ‘Lisette’ game at least they both (Maddison and Lisette) share the MC, so this couldn’t be so uncommon that they have a date with the MC together which then leads to a threesome later (possibly).

  9. make a game like photographer part 3, but you maddison and a couple other girls of your choice win a free boating trip. your boat then gets stranded on an island and you have to make the right choices to survive until help arrives. Sexual tension amongst other things arise and a story is made. Thoughts?

  10. I’ve stated my overwhelming preference for a Molly-based game ever since you brought that up as a possibility and started showing renders of her alone. That remains my preference, and I voted as such. I understand that her character makes it a little difficult to write a story since she’s not quite the same kind of character as you usually write, but Leanna was quite different and you did a great job with her. I really liked your joint Molly/Marianna game idea, but understand that’s difficult since it’s almost two games in one.

    I can’t say I’m surprised, though, that a new Maddison game is showing an overwhelming advantage right now. She’s easily one of your most popular characters, if not the most. Obviously, it’s up to you in the end, but I think it’s clear which way people are voting right now and will continue to do so.

    Whatever the case, I’ll continue to fly the flag of “Molly” here. 🙂

  11. It seems to me that you would like to do Crystal 3 with the new model. You have talked about it for months. I must say, the new Crystal is mighty easy to look at. So, stop with the polls and just make the game already.

  12. An idea to fill in for Molly game, rather than have a photography session you could have a strip club competition like in rachel and crystal game.

    Keep up the good work

  13. I voted 10/10 on all of them except for number 1 in which I voted 1 out of 10. You got some real talent Chaotic, glad you have Molly and Marianna in their own separate games. See you around on the next update 🙂

    1. On another note you better stick with the old Crystal since it won’t take as long to make plus as you said before that leaves the new model with a new name. Thanks 🙂

  14. A lot of people might disagree but I think thinner is better… let’s go for Marianna or Crystal! *_*

  15. It’s pretty clear you don’t have any great ideas for Maddison. I mean, a threesome date with her sister? (OK, that fantasy is some people’s kink. But as a whole game?)

    I would say you should just produce the crosstown steak for now, but I think you’re still too burnt out on Leanna.

    Keep working on the Marianna idea. I think you’ll find a way to make it work eventually.

  16. Hi Chaotic,
    why are there two different “Pitch 4” votings?

    BTW the shown “older” Crystal (at Pitch 2) is newer than the Crystal used in part 1 and 2. Am I right.
    I think that I’ve seen her some time ago (approx. one year or so) at your old tumbler account.

    Greets Homi

  17. 500 10/10 votes for Maddison. Yeah, I think it’s clear which way the wind is blowing, and I’m happy about it! Maddison, Lisette, and the Photographer-verse games are the best on the site. I enjoy have continuation between games and playing as the same character, so another edition, especially in IRAY, would be something I’m most excited for. Either idea you mentioned would be great, but having a game where you date both the sisters at once would be the best!

  18. I have two questions.
    First is there a chance to feature themes like male orgasm denial and blue balls into one of the games?
    and second is it possible to increase the cock size of the male protagonist? It always seemed kinda small to me

    1. Pretty much no to orgasm denial and blue balls as I’m not into those fetishes myself.

      As for cocks, I drastically increased the size in Leanna. How big are you wanting? I have made the new ones for my next game a little bigger still (in fact I have a new penis model).

      1. too bad about the orgasm denial part. It would´t necessarily have to be femdom like I was just thinking that maybe the protagonist get´s a blowjob or handjob which get´s interrupted right before he cums which obviously frustrates him. But I guess if this isn´t up to your liking it can´t be forced.

        Honestly the cock in Leanna was still pretty small in my opinion. It should have been longer and much much thicker in my opinion. It was also kinda sad that it lagged a bit of detail like foreskin.
        This an example of what I would consider big
        but I honestly wouldn´t mind if it could be even bigger.
        like this would be perfect


        And this is what I would consider massive
        but I fear some people might be turned off by cocks as big as this.

  19. for Maddison i would like something with no connection to Photographer Part 3 , the idea is what i would want for a Part 3 just not as a Maddison game . a Maddison & Lissette doubledate sounds great but as its own game

  20. as for Crystal i have allready said that i think that the “new” Crystal should be a completly new character(her older sister?)

  21. Maddison all the way! A Photographer Part 3 sounds absolutely fantastic and it gives you the opportunity to work in some of these other girls that you’ve been working on.

    Have you thought about bringing Grace back for an enhanced version? Even in the older games, I find her super hot.

  22. A pitch for a new Maddison game idea;
    As in your earlier idea, the player and Maddison take over the Hughs empire. After interviews they hire Molly not as a model but as an executive assistant. From there the sky is the limit, boat trip and stranded, Maddison and Molly together, player and Molly, a three some, the possibilities go on and on. Even the interviews can have interesting possibilities.
    We get the new Maddison in a new game AND Molly gets some screen time to build and grow that character. Also lends itself to a multi part game like the Accademy series so each path can be explored, new characters introduced either as models, actresses ( a new twist) or just employees.

  23. As I see the polls I see that the Crystal and Maddison suggestions are popular and you already suggested a double date with Maddison and Lisette so why not do instead a double date with Maddison and Crystal instead as one of the ideas above? You can add a poll for it and we can see what people think of it.

    1. A ‘date’ with Chrystal and Maddison was part of the “Maddison” game. They met at the swimming pool in one of the possible evening actions and there was a hint that they are interested in each other. So your idea isn’t that bad, this story could be extended.

  24. Here are my thoughts:

    #1 Do the Leanna one first, not because it’s the “BEST” out of all the choices, but -as you mentioned-, it’ll be short and sweet. It gives us something to look forward to fairly soon. After that, you can move on to the bigger projects… and from that perspective, my order of preference would be

    #2 Marianna – because that sample render you have of her is super hot, and I’m totally sold on the espionage idea. I doesn’t need to involve killing people i.e. there are countless number of interesting plot lines you could follow. You could do a classic femme fatale/black widow (with assassinations discussed/insinuated, but never depicted), or even go partly comedic (True Lies, Austin Powers), her true identity could always be dangled as a red-herring.

    #3 Crystal w/ old model – I really like this idea still. The old model looks very sexy to me 🙂

    AAAHHHH – I JUST HAD A EUREKA MOMENT!!! Do Marianna, and as an homage to True Lies, recreate your own version of the strip-tease scene!!!

  25. I have to agree with TEZTER on all but one point (Leanna definitely is the best!).
    So do Leanna first!
    Not only will I love you forever for it but I will also take up another membership to play it (as will many others).

    It really does make the most sense since you already have the plot worked out and some of the images done (loved the twitter post by the way, thanks for the preview).

    Besides you said it yourself it will be the quickest to make and lets face it no matter what you decide to do you can’t please everyone at once, so it is only logical (not to mention pragmatic) to work your way through the list in order of how quickly they can be churned out and at least that way we won’t be wating too long for new content.

    Plus whilst you work on Leanna you will be able to allow your subconscious the chance to develop the other ideas further, so that by the time you’re done you may even have the plots for the others worked out, then you can get started right away!

    DO IT… DO IT… DO IT!

  26. Is there ever going to be a whipped cream bikini model, like in Varsity Blues. That would be so hot. 🙂

  27. For Mariannna, to not have ethical problem, you can just make her as a “little criminal” that don’t kill anybody and just rob money or just rip off others. Or you can aslo, make her as a modern Robin Hood, who is an outlaw but to defend her own cause. I think this idea can be very good, and make Marianna a “nice people”. You can even introduce it in your previous posts with super heroes. Marianna would be a member of an organisation of super heroes with maybe Kristen (who recognize you) and others.
    But if Marianna is just a criminal alone, I would prefer that her game would be linked with Molly’s.

    Afterwards, I like also ideas about new games of Crystal and Maddison, but for Maddison maybe not the double date, we already had that in Lisette’s game.

    (Sorry if there are mistakes, my English is not perfect yet ^^)

  28. I’m all for improvement and constantly finding ways to make games better but as for the new Crystal model I don’t really agree with it. I mean Crystal is one of the originals and we can all remember her look from the early original games. I feel as if changing Crystal’s look turns the character into someone else. My suggestion is that if you do decide to make a new Crystal game, it should either use the original model to keep consistency with the past games or you can use the new model but change the name. Maybe turn the new model into Crystal’s sister/cousin? Just my two cents.

  29. I would absolutely love to see maddison again and new things would be interesting to see how it doffers to your other games too. That being said i rekon the leanna 1.5 idea wpuld be amazing too and as you say youve already got alot of it allready done/in progress so its be a shame to waste it

  30. 526/5000
    Before giving you my opinion I want to tell you that regardless of what you decide, all the ideas are fantastic.

    If I were you, I would use Leanna to make our wait more pleasant before launching a new project, so we would wait but we would have our dose.

    Crystal’s theme, I love how it looks now, and I’d love to see a story having it to her, for me it’s the main idea.

    Also as a personal opinion to see another part of Betsy, or more material related to April and Violet, I loved them without a doubt.

  31. These are my ideas (I may sound too horny so sorry for that haha!)

    – 3D clits (Big ones, especially for Maddison and Leanna cause I personally like e’m with big clits hehe[big boobed ladies basically])
    – Squirting animation (it’s up to you)
    – more erotic places, scenes and situations
    – more depth in foreplay (especially at nipples, boobs, vaginal part and is possible, clit

    1. – Also, this is my opinion. Why not a crazy, kinky and erotic sex game which involves Maddison, Rachel, Leanna, Betsy, (Ellie and Nikki from the ‘Photographer’ games), Violet, (Annie from the “academy’ game), Natalia from the “Tara Part 3” game and that hot brunette/redhead girl where Leanna interviews at a pool party. too much of work, but it would be awesome!

  32. Please do the Maddison game, she was always my favorite. Would you be able to pick your gender in it if it was made?

  33. A couple of posts here have mentioned this. Maybe it’s just me, hopefully it’s other people to, but for the fans of Molly, maybe you can work her into a new Crystal or Maddison game. If she won’t be your main character, maybe she can be a side character who your Player Character can also woo or, at least, get with along with Crystal/Maddison. Anything to get more Molly!

  34. Personally I am most intrigued by the Madison game, but I am going to get greedy and suggest you meld by the Mr. Hughes and the double date with Lissette plots.

  35. I wonder what people who didn’t like the idea of a Bridgette game think now that she has been seen with her hair down, both physically and metaphorically?
    I think that she looks much better with a looser hairstyle rather than the formal ‘work’ hairstyle.

  36. Maddison all the way!

    But why not do a Photographer with all these characters so you can allready set them up?

  37. That pic of new Crystal is much better then the first one (guessing it’s the lack of make-up maybe)

    However a New Maddison game sounds like the best thing ever. Literally.

  38. I’m just wondering if you choose one now does that mean the rest are off the table indefinitely or are you planning to make all or most and your just wondering where to start, because I quite like leanna’s game idea but you can never go wrong with maddison or any game on this list for that matter because your games are always great.

    1. All of the characters will feature in something somehow. It’s just case of when and whether or not they get their own game.

  39. OK, so I am not really sold on Molly. But that last pic did it. I am now officially a Molly fan. Fantastic legs. Great pic Chaotic!

  40. Maddison and Lisette ALL THE WAY!
    I can’t wait for another game with the two red haired sisters. Would be so amazing, Lisette game was the best on in your site in my opinion, so another one like that would be simply amazing.

    I will support you in every way for that to happen, please take my money!

  41. Alright Chaotic. You win! The Marianna and leanna photoshoot pictures added to that excellent shot of Molly make a Photographer Part 3 a lot more desirable. Yes, I am getting a little tired of photoshoots being the basis for a game. But damn! Those are phenomenal pictures!!!

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